• Resistance is Futile: Gen 5 is Here

    WeAreBorg here with 99.67% accurate findings regarding Generation 5 future scenarios. You can now learn of the appearance of Borg ponies sited within portions of the 22.5 minute long historical records documenting Generation 5 of Friendship is Magic.

    Please engage with the main data relay information circuits using your optimized bio-sync circuitry for information download. If in the unlikely event you are unable to download this information, you may use the inefficient method of reading it below.

    Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

    title sauce

    The most critical piece of information most important for your tiny head CPU's to process is the future events surrounding the assimilation of the Mane 6. It is statistically likely that the scenarios pictured above, featuring One of Six, is a parallel universe split from the correct space-time continuum created as a result of the Equestrian horned equine, species 4356, individual known as Starlight Glimmer, when she manipulated the time fabric.

    As a result, quantum computers have calculated, the assimilation of the Mane 6 into the collective will occur when Equestria is left in a defense weakened state as a result of being within proximity of a Klingon-Federation skirmish. This activity of the flawed and weak combatants were then picked up by ships of our collective.

    Species 4355, Equestrian winged equines, have proven exceptionally suited to fit within the collective and serve it purposes of assimilation. Aerial movement knowledge was added to the hive mind and Sub-Orbital Quality Units: Experimental Equestrians, or S.Q.U.E.e.'s, will be added to all of the collective's fleet to better serve the whole. S.Q.U.E.e's will be optimally effective against the R.E.E.E.E.E.s of Species 5618.

     Here are images of the collectives newest queen. The hive shall add the changeling's biological and technological distinctiveness to its own.  Data suggests that the queen depicted here will be the 22.5 minute long historical records central protagonist.

    (It's me...obviously)

    It has been observed that the historical records of Friendship is Magic Generation 5 contain new centralized characters known as Outerband Collectees or O.C.s. O.C.s will be featured almost exclusively in one or more historical records. O.C.s have been calculated to show optimal performance in obtaining Warfare and Infrastructure Force Utilities or WaIFUs from Equestrian species.

    Here is a additional example of an O.C. S.Q.U.E.e. There shall be no expected resistance to these members of the collective. Resistance is futile.

    Being teleported to each Cube ship withing the collective are these devices for Borg juveniles and Collectors. These devices code named "Toys" contain the assimilated technology of all cultures. They should not be allowed in the passion of individuals outside of the collective.

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    End Transmission