• BGM for A Dog and a Pony Show (Link is fixed!)

    This one is pretty interesting.  I've always been curious what a cartoon would sound like with just the background music.  It's not something most of us notice, but they all have it, and it adds a ton to the actual scenes.

    This is A Dog and a Pony Show's entire background music track, (Including the intro/ending song) without any vocals, or primary sound effects (There are still a few that are actually built into the background, like laughing ponies and such).

    So what can you do with something like this?

    1.) Get some headphones and an mp3 player
    2.) Plan a 9 minute walk around somewhere populated.
    3.) Be amazed at the things that seem to randomly correlate with it.


    Anyway here is the download link!

    I accidently had the short version up! My bad, long one is now below!
    BGM for A Dog and a Pony Show

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