• Animation: My Little Paradox

    We have something a bit darker for you all tonight that I completely forgot to post. What happens when Twilight Sparkle completely derps a time travel spell? It gets messy to say the least. There is some blood, but also some comedy. Check it out above!

  • PMV: Magic Is Free / Twilight's Letter - Crepuscularity / Kryptonite Mare

    I guess it was only a mater of time before MC Fluttershy got her own PMV.

    Actually, it has been a while since we had a standard PMV post. You all took a break I guess! Have some below.

    1.) PMV - Magic Is Free (MC Fluttershy)
    2.) PMV] My Little Pony: Twilight's Letter - Crepuscularity - Twilight Sparkle
    3.) Kryptonite Mare

  • Music Remix: Brewing With Portals / The Failure Song Orchestral Cover / Ballad of The Crystal Ponies (Ragtime Remix)

    We have some Portaly Pinkie's Brew, an orchestral version of The Failure Song, and a ragtime Ballad of the Crystal Ponies. Check them all out below!

    1.) Brewing With Portals (a Pinkie's Brew remix)
    2.) The Failure Song (I wasn't prepared for this) - Orchestral Cover
    3.) Ballad of The Crystal Ponies (Ragtime Remix)

  • Comic: One Hundred Percent / Discord and Zero / Probability 101 / Fluttershy's Pet shop / Stare Down V2

    Today we mess with Twilight Sparkle, laugh at Discord, test age old questions with Pinkie Pie, visit Fluttershy's pet shop and try to figure out the reference, and have a staring contest with Trixie.  Click for full!

  • Random Merch: Bling Bags, Yoyos, and Paperplay

    Looks like we have a whole bunch of translucent blind bags somewhere on the horizon.  The rest in the image have already been posted.  These in particular were found once again on Taobao.  Probably a future set!  Thanks to Caitlin for the image!

    I remember back in gradeschool when they tried to revive yoyo's.  It actually got pretty popular until Pokemon reclaimed the throne!   This specific one was found in Toledo, Ohio at H&M.   Thanks to Andrew for the image!

    And in slot three, we have a sticky paper play scene set.  It was actually found at a book fair in Texas.  I remember those from the school days too! I wonder when tablets and book downloads will become standard?  Thanks to Mini Applejack for the images!

    And that about covers it.  No page break this time! Yoyos and translucent blindbags are too cool for waiting though.   As always, send your random merch to [email protected] with a MERCH tag if you find anything cool!

  • Interviews - Amy Keating Rogers and Equestria Inquirer at Everfree Northwest!

    It seems like interviews are becoming the new PMV's in terms of how numerous they are!  I'm totally cool with this though!

    First off, Amy Keating Rogers was interviewed over at the website Chariots of Salvation.  It covers eveyrthing from bronies to The Great and Powerful Trixie! You can find that here!

    And for those curious about Everfree Northwest, Equestria Inquirer is currently halfway done updating all of their interviews up, as well as a good bit of their overall coverage of the convention.  Check all of those out on their playlist here!

  • Interactive Map of Equestria

    Futzi01 has branched out from his usual multiplayer and shooter games with an entirely different project.  He took the map of Equestria from Walmart and created an interactive flash out of it.  Each city we have seen so far is highlight-able for information or click-able for a direct link to the wiki page.  

    Anyway, check it out here!  I bet you guys will learn things about these cities you never even considered!
  • Vocal Music: Firewall / End of the World / Manehattan Mornings

    Vocal music TORNADO.  We have two rock songs dedicated to fanfiction, and a jazz song! Check them out below!

    1.) Firewall (Through the Eyes of Another Pony)
    2.) [2000 Sub Special Metal] End of the World
    3.) Manehattan Mornings (Songbird) [Feat. Le Soldat Pony]

  • Ponies Invading the Media - Pizza Hut, Podcast Interview, and tshirtOS ad

    Pizza Hut has once again dropped some Pinkie Pie on their Facebook Wall.  Honestly this marketing strategy is brilliant, I'm dying for Pizza  now.  It reminds me of that damn product placement on Code Geass.  I swear I gained 5 pounds just watching that anime!

    And over on CBC radio, an interview is airing all about our crazy ponyness.   They actually did one a while back, but apparently want to roll with a followup.  You can check that out tomorrow, though no specified time is given.

    And finally, I leave you with a new tee shirt promotional video showing off an in-progress digital design idea snuck some pony in.  It's actually a pretty entertaining little skit in itself to top it off! Check that out after the break! The pony happens at the :45 second mark for those that don't feel like watching all of it. 

  • Friendship is MAgic Comic Pre-orders Available on Tfaw - November Release Date

    It looks like the Friendship is Magic comic series is already popping up for pre-orders! tfaw.com has listed issue #1, with a release date of November 14th 2012.  I guess if Hasbro decides to make us wait past September for season 3, we have some fallback coming in November!

    Check out the page for it here! Apparently they are 20% off right now, but that's not a huge chunk when the comics themselves appear to be going for four bucks a pop.

    They also have the mane 6 collectors set on sale for $20.  These six are not different outside of the cover, but I don't doubt they will be worth a bit later on down the road with how rabid our collector base is!

    Thanks to Shayne for the heads up!

  • Story: Twilight Sparkle Gets A Free Salad

    [Comedy] [Random]

    Author: AestheticB
    Description: One beautiful morning, Twilight Sparkle decides she wants a free salad. After a small amount of theft, assault, battery, and arson, she sits down to enjoy what is sure to be the best tasting salad ever.

    ...Or she would have, if it weren’t for the Equestrian Intelligence Service locking her up as a potential threat to national security. Now, Twilight must escape a maximum security holding facility hidden deep underneath Canterlot. And to do it, she’ll need a paperclip, a spymare catsuit, an escape plan, and an alliance with the dastardly Drakbog, King of Frogs.

    Twilight Sparkle Gets A Free Salad

    Additional Tags: You Should Totally Read This
  • Vocal Music: Colgate's Brew / Shooting Star / Subtle Loveliness of Night

    We have Colgate's rendition of Pinkie's Brew, a bit of electronic Trixie stuff with a whole pile of autotune, and finish with a sad Spike song! Check them out below!

    1.) Colgate's Brew
    2.) "Shooting Star" - My Little Pony Original Theme Song
    3.) Subtle Loveliness of Night (Heart of a Dragon)

  • Jayson Thiessen Wants a PMV!

    It's time to give back to Jayson for all the awesome pony him and his team bring us every season, and all you need to do is bust out some movie making software and get going on a PMV!

    The song in question: Fifth Dimension - Up Up And Away

    Now what are you doing still reading this? Chaarge!
  • Drawfriend Stuff #547

    If yesterday was the ridiculously long giant drawfriend, this is the cooldown to that! It's a shorty, but a goody.  Have some art.

    Source 1
    One for All 

  • Story Updates August 28th (Morning)

    Only Pinkie Pie...

    Have some story updates!

  • Comic: Core of the Apple / CMC Pokemon / Makes Me Wonder

    I really do hope we actually find out where AJ, Big Mac, and Apple Bloom's parents are. If anything it would make for some nice closure and possibly really help flesh AJ and her family out.

    Anyway, comic time guys! Click for full.

  • Vocal Music: Great to be Different

    Actually, we are being invaded by good music this morning! (Or last night, but that was guild wars time).

    Forest Rain released this one dedicated to everyone's favorite wall-eyed mailmare, who also happens to be the best pony to write songs about if you want to target the feels.  

    Head on down past the break to check it out! 

  • Find a Pet in French

    Suddenly I want to learn french.  I think it's probably my favorite non-USA voicework so far!

    Anyway, have some Find a Pet in french after the break!

    And have some French while we are at it! 
  • Alex S. - Ultimate Sweetie Belle

    Oh hey, Alex S. Made something and then my inbox exploded.   I'm going to go build a new one, you guys can listen to Sweetie Belle being all dubsteppy while I do that.

  • Story: The Wanderer's Wife (Update Part 7!)


    Author: Arbpw
    Description: There are many myths and legends that surround the land of Canterlonia, but the most fascinating and recited is that of 'The Wanderer'. When Sepia Stripes, a pony dedicated to studying the past, begins to witness ghostly figures in her dreams after wearing an antique necklace, she embarks on a journey with her best friend and her rival to discover what happened to the land over five hundred years ago.

    But she soon learns that some myths are more true than they sound... And sometimes, history is doomed to repeat itself.
    The Wanderer's Wife (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Legends Alternate Universe History Love
  • Nightly Roundup #421

    Checked the last Roundup I did and it looks like Pinkie beat out all the rest in being tonight's header! I'll probably keep asking for headers for the rest of the week so leave a comment stating which MLP character you want to have as the header next. Whichever one gets the most upvotes will be the next to go up!

    Anyhow, news time guys. This one is rather large, so you'd better set some time aside to read it.

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 27

    Shake shake! The way to my heart is through classic video game references. I'm sorry I'm not a stronger person, but then Marina would hurt me and I can't afford another trip to the hospital right now, so let's just keep her happy and me healthy. Besides, I found my own treasure trove of 319 ponies! I shall bury them on a deserted island and mark them with an X. Yarr! They will rest hidden among my total of 14922 images, which is a legendary haul unlike anything pirate ponies have ever gotten their hooves on before.

    To submit for Day 27, head over to the link and fill out things as per usual. And also like usual, feel free to talk to me at [email protected]. Don't be afraid to write, even if you think your question is redundant. I promise I will never bite your head off.

    I said every day from here on out should be a party and I meant it. So while I go "de-Pinkiefy" my mane for the umpteenth time, you guys should Draw a pony attending a masquerade/Draw a fancy pony. I think you know what to do.

    For tonight's gallery, X Marks the Spot, and I don't even care that I already made that joke. And the reason I don't care is not that I'm lazy so much as it is that this gallery is so super fantastic wonderful amazing that you shouldn't even be reading what I'm saying right now. Go! Go inside and wow, go and d'aww your heart out at some wonderfully sentimental entries, and giggle at the silly ones. The numbers are holding quite steady, and the quality has shot through the roof. This is the final stretch, and I can't say enough how amazingly you all are doing. Keep at it, for just a little longer!