• Goodbye Moon Mares~

    Due to an intern spilling coffee on the only hard drive with SPACE MARES, the entire thing has been lost. What could have been, is now nothing. Chrysalis will never conquer the universe, and Twilight with her plucky team of beam sword wielders, Star Commanders, daring smugglers, and hyper-zealous blue alien ponies with super impressive golden technology will not be fighting back. What will G5 be replaced with? Find out hopefully some time this year. 

    On a serious note though, hopefully you all enjoyed this one. We've always taken April Fools a little far, but we need a day to let off some steam every once in a while. If you missed any of the editorials, synopsis lists, and other silly posts, you can find them at the SPACE MARES tag. We grabbed almost everyone for this one, with WeAreBorg, Platonic, The Skullivan, Pascoite, Blueshift, and I all throwing our writing and arting skillz into the ring.

    Will we ever get our glorious sci-fi pony crossover? It's up to all of you! I doubt Hasbro would create it despite the petition now floating around, but we've been known to put our creative juices together for big projects a lot over the years.

    The OPEN ART event will still be going on. That was not part of April Fools. Get out there and draw some spacy ponies. ALL are welcome! 

    Now back to normal ponies, with a few space ponyos mixed in~


    One final celebratory hurrah for the glorious Sci-Fi world of SPACE MARES, this time fueled by your creative juices instead!

    We've got another OPEN ART event for all of you to throw your skills at. As with the last few, your mission is to draw, animate, pose, or whatever else some art. Any space theme goes! You can crossover ponies with your favorite sci-fi film, create a Luna tribute to modern day Nasa, or even make up your own wacky idea involving ponies exploring the cosmos. It is entirely up to you.

    To submit, fire off an email to Submit@Equestriadaily.com with a link to it and subject the email SPACE MARES. As always, this is only for new art, so go draw it! All skill levels are welcome.

    The deadline is April 9th at 11:59 PM PST, which gives you a week and a day.
  • Animation: A Derpy News Special

    Some Derpy being silly this April Fools Day! While the news is truly hard hitting, I do wonder if Derpy had to take a dip in the Mirror Pool to make this happen?

    Get the animation after the break!

  • Nightly Discussion #1757

    In keeping with the spirit of our spacey future we have already launched Calpony into space to make sure we get the news where its at: In Space!

    Evening guys! Hope you have been doing well today. Ready for a chat?

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  • Comic: Ship of Fools / AoS 3:19 / One More Trick 4 / Black Feather 1:24 / Dark Side 8 / Rogue 12:24

    Looks like even Adorkable Twilight is getting in on April Fools, at the expense of poor Spike.

    Anyhow guys, have some comics to break up some of today's festivities. Sad and mature stuff everywhere this time it seems so be be careful!

  • Editorial: Tech Replaces Magic in Space Mares

    G5 is coming and it’s time to take a closer look at some of the details within. With our favorite ponies heading off to the final frontier there doesn’t seem to be much need for all that pesky magic.

    Whatever shall out space ponies do?! Well, I’ve got answers for you! Join me as we review what’s going to happen to some of those outdated magical methods.
  • Drawfriend Stuff - Best of Ponies in SPACE Edition

    To celebrate SPACE MARES, lets celebrate the best pone space art! Their crazy color schemes tend to work well in the glorious backdrop of SPACE.

    Head on down below the break for sosme of the best of the last few years! 

    [1] Source

    Flutter Galaxy by MrJengas

  • Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #2937

    Bat is not sci-fi. Art takes a break!

    We've got a bunch of them today. Go get them all below.

    [1] Source

    Happy Birthday by Taneysha

  • Overanalyze This: Extraterrestrial Equines and Evolving Etymology

    Ponies! In! SPAAAAAAAAAAACE! Yes that's right, even as Friendship is Magic is set to begin its farewell tour the folks at Hasbro are determined to keep that horse-based moneymaker rolling on.  Here at Equestria Daily we've been given the honor of revealing the next generation series, Space Mares!  While we've been given access to some early screenshots and even an introductory trailer, the scary looking lawyer-types they've sent to each of our houses to glare disapprovingly over our shoulders have informed us that we cannot actually show any of them to you, or reveal too much information about the new show before they're released through official Hasbro channels.

    But they didn't say anything about entirely baseless and overly verbose speculation!  And that, as you all know, is 100% my jam.  So as we continue our all-day coverage of G5's announcement, I'm going to make like the huge friggin nerd that I am and absolutely tear apart what little information we have available to make wild inferences and ridiculous declarations that I'm sure that will be proven entirely accurate eventually.  Probably.

    Let's get the jump on those conclusions after the break!

  • MLP SPACE MARES Movie Reveal! - GLORY to the SWARM

    You can't have a sci-fi universe without giant bugs, and who better to lead the most entertaining cliche of all than best queen? Theaters around the world are about to be swarmed~ The long awaited G5 introduction movie has been revealed at last!

    Newly evolved with bio-enhanced weaponry, advanced magic, and an armada of insatiable subjects,  Kerrig Chrysalis has some lofty, galaxy infesting plans up her chitin. Empress Celestia may or may not have sent her a tweet jokey tweet about bug spray and a new zapper she installed for mosquitoes, and she wants revenge. Her brood is hungry, and her overlords are prepped to transport them. No planet will be safe under the overwhelming force of THE SWARM.

    We don't want to throw all the wonderful little spoilers up here though. Head on down below for the full synopsis. It's a doozy~

  • Resistance is Futile: Gen 5 is Here

    WeAreBorg here with 99.67% accurate findings regarding Generation 5 future scenarios. You can now learn of the appearance of Borg ponies sited within portions of the 22.5 minute long historical records documenting Generation 5 of Friendship is Magic.

    Please engage with the main data relay information circuits using your optimized bio-sync circuitry for information download. If in the unlikely event you are unable to download this information, you may use the inefficient method of reading it below.

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
  • My Little Pony: SPACE MARES - All 26 Episode Synopsis Revealed!

    Months of speculation are at an end with exciting new information from Hasbro. A package has arrived at Equestria Daily Towers which include a full episode listing for the new G5 revamp.  Sethisto did sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with Hasbro, however it transpired that he spelled he name wrong, so we can now exclusively reveal the full G5 season 1 episode list to you!

    As you know, Hasbro has gone for a more sci-fi action adventure feel, however it's important to note that they are keeping true to the spirit and setup of G4, being much more a sequel series than a reboot. Episodes feature all our favourite characters, also there is a Spike episode.

    Read on after the break and let us know which one you're looking forward to most!

  • And Thus Begins the Sci-Fi Pony Era - My Little Pony Generation 5 - SPACE MARES

    What happens when a company has flooded a market with the same toys from the same world and setting for nine long years? People stop buying! You can only sell so many colorful castles and pink trucks before the armada of 5-12 year olds out there decide enough is enough! They may be able to watch the same Youtube unboxing video on repeat 300 times, but your average kid has a discerning eye when it comes to small plastic horses. They need something fresh, or they lose interest.

    Thus begins a new era for My Little Pony. A world built on the current sudden interest in space exploration. As the USA preps its new military "Space Force" and China ramps up production on moon base building, another 1960's race is all but inevitable. A certain toy maker has noticed, and they want a piece of dat pie.

    We at the greatest pony news site ever have some amazing news for you all today! It is with much excitement and many a fat check that we bring you the 5th generation of My Little Pony:


    No longer will the earth pony be forced to graze the same, boring grass fields. No more will the pegasus be constrained only to the sky! The cosmos calls, and the many denizens of ponyland trot forth into glorious exploration!

    And we will be covering it. 
    All day.
    Until you can't take it anymore.
    Until you want nothing more than to time travel back to wherever April 1st started and end humanity right there.
    Because that's what we do here at EQD
    Especially on this glorious day
    And maybe Luna 

    Full season synopsis at 5 AM blog time. From there, we reveal SPACE MARES in it's entirety throughout the day.  Prepare for it. Your ponies are going to SPACE.

  • Morning Discussion #1529

    Looks like Sweetie Belle wants to get in on this whole bat pony thing. Now give her an apple guys!

    Morning everyone, welcome to another week! I hope you all slept well.

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