• Goodbye Moon Mares~

    Due to an intern spilling coffee on the only hard drive with SPACE MARES, the entire thing has been lost. What could have been, is now nothing. Chrysalis will never conquer the universe, and Twilight with her plucky team of beam sword wielders, Star Commanders, daring smugglers, and hyper-zealous blue alien ponies with super impressive golden technology will not be fighting back. What will G5 be replaced with? Find out hopefully some time this year. 

    On a serious note though, hopefully you all enjoyed this one. We've always taken April Fools a little far, but we need a day to let off some steam every once in a while. If you missed any of the editorials, synopsis lists, and other silly posts, you can find them at the SPACE MARES tag. We grabbed almost everyone for this one, with WeAreBorg, Platonic, The Skullivan, Pascoite, Blueshift, and I all throwing our writing and arting skillz into the ring.

    Will we ever get our glorious sci-fi pony crossover? It's up to all of you! I doubt Hasbro would create it despite the petition now floating around, but we've been known to put our creative juices together for big projects a lot over the years.

    The OPEN ART event will still be going on. That was not part of April Fools. Get out there and draw some spacy ponies. ALL are welcome! 

    Now back to normal ponies, with a few space ponyos mixed in~