• Ponies Invading the Media - Pizza Hut, Podcast Interview, and tshirtOS ad

    Pizza Hut has once again dropped some Pinkie Pie on their Facebook Wall.  Honestly this marketing strategy is brilliant, I'm dying for Pizza  now.  It reminds me of that damn product placement on Code Geass.  I swear I gained 5 pounds just watching that anime!

    And over on CBC radio, an interview is airing all about our crazy ponyness.   They actually did one a while back, but apparently want to roll with a followup.  You can check that out tomorrow, though no specified time is given.

    And finally, I leave you with a new tee shirt promotional video showing off an in-progress digital design idea snuck some pony in.  It's actually a pretty entertaining little skit in itself to top it off! Check that out after the break! The pony happens at the :45 second mark for those that don't feel like watching all of it. 

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