• Nightly Roundup #1106

    Now that is one happy Chrysalis! Maybe she's trying this whole adorable thing to get love instead of conquering other kingdoms. Wish her luck!

    Evening guys, ready for some news?

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds IV - Day 7

    Derpy, mightiest of mares! Bigger than big! Taller than tall! Faster than fast Stronger than strong! And possessed of bi-directional Derp Lasers, nothing can stand in her way! This is normally where I would make some sort of hokey tie in to the image and the prompt en route to encouraging you to continue drawing. I'd say that I notice repeat names (and I do!) and that among those of you that came into this inexperienced are already starting to show better lines, smoother shapes and more confidence (and this is also true!), but really I just want everybody to giggle at this picture as much as I did. I can't claim any grander motivation than that. But although I am a silly pony, that doesn't change the fact that you are all doing wonderfully. And you continue to work hard, turning in another 484 images. This brings our grand total up to 3501 images!

    As we near the corner and prepare to turn the page onto the second half of our event, I want to take a few seconds to say some things. Firstly, thank you very much to Calpain for stepping in and running things yesterday while I was more or less comatose yesterday. He did a wonderful job and deserves a round of applause. But secondly, you. Yes, you! It's a busy, hectic time of year, and I won't be surprised if you tell me you're tired or you're disheartened or starting to struggle with motivation. I won't be upset either. It's completely understandable! But you know? I have faith in your ability to continue. And I have faith in your ability to get better. Push yourself that one more day. Scribble just a little something. Let yourself feel good about it. Because you're doing something wonderful, and you. Can. Do it. Thank you all so much for making this event as amazing as it's been so far.

    But hey, what's this? What's this what's this what's this? This, my fine fellows, is today's prize! Gasp, be amazed and behold the unreal generosity of 4DE! Today's prize is nothing less than one each of these six ponies from their 2015 line, plus one more not shown. That means every single pony above could be yours. Yes, I said all of them. Plus an extra! Who could it be? You don't know!  As an added bonus, for today only we'll be having drawings for a second and third place, too! Our second place winner will get their pick of four plushes, while third place can pick two to have as their very own. One more time:

    • First place: All six pictured plushes (and an extra mystery pony!)
    • Second place:  Choice of four of the pictured plushes
    • Third place: Choice of two of the pictured plushes

    As always, these drawings are completely random. This is an amazing prize and your chances of winning something have never been better. So get excited and draw, draw, draw!

    On to our Day 5 winner! Clocking in at #215 with a unicorn frantically flailing and trying her little pony best not to fall out of bed, congratulations to Fizzban! We'll be in touch!

    It's Day 7 now which is kind of the soft half way point of our event. How are you feeling? Are you holding up ok? Do you feel like you're improving? Have you taken any time to encourage any trainees? It makes a difference, let me tell you. It's a good time to be checking up in earnest, because one full week is usually the point where fatigue starts to set in. With cuddly plushes up for grabs tonight and a sense of tiredness settling over at least some of you, I thought it would be relaxing to give a voice to that idea. So: Draw a pony taking a break/Draw a pony settling down. Unwind a bit!

    Submit all entries here by December 8, 9 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT -7). But before you get to relaxing, head below the break and check out today's amazing gallery! It's going to be legen- (wait for it...)

  • GIANT Twilight Sparkle Takes Over Chile!

    You know how we usually see recycled G3 stuff at all these big events around the world? Finally we have moved on from that.  This Gigantic Twilight Sparkle was spotted over in Chile apparently.  As for the reason? The submitter didn't say, but who needs extra information when we have GIANT TWILIGHTS?!

    Get a bunch more images below!

    Thanks to Ryan for sending them. 

  • Music of the Day #418

    So Music of the Day has been a bit weird lately with the training ground going on. I was going to do it in the mornings, but they tend to be pretty full. Have it now instead, and hopefully we can stick to this!

    Now go, get some music of the day! 

  • Nightly Discussion #193

    Sort of in a hurry tonight so I grabbed the first picture I could, so have some panda Fluttershy!

    Hope your Sunday went well my friends! Just got back from seeing Interstellar myself so I've been gone most of the day. Give it a watch if you get the chance.

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  • Story Updates - December 7th

    Sequels, get your sequels.  Seems like everything is updates lately while the fandom is in hiatus. Just look at those comic posts!

  • Comic: Fall / Rainbow Power / The Magician Part 3 / Diamond and Dazzle #4 / Moddy Mark Crusaders 27

    So, what does the average pony go through when the mane 6 are dropping sonic rainboom cutie mark creators and rainbow power blasts? Were there others that accidently end up with these powers on the side?

    Anyway, click for full! Updates below these.


  • Drawfriend Stuff #1372

    More Rarity.  We keep hearing that she needs more love here, so lets do that.

    Get some art below!

    [1] Source

  • Pop! Design a Pony Celestia Arrives in Singapore

    Some good news for all of you looking to grab these Pop! figurines.  The image of Celestia above came from a Toys R' Us in Singapore according to our submitter Lyra10.  Chances are we will be seeing her and the rest of the design line appear soon everywhere else at that rate. 

    And of course, to prep for that you can still get all the current generaiton pop figures over on Amazon.
  • Animation: We Dreamt Our Dream

    I remember when this side view pony singing thing was the standard in animation for a while.  We have evolved quite a bit since then.  Have a blast to the past though, because moon and space.  I have no idea what that actually means.

    Get it below!

  • Pony Connect 4 Now Appearing in Stores, Already Available on Amazon

    A while back, we posted a teaser for a My Little Pony connect 4 variant, but afterward very little else came out of it. Stores weren't grabbing it, and only a few random online retailers has pre-orders up for dates ranging anywhere from the month of it's posting to next year.

    Somewhere in the haze, it apparently became available. We've had two people report that it was found at a Toys R' Us in Canada, and the Amazon store listing exists with available products to order.If you gotta collect ALL the pony stuff, or just need some oldschool connect 4 nostalgia, it might be a good time to pick it up. 

    Thanks to Kirsten for the heads up!

  • Wallpaper Compilation #130

    The year is 2025.  Your brand new ponybot has finally arrived in the mail.  This is what you wake up to in the middle of the night when she plugs herself in to charge.  Do you freak out in your half asleep state?

    It's time for wallpapers! Get them all below.

    And as always with wallpaper posts, be sure to click the source links and grab the full size verisons for 1920x1080 and the like.

    [0] Source

  • Spotlight Music: Weightless / Little A.J.

    This post is relaxing. Or Starcraft. That's totally what the second one reminds me of. I really should replay the Terran campaign with the Protoss one coming out soon.

    Uhh, anyway music time! Now go!

    1.) Little A.J. - TenderFlutter - (Vocal - Soft Acoustic)
    2.) Weightless - Reverbrony (Instrumental - Atmospheric) 

  • Comic: MLP Eclipse Eve

    While this huge 86 page epic has been around awhile it hasn't been translated into English. Thanks to some friends helping the author out we can now see read this huge adventure for ourselves! Check the links below for the comic!

    Eclipse Eve Part 1
    Eclipse Eve Part 2
    Eclipse Eve Part 3

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Comic: Running of the Leaves / Playdate / An Apple Day / Princess Derpy Vs. Tierk / ES Chapter 5 / End of a Generation 11

    I never really thought of that.  No matter how you look at it, someone is going to spend the entire running of the leaves getting blasted by leaves. Pony life is rough.

    Get some comics! Click for full! #2 is a followup on this, so read that or be confused!

    Comic Updates: 

  • Short Animation: Bubble' Flash

    Derpy Vs. the dreaded mouse cursor. What is a pony to do? Can she even handle something like that?

    Get it below!

  • Early Morning Discussion #57

    How about some Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo love for the morning? Comments got a little heated in that editorial didn't they? Regardless of their flaws they are all good ponies at heart and that is all that matters in the end I believe.

    Morning everyone! Sleep well? Rub the sand out of those eyes and get to chatting!

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