• Nightly Roundup #25

    Night Pony edition!

    Inb4 Trixie isn't a Night pony! Trixie can be ANYTHING.

    On with the news!

    Fanfiction Checklist Updated! 

    For those of you who don't know about this pile of awesomness known as the Fanfiction Checklist, it's something that has been hangin out in the archive for a while.  It lists pretty much every fic in there, sorted by character, type, star rating, ect and gives you the ability to check mark the stuff you have already read.  The guy running it regularly keeps it up to date.

    You can find it here, along with all instructions on copying your own.  

    And also the quick update page here!

    Old Lauren Faust Interview

    This one is from years ago, but apparently Lauren Faust has been interviewed before.  She sort of hints at wanting to create something with female characters who aren't shallow and flawless.  Looks like she got her wish! It's an interesting read, and you can find it here!

    Killing Floor Ads "Dog and a Pony Show" Achievement

    Whether this is pony related remains to be seen, but apparently the monster killing survival game has added a potential shoutout to the brony community in their recent update.  You can find their achievement list here!

    Ponies in the Workplace

    I'm thinking of starting an event up with something like this.  "Ponies invade the workplace" might be a fun one.  This one is from Jerry who is a department manager at a grocery chain in New York. Let me know what you guys think in comments.

    Equestria Gaming Art Contest 

    This month's contest over at Equestria Gaming involves drawing something that includes their logo somewhere!  You can find all of the information here!

    Super Dash Dev Blog

    Another blog has popped up for a currently-in-progress pony flash game!  If you want to give feedback, or follow it's progress, you can find the site here!

    Ponies Invade APB's Billboards

    Apparently these are bid on, and someone likes pinkie pie enough to buy her a slot for all to see.  It's a pretty neat image actually.

    There is a pretty big brony presence over in the new reloaded version of the game.  I'm glad it's still going!

    Friendship is Madness Podcast

    Another podcast has popped up! This one has actually full time female cast members.  That is pretty groundbreaking!  You can find it here!

    New York Brony Convention Compilation Coming Soon!

    A bunch of information on that New York Brony convention that came up last week is being compiled for a massive post in a few days.  Everything from the crazy Hoity Toity cosplayer to the various presentations, it looks

    Equestria Daily News

    Remix War Submission Tomorrow!

    The remix war round two is finally complete.  Tomorrow at 4:00 PM (Pacific time) the entire compilation will be going up.  There will also be a Synchtube channel hosting everything in a giant playlist for everyone to talk about. 

    Side Bar Buttons Color Scheme

    I'm adding some side bar buttons soonish, but I'm having a really hard time deciding on what colors to make them/their borders/the text inside.  Any ideas? :p

    Sections I will have up there:
    Events (Current competitions/events going on here at the site)
    Chat (The chat room that mysteriously disappeared but totally still exists)
    Forum(If I ever have time to set one up..)
    Other stuff

    And that is all for the nightly news! Yay~

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here