• Friendship is MAgic Comic Pre-orders Available on Tfaw - November Release Date

    It looks like the Friendship is Magic comic series is already popping up for pre-orders! tfaw.com has listed issue #1, with a release date of November 14th 2012.  I guess if Hasbro decides to make us wait past September for season 3, we have some fallback coming in November!

    Check out the page for it here! Apparently they are 20% off right now, but that's not a huge chunk when the comics themselves appear to be going for four bucks a pop.

    They also have the mane 6 collectors set on sale for $20.  These six are not different outside of the cover, but I don't doubt they will be worth a bit later on down the road with how rabid our collector base is!

    Thanks to Shayne for the heads up!