• Video: Dramatic Twilight, Silly Pony Applejack, Applebloom Training Montage, Pinkie Party

    Just a few interesting videos.  Feel free to complain if you want me to stop posting youtube stuff.  A few are older (mainly silly pony from back in November) but for the newbies they might find something to enjoy, or an answer to why Applejack is such a silly pony.

  • Pony Alignment Chart

    Apologies if you hate these, but coming from a Dungeons and Dragons background I always find them entertaining.  There was one floating around before this that didn't make much sense, but this one does a pretty good job, even if it isn't using REAL alignments.  I guess there aren't enough evils in Equestria to warrant an actual alignment chart unless we play off of fanfiction.
  • Comic: Back in Time

    You know, I never really cared much for Cheerilee... mainly because my initial reaction to seeing her of all ponies get a toy was a massive WTF WHERE IS TRIXIE?  But then a comic showed up on Deviant Art that changed everything...
    I honestly have not bad mouthed her since.  Which is a little bit disturbing considering she doesn't exist.  I feel a twang of guilt every time I even consider replacing her with Luna or Trixie now. 

    Hell I can't even spell her name.  But I still love her as much as I love any other pony now.  Stupid Deviant Art and it's subliminal pony messages...
  • Do Bronies want to BE ponies?

    This Thread right here is probably one of the more entertaining reads in this terrible 3 week pony draught.  Maybe my eyes have fooled me, but it does look like at least half the thread would be perfectly fine with throwing everything away and becoming a pony!  And the majority of them want to be female...

    There is nothing wrong with that of course, to each his own.  Some people already use Equestria as an escape from real life.   It's still a little bit strange that so many want to sex change to go with it, but I suppose it could be worst. At least the primary reason for the change is to hook up with Rainbow Dash.  Thats TOTALLY fine imo.
  • Art: Pony Wallpaper Compilation #2

    Wallpaper Compilation #2.  Hopefully Blogger doesn't resize the bigger ones..

  • Team Fortress 2 Server

    Poni mic spam?

    Poni mic spam.

    server =
  • Story: Sad Dash

    [Sad] I have absolutely 0 sad dash pictures to go with this, so here is something slightly relevant.

    Poor dash...
    Description: needed

  • Art: Dash, Hookers, and Blackjack.

    This badass team of fillies is Rainbow Dash's answer to the FAILbolts and their shitty interview process, dominated by political nonsense and not TRUE skill! It's not her fault her rainbow trails steal the show and make everypony else look bad.  Hookers and Blackjack here don't mind at all, in fact they support her as their esteemed flight team leader no matter how lackluster their non-rainbow trails look in comparison during their amazing performances.

    The Wonderbolts won't even see them coming.

    P.S. (they are just hiding their wings)