• Comic: Luna's Vengeance

    All those terrible pranks Celestia pulled on Luna seem to have triggered a little bit of leftover nightmare moon!

    A response to the comic below

    Won't Get Foaled Again!
  • Derpymail Email!

    Someone over on Ponychan has set up an email server for everyonepony to use! He is asking that people send an email to [email protected] if they want an account for it!

    You can also find a ton of extra information below!

    Derpymail Email Information!

    Also check out this tutorial on migrating just the email address to Gmail after the break! (Thanks to ;♥~Rainbow Dash~♥; for this!)

  • More Pony Sprites, and FiM RPG in the works!

    Neon Noble over at Deviant Art is working on a FiM RPG, and these are some of the sprites he is creating for it! 

    You can find more information at his DA below!

    RPG Pony Sprites
  • BGM for A Dog and a Pony Show (Link is fixed!)

    This one is pretty interesting.  I've always been curious what a cartoon would sound like with just the background music.  It's not something most of us notice, but they all have it, and it adds a ton to the actual scenes.

    This is A Dog and a Pony Show's entire background music track, (Including the intro/ending song) without any vocals, or primary sound effects (There are still a few that are actually built into the background, like laughing ponies and such).

    So what can you do with something like this?

    1.) Get some headphones and an mp3 player
    2.) Plan a 9 minute walk around somewhere populated.
    3.) Be amazed at the things that seem to randomly correlate with it.


    Anyway here is the download link!

    I accidently had the short version up! My bad, long one is now below!
    BGM for A Dog and a Pony Show
  • Moonshine

    More lip syncing and stuff (after the intro). For some reason this stuff remains entertaining.
  • Drawfriend Stuff #53

    Little Red Derpinghood Edition!

  • Yoyo game links banned

    Alright I'm done with Yoyo Games. I thought they screened their stuff... but I guess not.

    Yoyo games, or any other plugin requiring game site is now banned, so don't send them.

    DA/newgrounds/other sites that don't require a download are perfectly fine.

    I apologize to everyone that was exposed to the Luna.  The person that made it says he/she sent it to someone else to get some feedback and she/he got that back.
  • Comic: Confound These Ponies!

    I think most of us have gone through this already.  Confound these ponies, the subliminal messaging that I still haven't figured out sure is sneaky!

    You can find the DA Page for this below!

    Confound These Ponies!

  • Video: Once Upon a Time in (Equestria)

    This show really does cover a lot of interesting settings (Cloudsdale being the best obviously~).

    Anyway have some more wild west stuff!

    Now we just need some high seas piracy adventure stuff and a dojo-style ninja pony episode, and life will be complete!
  • Comic: From Stalliongrad With Love

    Tennis pony is a badass! Did he get a name yet?

    More from Madmax!
  • Discussion: What are your views on OC ponies?

    With season 1 coming to a close at the end of this month, and MLP's huge history of ORIGINAL CHARACTER DO NOT STEAL... will we see an influx of OC ponies over the summer?

    Have you created an OC pony yet?

    Do you read stories involving OC ponies?

    Has any OC pony artwork caught your eye?

    I personally don't think I'll ever be able to connect with anything other than the mane cast.  Sure the Apocalypse Ponies are neat and all, but they will never come close to how amazing Twilight Sparkle is.
  • Story: Not Far From the Tree

    [Normal] Fillyjack time!  I guess it was inevitable with this image popping up.

    Author: Cottonmouth
    Description: The growing pains of Big Mac and Applejack
    Not Far From the Tree
  • Brony Meetup in the Works!

    Are you a Luna IRL?  Unable to connect with those around you?  Feeling a bit lonely?

    Well for those in the pacific northwest, your horrible plight may see some relief in the near future!

    The Pony IRC is currently discussing a Real Life pony meetup.  This will most likely take place somewhere in Portland, Oregon during the summer.

    The Specifics haven't really been fleshed out yet. I was just asked to post this to see how many people would be interested in joining in on the festivities.

    You can use the comments below for feedback as always!
  • Huge MLP Survey

    Someone over at Ponychan has created a massive pony survey, covering everything from "What country are you from?" to "Do you clop to ponies? (Indirectly as always~)"

    The results page after you finish is actually pretty interesting!

    You can find the link below! We have had a few similiar surveys in the past, but apparently (according to this survey) the majority of bronies popped up in March!  So It's neat to get an update going.

    Huge MLP Survey
  • Toys: Out-Of-US Pony Toy Orders

    Psycho Streak over on Ponychan is taking orders for all of those toys us Americans are unable to obtain, primarily the ones in the above image.

    I honestly have a feeling this is the only way any of us over in the states are ever going to see these toys, aside from blind bags in the future with all of their OC pony nonsense.  Ebay is expensive as hell, so this guy is doing us a pretty damn good service!

    You can find his post below, along with all of the pricing information and a few testimonials of people successfully receiving their ponies in the mail.  

    Psycho Streak's Canadian Pony Orders
  • April Foals Poll Round 2!

    Are you ready to SHINE ACROSS EQUESTRIA!

    Check out the Poll Brackets 

    Or all of the April Foals Entries

    Below are the entries for Round 2! As with the last one, feel free to comment on these specific entries below! 
    6) April Showers

    Description: An argument and some less-than-good-natured pranking lead two feisty fillies to discover how much they care about one another.
    [Shipping] Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Author: Lord of the Wrongs
    7) Rainbow Dash's AWESOMELY RADICAL April Foal's Prank
    Descripion:  My entry to the April fools day contest. (DERP)
    [Normal] Rainbow Dash, Author: Rex Ivan
    8) Twilight's Last Gleaming
    Description: It is April Foals Day, and Twilight Sparkle is determined to beat Pinkie Pie and win the prize for best prankster by any means possible. Can Ponyville possibly survive?
    [Normal] Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Author: M.Marsh
    9) Pony of a Different Color
    Description: Fluttershy Seems more nervous than usual today
    [Normal] Fluttershy, Author: Augiedog
    10) April Foals
    Description: As the April Fools' Day approaches, Pinkie Pie causes a minor scandal in Ponyville. But what has Rainbow Dash to do with it all?
    [Normal] Pinkie Pie, Author: Lurks No More