• Random Merch: Bling Bags, Yoyos, and Paperplay

    Looks like we have a whole bunch of translucent blind bags somewhere on the horizon.  The rest in the image have already been posted.  These in particular were found once again on Taobao.  Probably a future set!  Thanks to Caitlin for the image!

    I remember back in gradeschool when they tried to revive yoyo's.  It actually got pretty popular until Pokemon reclaimed the throne!   This specific one was found in Toledo, Ohio at H&M.   Thanks to Andrew for the image!

    And in slot three, we have a sticky paper play scene set.  It was actually found at a book fair in Texas.  I remember those from the school days too! I wonder when tablets and book downloads will become standard?  Thanks to Mini Applejack for the images!

    And that about covers it.  No page break this time! Yoyos and translucent blindbags are too cool for waiting though.   As always, send your random merch to submit@equestriadaily.com with a MERCH tag if you find anything cool!