• How to: Get Better Pony Toys

    Our ever-diligent Purple Tinker has received an excellent suggestion through contact from Ms. Faust regarding the lack of pony merch for older demographics. 

    How does one convince a goliath toy company like Hasbro to pay attention to a relatively small, but growing, demographic interested in one of their toy lines?  An army of pony-obsessed bronies won't do it, but what about someone with more power?  Someone who has the means of distributing and marketing the product? Someone who has, in the past, actually licensed My Little Pony before? I'm talking about none other than...Hot Topic. 

    Sure, there is sort of a stigma for the store if you are over the age of 16, but they really are the best option here.   Who else could convince Hasbro to take our money than a company that not only follows internet culture, but has stable retail outlets throughout the country? Lauren Faust herself suggests this route, and it definitely has merit.

    So here is the plan! Purple Tinker has cooked up this survey for us to fill out.  The only thing it will collect information-wise is your Age/Gender/Email, and some random questions.  Once enough bronies finish it, she is going to fire it off to Hot Topic in an attempt to convince them that there is, in fact, a market for more adult-targeted, licensed, pony merch.

    She will also be giving out Derpy Mail Stamps to 20 random people who take the survey! 

    With some luck, we might just get some kick-ass pony merchandise without worrying about Hasbro inevitably shutting it down due to licensing issues!

    You can find the survey below!  
    Purple Tinker's Pony Merch Survey
  • Episode 26: The Best Night Ever Confirmed for Grand Galloping Gala!

    Thanks to everyone who sent me this! I admit, I have been slacking on reading Lauren's DA for news.  Anyway, it looks like we actually get to see everyone hit up the gala for the season finale!  Will everything from Ticketmaster come true?!

    What are your predictions?
  • Video: My Real Ponies + some Pinkie Pie Stuff!

    I am so glad they barely resemble horses.

    Also some more stuff after the break!
  • Comic: Derpy Booo

    More from Madmax! Also /r/ing some ponies discover Mario universe crossover fics.
  • Story: Bright New Days

    [Crossover][Shipping][Random] I had to pass this one around a bit to really understand it.. Apparently its following a distinct Dr. Who style, so those that have never seen the show will probably be in the same boat I am.  A fan of Dr. Who said it was really well done though! So lets roll with it!

    Author: Raz_Fox
    Description: Twilight Sparkle notices something very odd about her day, and is determined to find out what's wrong.


    Twilight Sparkle thinks something very strange is happening during her day, and is steadfast in her desire to discover the truth of the matter.
    Bright New Days

    Additional Tags: Metafiction, Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey, Dr. Who
  • Blog News: New Story Submission Guidelines

    If you read nothing else, please follow the format of this submission template. It makes our lives so much easier!

    Here’s what you put into your submission email:
    Email subject line: Fanfic: [your title here]

    1.) Tags: Grimdark/Normal/Crossover/Random/Shipping/Sad/Comedy/Sci-fi/Slice-of-Life
    2.) Title
    3.) A Description of the Story
    4.) Link (Docs/DA/Fanfiction.net/fimfiction)
    5.) MAIN Characters in the story
    6.) Incomplete or Complete
    7.) 5 Words you would use to describe your story
    8.) Author Name

    Also to include: Your story’s cover image.

    If you’re feeling a little lost, go ahead and scroll down for some explanations on what each section is, as well as an example!

    Let’s go ahead and walk you through, one step at a time. You’ve got this on lockdown.

    Subject Line

    — Title of your fic, and nothing else. Easy mode! Let’s move on.


    1. Always tag your story as correctly and truthfully as possible. That said, try not to pair opposing tags. A story tagged as [Grimdark] [Normal] does not work; the two genres represent opposing narrative goals (hopeless struggles against the universe versus the nifty stuff you’d see in a FiM episode).

    If you are writing a multi-part [Normal] fic that will eventually dip into [Shipping], go ahead and include all of your story’s relevant tags up front so the reader knows what he or she should expect in the future. This is good manners. [Grimdark] aliens arriving to disembowel our favorite cartoon ponies in the middle of a [Comedy] birthday party will suffer a poor reception unless you alert the reader in advance.

    If you are writing a [Crossover] story, we have a special request for you in Section 7: 5 Words.


    2. This should be the same as what you put in your subject line. Still, you should think hard about what you put here—does your story gain anything with a title like “My Little ___”?


    3. Perhaps the most important of them all, this one section hamstrings more fanfictions than we’d care to admit. A good, error-free description is the difference between someone looking at your story, and that someone actually clicking through to read it. Take a deep breath, and don’t feel bad if you’re nervous. Every writer struggles with this part! Keep it brief, and use it to highlight the “irritations” or “conflicts” that set your story into motion.


    4. Don’t post the text of your story in the email itself! How will a reader get to it that way? Post it online instead. Google Docs, FimFiction, deviantArt, wherever — just ensure that an average reader can access your story. Fics requiring mature warnings should probably go up on Google Docs: not everyone is a member of dA or FimF, and may not be interested in creating an account solely for accessing your story.


    5. List major characters here, and nopony else. If somepony mentions Princess Celestia in passing in just a single chapter, it’s a safe bet to leave her out even if her words set your story in motion. It is a good idea to include the protagonists and antagonists here.

    If your story contains OC ponies, credit them as “OC Ponies”. The only person who knows who Strawberry Kaboodles is without reading your story is you and you alone. Readers will have plenty of time to get to know your character once they’re reading your fic.

    If you wish to introduce a character later in your story, you are free to leave that character out of this section until your story reaches the appropriate point to incorporate them into the action.

    Incomplete or Complete

    6. Be forewarned: many readers will not touch a multi-part story until it has achieved Update: Complete!, as the author attrition rate is quite staggering — especially if a fledgling writer is at the helm. If you are submitting an Incomplete story, we highly recommend you send at least the first two or three chapters for this reason. We also suggest you give us an estimate of how many chapters you think your story will cover.

    Five Words You Would Use to Describe Your Story

    7. This is just as hard to measure as your story’s description. Instead of repeating the tags, however, give the reader some indication of what he or she is getting into. Is the story Short, Medium, or Long? Are you pairing Flutterdash or Appleshy? Should the reader expect History or an Alternate Universe? Use these words to answer the questions your description does not.

    [Crossover] authors: this is a good place to let readers know what you’re crossing over. More than a few crossovers have languished in our queue for a week or more because we had no idea what to expect from your description and title alone.

    Author Name

    8. Pick one that won’t get you laughed at. Other than that, pretty simple.

    Cover Image

    — We understand that cover images can be hard to come by, but the effort you put into securing one goes a long way with the blogponies. Custom, commissioned / requested images from a famous artist are but one way of several to get what you need. PM an artist for permission to use a piece of theirs if it suits your story; if it’s a commissioned piece, ensure you have the permission of the commissioner to use it, too. If that fails, screencaps from episodes work better than you might expect! If that doesn’t fly — no matter what you’ve told yourself before: try to draw it yourself. If Twilight Sparkle enjoys learning new things, you can, too!

    A word of caution: Novice writers tend to use generators to design characters/images with “flashy”, “unique”, or “powerful” appearances, but often lapse in developing their personalities in-story. As a result, the pre-readers have come to equate pony generator images with fics of lesser quality. We know — this sounds unfair to us, too, but we crave your indulgence on this one point. Look somewhere else for your cover image.

    Still with us? We’ll bet that pretty piece took a while to put together! But hold on for a moment. We’re not quite done. If you so wish, you may relay a few comments to the pre-readers along with the material above. Do, however, pay due diligence to how you present yourself in these comments. Respect and humility are always appreciated; arrogance, rage, and despondency are not.

    Also, leave off any references to how high your story’s been rated elsewhere, or how many positive comments you’ve received on it. It’s to your advantage to realize that a good score on FimFiction — nothing more than an airy number upon reflection — does not affect your chances of publication whatsoever. The quality of your writing alone determines that.

    We’re almost done! Now is the time when you go back and proofread your email for typos and other silly errors. We’re quite serious here — your submission email is the first contact a pre-reader will have with your story. If your email is all mangled up with mistakes, fair or not, the pre-reader will expect those mistakes to show up in your story as well. You do not want this to happen. We mean it when we want to see nothing but the very best from you, and that means seeing it in your email, too.

    It’s been a long and strange trip, without a doubt. But, if you’ve kept with us so far, and have given your story your utmost effort to perfect, your chances of getting published are better than you might think. Send that email, and go off and relax for a bit while we take care of the rest. You’ve earned it, soldier.

    Examples Below:

    Subject: Stable Wars, Midnight Strikes Back
    [Your initial comments go here]

    1.) [Crossover][Random]
    2.) Title: Stable Wars, Midnight Strikes Back
    3.) Description: The evil Sith Lord, Darth Moon, has returned... can Jedi Master Obi-Clop-Celesti, and her apprentice Pink Cakewalker save the rebellion before it is too late? 
    4.) Link: docs.google.com/document/randomletterhadsjh94852sadfja.authkey=derp
    5.) Characters: Pinkie Pie, Celestia,
    6.) Incomplete (Chapter 1 of 300)
    7.) Long, Star Wars, Jedi, Battle, Sci-fi
    8.) Author:The Great and Powerful TRIXIE!

    Here is an example of what this post will look like...


    Author: The Great and Powerful Trixie!
    Description:  The evil Sith Lord, Darth Moon, has returned... can Jedi Master Obi-Clop-Celesti, and her apprentice Pink Cakewalker save the rebellion before it is too late?
    Stable Wars, Midnight Strikes Back

    Additional Tags: Long, Star Wars, Jedi, Battle, Sci-fi

    Anyway I am always open to more suggestions.  A lot of what I do here now is just stuff people recommend in emails, so send your feedback, good or bad. 

    As always, email everything to [email protected].

  • League of Legends Pony Contest Finalists Announced!

    League of Legends recently ran a "Draw a champion as a pony" contest, and the top 10 have been rounded up and thrown into a poll!

    You can find it below!

    League of Legends Pony Top 10!
  • Amazing 3d Pony Models

    What..the...hell. These are just awesome!

    Hasbro needs to hire this person for a pony game...like now.

    I don't think I have ever seen another fandom come this far with something so quickly.
  • Pony Social Networking Site

    Someone over on ponychan created a Social Networking site specifically for MLP.  It works just like exactly like Twitter does. 

    You can find the link below!

    Pony Social Network

    Though keep up the pony on the actual Twitter! That place has converted a ton of bronies!
  • Pony Calendar

    Someone over at mlp arena found this on Calendars.com.  As always, Luna is mysteriously not there.  I guess she is afraid of this new fangled "camera" technology and refuses to be shown or something. 

    Anyway you can find it for sale below, along with another screenshot after the break.

    Friendship is Magic Calendar
  • Story: Sun, Surf, and Friendship

    [Normal] Ponies at the beach.  Out of 300+ fanfictions, I think this is the first one that covers that 

    Author: Cloudwatcher
    Description: Twilight and friends head to the beach for a well earned holiday, but find a little more than they expected.
    Sun, Surf, and Friendship
  • Drawfriend #54

    Ponies making creepy seem cute edition.

  • Photo Finish Theme and Parasprite Polka

    I'm getting lots of BGM stuff lately. Above you can find Photo Finish's Theme, and below after the break is the Polka song from Swarm of the Century.

  • Poll Results: Favorite Famous Pony

    Honestly I wouldn't mind seeing some more Photo Finish in the future.