• My Little Pony: SPACE MARES - All 26 Episode Synopsis Revealed!

    Months of speculation are at an end with exciting new information from Hasbro. A package has arrived at Equestria Daily Towers which include a full episode listing for the new G5 revamp.  Sethisto did sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with Hasbro, however it transpired that he spelled he name wrong, so we can now exclusively reveal the full G5 season 1 episode list to you!

    As you know, Hasbro has gone for a more sci-fi action adventure feel, however it's important to note that they are keeping true to the spirit and setup of G4, being much more a sequel series than a reboot. Episodes feature all our favourite characters, also there is a Spike episode.

    Read on after the break and let us know which one you're looking forward to most!

    1 - So Long And Thanks For All The Pone
    Twilight Sparkle is given an exciting new mission by Princess Celestia! Lead a group of ponies to colonise a new planet! Despite the danger and the knowledge she could never return, Twilight proudly takes up the challenge! Too late, she realises that Celestia has made a mistake, and instead of a crew of expert explorers and engineers, the spaceship has been filled up with all the weird ponies that everyone hates. And her. Twilight must put aside her doubts to lead the mission to colonise New Equestria!

    2 - In space, no-one can hear you sing
    A race of bloodthirsty alien xenomorphs with acid for blood arrive on New Equestria to lay eggs in everyone and eat any survivors. Can Twilight help the ponies and aliens to find a middle ground that makes everyone happy? Is it culturally insensitive of the ponies not to want to get their faces eaten? 

    3 - Pinkie's Big Boom
    Disaster! New Equestria has stopped spinning! The only way to save the planet is for Pinkie Pie and Starlight Glimmer to drill to the planet's core with a nuclear bomb to get it spinning again. 
    Meanwhile, Twilight must stop Pinkie Pie and Starlight Glimmer from blowing up the planet, because really.

    4 - Space Apples
    Applejack is determined to set up a farm on the moon of New Equestria. Twilight tries to dissuade her friend, because the moon is made of rock and has no oxygen, soil, water or pressurised atmosphere. Twilight must learn to trust in her friend, as friendship can overcome all challenges!

    5 - The Impossible Dilemma
    At Applejack's funeral, Twilight is approached by a space wizard with a quest - travel to a far off land and find the fabled Crystal of Omnicron, with which she can bring Applejack back to life! Will Twilight take the mission? On one hand, Applejack's life lies in the balance. On the other, it's a Thursday and it's been a long week, and she's a bit sleepy, and she really just wanted to curl up with a good book and a nice pastry and she's got a bit of a headache coming on...

    6 - Buck to the Future
    A terrible disaster occurs and the world is about to end! Fortunately, Pinkie Pie has invented a time machine. Unfortunately the time machine can only travel forward in time at the rate of one second per second.

    7 - The Impossible Dilemma 2
    After a terrible and violent war with the bloodthirsty alien Xlarzon, a peace treaty has been negotiated. All Twilight needs to do is sign her name to it, and peace will reign.
    However, the peace treaty has been written in Comic Sans.

    8 - 2001: A Pony Odyssey
    A mysterious black monolith appears on New Equestria, and all the ponies begin worshipping it, believing that it controls their very destinies.
    Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie is missing her enormous order of liquorice.

    9 - Spacewalking with Style
    A tragedy occurs after a group of astronauts all die in space from explosive decompression. Was this the fault of evil alien saboteurs? Or did Rarity designing the space suits to have flares and open collars have something to do with it? No - it must be sabotage!
    Rarity is determined to find the truth, and so leads a quest to discover the traitors. She soon finds something chilling - the ponies she suspects are actually terrifying skellingtons disguised in pony suits!

    10 - Mind the Gap
    Celestia wants to send a group of colonists to occupy the sun. She controls it, after all, so shouldn’t she know what it’s like there? So she enlists Starlight Glimmer to mind control ponies into volunteering. When they tragically don’t return, she enlists Starlight Glimmer to mind control their families into not noticing they’re gone, and who were those ponies anyway? The names don’t ring a bell. How deep can we go without making an Inception reference?

    11 - I’m a Replican, Not a Replican’t
    In a dystopian future, Queen Chrysalis disguises herself as a turtle and gets stuck on her back under the harsh neon lights of Ponyville, so she must remain concealed as various ponies debate what they would do about her situation. Twilight takes careful notes of their answers, and in an unrelated development, orders her castle’s dungeon enlarged.

    12 - Ponygeddon
    An enormous asteroid is hurtling towards New Equestria, spelling everyone's doom. Pinkie Pie and Starlight Glimmer's mission to destroy it with a nuclear bomb falls into chaos as they can't decide on what sort of packed lunch to take.
    Only Twilight Sparkle can save the day - but she's recently really got into anime, and has a lot of shows to watch on her anime spreadsheet.

    13 - The Wrath of Con
    Daring Do attends a fan convention, and when she angers an attendee by subtly giving him a suggestion on personal hygiene, he vows, “From hell’s heart I stab at thee.” Which she finds just a bit unnerving, but if he’s only talking about Tartarus, all that’s there is some caged animals and a little filly.

    14 - May the Farce be With You
    An invader subjugates New Equestria, but when Featherweight prints up the propaganda leaflets for him, an unfortunate typo identifies him as Earth Vader, leading many earth ponies to take offence. Just look at all that levitating and mind reading. If anything, he’s a unicorn, right? Anyway, this leads to Twilight raining down magical destruction on the other side of the mirror, just as a precaution.

    15 - Shoot for the Stars
    As ponies begin to get more educated about space and space facts, Princess Luna discovers that stars are in fact suns, and as she controls them all, this means that she is several billion times more powerful than her sister.
    Celestia promptly  takes the Equestrian astrological society to court to get them reclassified as 'dwarf suns'

    16 - Flowers for Sweetie Belle
    A scientific experiment causes Sweetie Belle’s intelligence to quadruple. With her new IQ of 100, she realises that her friends were just taking advantage of her good nature. Can Scootaloo and Apple Bloom get Sweetie Belle back to normal, or will they have to start doing their own washing?

    17 - Cybergeddon
    Rainbow Dash realises that she is trapped in a virtual computer world where nothing she does has any consequences. She goes on a consequence-free rampage across town.
    It turns out that she isn’t actually trapped in a virtual computer world, and so has to go to jail.

    18 - Find a Bacteriophage
    Fluttershy decides to open a petting zoo to showcase all the exciting new alien species in the universe. Unfortunately the majority of alien life is bacteria. 
    Meanwhile, ponies start dying of new and exotic diseases. But why? Rarity thinks she has found the answer to this mystery - there’s a new zebra in town!

    19 - The Ultimate Secret
    Aliens steal Twilight’s documents and threaten to reveal her secrets to all of Ponydom. However, instead of state secrets, they actually only stole Twilight’s anime spreadsheet.
    Twilight finds herself forced to do the aliens’ bidding, lest they reveal exactly what sort of anime she has been watching.

    20 - Bat-tlestar Equestria
    Princess Luna is taken to court by the batponies after it is discovered that echolocation doesn't work in the vacuum of space. Are the laws of physics being racist?
    Luna's star witness and only hope is Twilight Sparkle, but on the day of the trial, Twilight is feeling a bit sleepy and there are some important YouTube videos she wanted to watch.

    21 - Filly Cooly
    The Cutie Mark Crusaders convert their Applewood Derby carts into giant mechas in order to battle against the forces of slight rudeness, faux pas, and other threats to friendship. Are missiles and gauss rifles the answer to closing the rift between classmates Sunny Daze and Peachy Pie? Will nopony question why the mechas aren’t quadrupedal?

    22 - Twilight's Drag(on) Race
    Scientists discover that Spike isn't actually a dragon, instead he is a mutated chicken. His friends must teach him that it isn't what he is that matters, but who he is.
    Meanwhile, Twilight opens auditions for a replacement dragon pal.

    23 - Twilight the Luddite
    A new robot is presented to all the ponies, designed to be the perfect friendship robot and use complex algorithms to determine everyone's friend. To Twilight's annoyance it works perfectly and is better than her and there is no evil plan or catch. Can Twilight turn the ponies against technology or will she be filing for unemployment?

    24 - The Fantastic Twilight Voyage
    Twilight falls ill and so Pinkie  Pie and Starlight Glimmer shrink down and travel inside Twilight to cure her with a nuclear bomb.
    Twilight has to somehow stop them as she only has a cold and Jesus Christ they are flying about her bloodstream with a nuclear bomb, what's wrong with them?

    25 - The Truth
    Celestia orders Twilight to convince the Flat Equestria Society that the world isn't flat. Twilight brings along all her evidence of actually being in space but is slowly swayed by their arguments.
    Who really rules Equestria? Did aliens build Canterlot? Is time really a cube? Are Cutie Marks just the reflection of swamp gas off Venus?

    26 - Twilight's Amazon Adventure
    In the thrilling season finale, all of the ponies’ enemies team up to destroy them once and for all. Unfortunately Pinkie Pie and Starlight Glimmer used up all the nuclear bombs on various frivolities.
    Twilight is their only hope, but she is stuck in the house waiting for an Amazon order which the app says is just around the corner, but the cart has been circling the town for the last three hours...