• PMV: Samurai Applejack and PMV Discussion!

    This one is just... awesome

    Which brings me to a new topic. 

    I get a TON of pmv's.  A lot of them are just clips of the show that match the music.  That was neat a while ago.. but now days it's a little old considering we don't really have anything new to work with.  I don't really have much quality control over them.  I cut a good amount of the really pointless ones, but its difficult to "judge". 

    I honestly don't know if you guys actually watch them.  I try to have a really good one +2 average ones per post, but It's sometimes difficult. 

    Stuff like Samurai Applejack here is what I really want to post, and give spotlight to.  A normal pmv matching up parts of the show is time consuming to build, but this goes above and beyond the call of duty. 

    What do you guys think? Are you cool with me dropping 3 per post?  Or is it obnoxious having to sift through stuff?

    Anyway, check out Samurai Applejack after the break!

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