• Nightly Roundup #421

    Checked the last Roundup I did and it looks like Pinkie beat out all the rest in being tonight's header! I'll probably keep asking for headers for the rest of the week so leave a comment stating which MLP character you want to have as the header next. Whichever one gets the most upvotes will be the next to go up!

    Anyhow, news time guys. This one is rather large, so you'd better set some time aside to read it.

    Navy Times Runs Pony Article

    Ponies are yet again in another article! Check it out in the picture below and judge the contents for yourself!

    Click for Full Size

    Ponies in Roblox

    A new pony project is trying to make ponies in Roblox. They've just started, but have already made some progress and hope to add more and improve on what they do have in the future!

    Copy Paste:

    A few friends and I are working on a big project, which is making Equestria on ROBLOX. It’s not off to a real good start, but we’re getting there

    As I said, we’re not off to the best start, but we’ve made Twilight and Pinkie Pie (just about!) so far. We have a bit of a team, so now the rate of the update is going to be faster.
    If you look at the attatched files, you’ll see some WIP models.

    I know it’s really not much to look at, the ponies aren’t that good, but we’re trying out best to improve them!

    For Those of You Just Waking Up...

    Season 1 Intro Recreated in Source Filmmaker

    Cake! Glorious, glorious cake!

    Trotmania Demo Released!

    Copy Paste:

    Some of you may remember the announcement of Trotmania, an SM DDR pack for bronies, that got announced a while back. Well, now you can get a taste of it with a demo! Here's a preview video:

    Check out here for the details on how to download. Choose which songs to download with ZIP, then afterwards download the patch and override any files it asks you to. Have fun!

    Ponies and Pizza

    Pizza Hut continues to be awesome as they fulfill more and more requests for ponies! Keep being cool Pizza Hut!


    24/7 Livestream for all Your Pony Needs!

    A channel has opened hosting all the MLP episodes for people to view at any time! If you are interested, join the Synchtube channel available here.



    Celestia Radio is proud to announce new "morning" programming on Celestia Radio, with upbeat and informational programming to start your week off right, no matter what time zone you're listening from. The new shows are:

    DJKBrony’s Breakfast Club (Monday from 8-10am EST), where you can tune into some great up-lifting music to start the day, as a well as catch up with all the trending and breaking news in the Brony Fandom.

    Eggs, Coffee and Toast (Monday and Friday, 11am-1pm EST), with upbeat music, community news and world stories to feed your brain while you feed your stomach with breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner, supper, fourthmeal, or midnight snack.

    Tune in at http://ponify.me and log into our Canternet channel (irc.canternet.org) at #CelestiaRadio to chat up the hosts!

    Copy Paste:

    My co-host PrimeSonic and I will be hosting our first show is this wednesday at 8:30pm CST and it will be featuring Jason(the super-generous brony from the EFNW auction), WildCard(fan VA for Shining Armor on http://shiningarmorreports.tumblr.com/), and Ogatamon( fan VA for Princess Cadence on http://theprincesscadancediaries.tumblr.com/ as well as the Japanese fandubbings for FiM http://www.youtube.com/user/ogatamon) . The actual feed will be on http://justin.tv/midnightrun11 at 8:30 PM CST
    Thank you very much for your time.
    Elements of Absurdity - Episode 3

    The Elements of Absurdity's THIRD podcast is online!  We've migrated from SoundCloud over to Youtube due to lack of space.  Please see our SPECIAL MESSAGE on our SoundCloud :3

    In our Third Show, the cast of EoA thank Equestria Daily for their help by playing a song.  DJ SpriteShine interviews a promising newbie Music Artist who goes by the name of Oplex.  And as a special treat, Oplex performs a LIVE remix for our show!  Octaviapus and SpriteShine go head to head in a debate of who is best Music pony:  Octavia?  or Vinyl Scratch?  The Cast calls for Artists to draw a Ponified version of Neil Armstrong in tribute to his passing.  As a prize, DJ SpriteShine will mail his own drawing to the Brony he finds has the best picture.  

    The Cast also goes to EQD and reviews a lot of Newbie Training Ground II art and encourages them to keep at it.



    Successful Meetups

    Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia Meetup

    he inaugural Sun-neigh Coast Meetup was so AWESOME!
    We had a small contingent of eight and we all had some sweet little pieces of swag to show off, I
    jelly as heck of the McDonalds ponies.
    The group started off the beautiful day outside by walking up and down Cotton Tree and its wonderful beaches, debating r34 and r63. Lots of lulz were had.
    Then a quick drink stop, and raid for ponies, which was overall a pitiful exercise, Australia gets all the basics but bugger all blind bags. I acquired best pony AJ, finally.
    To cap our day off, a fantastic game of mini golf ensued, and many ball jokes were made.

    Fantastic times were had, and there will be future Sun-neigh Coast Meetups!
    The next meetup near us is Winter Wrap Up, previously featured on EqD, go and check it out, everyone is welcome for the epicness sure to ensue. And now, there is a legitimately awesome prize up for grabs from the trivia! Come and join the QLD Bronies, where we all love and tolerate the anger out of each other. Every day.

    Portsmouth Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Couldn't of gone better, most ponies saying it was arguably the best meet they had been to, and its been my very first time that I've organised a meet.
    so imagine the ones to come! hopefully i shall start up another in march and have more planning into it, so everypony who attends will not forget the experience!
    thanks for all who could come, and for those who couldn't make it i say look on the brightside because another one is around the corner!
    Polish Meetup

    Copy Paste:

    Photo relation (in Polish) is available at:

    Also, thread on 4chan just popped out about that:
    Seattle Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    So we decided to get a few bronies together and check out the new Ferris wheel in Downtown Seattle. We had a blast and got something to eat on the waterfront afterward. While eating, we heard and saw several fire trucks go by. We peaked out and discovered that the nearby Pier 56 had caught on fire. So we did the only logical thing left to do: get a picture! We view it as a tribute to Summer BronyCon 2012. After that, we visited a comic shop at Pike Place Market (they had ponies!) Then we went to a silly hat shop, where we took a photo in tribute to Everfree NW. Then we walked down to the International District and got bubble tea, sitting down to discuss the finer aspects of equine society. Finally, we visited a Pink Gorilla and a bookstore. All in all, it was a really eventful day!

    Athens, Ohio Meetup AKA Bronies Show Calpain Ohio

    Never thought I'd be writing about my own experience with a meetup in this section! This past Sunday five other bronies and myself met up in uptown Athens for a day of touring, eating, and good drinks. The day started off wonderfully with a trip to O'Bettys restaurant where we all finally met and then had breakfast together. After our meal we retreated to a nearby bar for drinks and stories as the bronies accompanying me told me everything from events experienced at BronyCon and Trotcon to crazy stories about the wonderful Ohio Bronies group.

    After we had drank our fill, we explored the important commercial districts of Athens, guided by bronies that knew their way around town. Hot and a bit tired, we retreated by to the bar for a quick snack before ordering pizza to take back to my apartment for us to chow down on. Arriving at my place we quickly went back to discussing the Ohio group and ponies in general!

    While we didn't really have anything officially scheduled as the meetup was on such short notice, we still had a blast! With good food, good drink, and good friends (new and old), anything can be a fun time. I'll certainly be looking forward to the next meetup in my area sometime in the near future! Here's to you Ohio Bronies!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    Sacramento Brony Meetup 
    Our upcoming meet up is going to be at SacAnime on August 31st through September 2nd! We will be meeting at the fountain in the hotel for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 12:30 PM. The My Little Pony panel we will be in on Saturday, 11:30 PM.
    Location: Woodlake Hotel - 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, CA
    Admission Price for the Convention:
    $35 - Full Weekend.
    $20 - Friday
    $30 - Saturday
    $15 - Sunday

    Check out our website at www.sacbronymeetup.com
    WoW Guild

    Copy Paste:

    Server: US-Arathor (PvE)
    Faction: Alliance
    Guild: <Friendship is Magic>
    Joining: In-game message or mail to Littlepip (GM), or the officers Pokeypierce, Defahn, Asheras, Twlitesprkle, BraĆ©burn, Soarin, or Octavia.

    <Friendship is Magic> is recruiting for patch 5.0! Come join the biggest Brony guild on WoW. We raid (full clear DS and 1/8 H DS) quest, party, and do a little PvP on the side. Get those new toons leveled up in time for the release of MoP and play with the new class abilities coming in the new patch!

    Bronies at NAU - Looking for More

    Copy Paste:

    Hey, Bronies at NAU; tired of derision, mocking, and most of all lack of anyone to discuss your favorite pony with? If so, get ready, because we're planning the rise of a new club, dedicated to ponies and all their benefits! Already sufficient group members and a faculty member has been decided, we just need to find everypony who wants to join. Just contact Luke Wilkerson in Cowden Hall, Room 249, or leave him a note at Cowden's desk, and be prepared to have a beautiful new hangout!

    UI Bronies

    Copy Paste:

    UI Bronies is a group for bronies that either attend the University of Idaho , live in or near the palouse area, or are looking at the University to go to school! We are a pretty chill group with a wide variety of interests, from anime, to comics, to engineering! So just click that join button, and get ready to make many new friends! https://www.facebook.com/groups/142619792545481/
    Pony Fanfic Party

    Copy Paste:

    There's a brony group that organizes highly interactive fanfic readings on a weekly basis. Every friday and saturday at about 6 pm CET (that is 12 am EST) people will gather in the steam and skype group chats to decide upon which stories to read. Sessions usually last until deep into the night. The audience gets to suggest stories to be read and is welcome to participate in both narration and voice acting!

    It's been a great success so far and thus we'd like more people to join in on the fun!
    Or contact the admin freehomebrew through either steam or skype.
    The group page has a lot more details about this so be sure to check that out!
    Brony Bazaar!

    Copy Paste:
    This SATURDAY SATURDAY SATURDAY, be in Manehattan for the BRONY BAZAAR event! You know JOHN JOSECO? How about NERDYMIND? What about KAR RED ROSES, BronyCon's artist liason herself? Or BITS & BAUBLES, maker of amazing bauble head ponies? Maybe The Greatest Living Actor, GARRETT GILCHIST? They'll all be there, and so should you!

    But wait, there's more. At this event, you-- yes, YOU-- can buy and sell your random goodies-- pony-related OR otherwise! That's why it's called a bazaar. It's a grand community garage sale, and everypony's invited! Admission's just $10 in advance, $12 at the door, and there's no table fee.

    Plus VIDEO GAMES! Lots and lots of video games.

    So go to http://www.meetup.com/Bronies-NYC/events/77707312/ and sign up! Renting the biggest room in the house ain't cheap!

    My MLP HG Minecraft Server

    Copy Paste:

    MLP HG is a My Little Pony themed Hunger Games Server. You must fight to the death with other ponies and the last standing surviving pony wins! The current winning champ will have their name in gold and they will have access to all the kits as long as they remain the champ,so make sure to target and take that pony first to weaken the competition!

    MLP HG - Fight to the DEATH! Last pony standing pony wins!  ***FEATURES*** +24/7 and Fully Automated! +Kits Inspired By Your Favorite Ponies! +Hacker and Cheater Free!  TEAMSPEAK 3 AVAILABLE!

    PonyRoleplay.com Looking for More!

    Copy Paste:

    PonyRoleplay.com is a new website aimed towards roleplayers wanting to have a fun time in a tailor cut environment. The website has been built by a roleplayer for roleplayers.
     Features include a neat roleplaying system, the ability to moderate your own roleplays, private roleplays, etc...
    It is still in heavy development with new features being added every update. The new features are more often than not requests from the community making it a place where community input is very important.

    Check it out! It's free! ponyroleplay.com

    ( Be sure to check out the guides to get accustomed to the system! )
    Guild Wars 2 Guild

    Game: Guild Wars 2
    Guild Name: The Lunar Republic [NLR]
    Server: Ehmry Bay (US)
    Website:  http://gw2newlunarrepublic.guildlaunch.com/

    CITIZENS OF PONYVILLE!!!! The New Lunar Republic is looking for new members!  We're on the server Ehmry Bay (US) and we want you!  We are a Casual Guild and we will be doing PvP, PvE, and WvWvW. The website may be down and or have minimal info(it was created today).  If you're interested, /whisper Anthony Capuano or email me at [email protected].   

    Philadelphia Charity Walk Team

    Copy Paste:

    For the last few months, a few members of the Philadelphia bronies have been walking in different charity walks around the city under the team name "Team Derpy". And this September 15th there is another charity walk around Citizens Bank Park for the Autism Speaks foundation. We are hoping to find some more people in the area who are willing to walk with us and/or donate. If anyone is interested in helping or wants more information, we have a URL for that.

    Our Team page on Walk Now For Autism Speaks site: http://www.walknowforautismspeaks.org/faf/search/searchTeamPart.asp?ievent=1009715&lis=1&kntae1009715=4527EA8DB2D2412A8116D6F5D5ADC724&supId=0&team=5214964&cj=Y
    The Facebook event page: http://www.facebook.com/events/265624560223360/
    the Phialdelphia Bronies Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/PhillyBrony/

    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Vinyl Scratch Custom
    Shining Armor and Twilight Ornaments
    Rainbow Dash Pillow
    Lyra Plushie
    Fiber Art Rainbow Dash