• Ponychan Write-Off: Sweet Music - Finals

    It's that (arbitrarily chosen interval of) time again, and I sure hope nobody realises I'm copy-pasting this flavour text from last time.

    Ponychan's /fic/ has held another write off, and this time with a little added bonus from /art/. They also decided to do a little internal judging to pick out the finalists before sending them out to the public. (That's you.)

    There's less pony this time, because we received notice that last time there was too much pony, and some people suffered a pony overload. We at /fic/ believe in a sustained ingestion of pony and have decided a suitable amount for your intake.

    Like always, we need your help to decide which fic is best, and we need your votes to decide the winners. So sit down, relax, and enjoy yourself some quality-writing™.

    Ponychan Thread
  • Tumblr Spotlight: Ask Spike and Rarity

    I recently stumbled upon this tumblr and thought it would be a cute one to share. Starring Spike and Rarity as the main focus, the tumblr takes place in a future where Spike and Rarity have managed to become a couple. Filled with cute entries with adorable dialog this one has the potential to go far and hopefully put a smile on your face! Check it out below!

    Ask Spike and Rarity - Current Page - First Page

    As always, send whatever tumblr suggestions you have to either my account at [email protected] or to my Twitter: @CalpainEqD
  • Story: Spike's Story


    Author: Quintus
    Description: A visit from Twilight's parents prompts Spike to investigate his own origins.
    Spike's Story

    Additional Tags: backstory, parents, headcanon, family, friends
  • Bioware Says: Ponies Here to Stay

    A few days ago Bioware posted up a picture of Pinkie Pie in N7 armor from Mass Effect on their Facebook wall.  Pony lovers everywhere gave it the thumbs up, but they also had your usual haters cloggin the pipes. 

    Being the awesome company that they are, a statement was recently dropped by one of their staffers on the official Bioware blog.   The basic message? Ponies are here to stay. 

    Check it out here!
  • PMV: She's got you high / Heroic Ponies / Mardy Bum

    We have some Flutterdash, heroic ponies, and Applejack vs Rainbow Dash! Check them out below.

    1.) FlutterDash -- She's got you high
    2.) [MLP FiM] "Heroic Ponies" PMV
    3.) Mardy Bum [PMV]

  • Game: Daring Do NES Style Trailer

    Looks like yet another pony game is about to grace our pony game filled world! Daring do appears to be a platform/puzzle/dodging game, with a whole pile of difficulty. It almost reminds me of Super Meat Boy in a way.

    Anyway, check the trailer out after the break!
  • Game: Pinkie Pie's Perilous Platforms Demo Released!

    Another Pinkie Pie platforming game is in progress, and the demo has popped up over on Deviant Art.  Poor Pinkie's hooves must  be sore after all the jumping we make her do.

    This one is primarily a collection game at it's heart, where the main goal is to grab all the coins on a stage.  I do notice a few oddities though, mainly the parasprites aren't actually a threat! I guess you could pretend they are though, right?  The timer and falling seem to be the primary killers here.  It is still a very early demo though, so maybe we will see some damage and HP later on.

    Anyway, check it out here!
  • John De Lancie's Ravnina Callout Update! - Meetup Organization Underway, and Free for College Students

    The other day, Phoe announced John de Lancie's interest in getting a whole bunch of you down to the Ravinia Music Festival.   A bunch of bronies in the area have already started planning for it! The Chicago meetup groups have collaborated to hopefully get a huge showing there, but they need your help!

    Head on over to their Google Group page and sign up, and help get everything organized.

    The lawn that they plan on taking over is actually free for college students with a valid ID apparently, so you don't even have to drop the 10 bucks to meet up with John and grab an autograph while listening to awesome classical music and enjoying a picnic with an army of other pony lovers.

    Reminder: The specific times for these are August 16th in the evening, or August 18th in the afternoon.   

  • Drawfriend Stuff #532

    Griffon Battle edition! Blunt vs Sharp GO!

    Source 1

    Also the drawfriend submitter needs to be fixed, so I'm rolling with the old style for this one. 
  • Weird Al MLP:FiM Shoutout and Possible Show Appearance

    As many of you may recall, a long time ago Weird Al once tweeted a few times about ponies thanks to the highly successful videos on Youtube by FluttershyElsa. For a long while there was speculation that Al might make an appearance on the show at some point and much excitement was had. Over time that excitement faded and disappeared with the airing of season 2. Today though we have some reason to rekindle that speculation!

    In a journal entry by William Anderson, who does the background scores for the show, he reports meeting with his old friend Al and has provided us with a little video. In the video Al gives a shoutout to MLP:FiM fans and also shows some interest in appearing on the show one of these days! Check the video embed and some photos after the break.

  • The Hub Teases - Season 3 "Soon"

    Are you ready for it? Cause I am. 

    My guess is September, but that might be due to the huge amount of rumors we receive daily.
  • Game: Twilight Sparkle's Revenge Trailer

    Twilight Sparkle defending against Parasprites again?  Looks basic right?   Well it gets better.  Apparently she learned a few new tricks with that horn of hers! Check it out below.

    (Actually it's still kinda basic!) 

  • Music: Canticle of Cadance / Good Girl / A Chaotic Affair

    Time for a good old fashioned mixture of music types!

    The first is a Cadance vocal Canticle piece, followed by an electronic remix of Tomb's and Dasha's Good Girl, and finishing off with an orchestral Discord instrumental piece. Check them out below!

    1.) Canticle of Cadance
    2.) Good Girl - [Dasha & The Living Tombstone] Remix -Sub.Sound
    3.) A Chaotic Affair

  • Mountain Dew Naming Contest

    For many of us pony fans, Mountain Dew has been part of our way of life, such as helping us stay awake all night just to catch the episode airing in the morning since waking up early is obviously not acceptable. So it's only natural, I guess, that when Mountain Dew asked for names for their new green apple flavored drink, someone submitted Applejack! Now, according to the numerous emails on the subject, it seems like AJ's stuck in second place again. Who wants to help her win that blue ribbon and come in first? Now's your chance!

    Dub the Dew website

    Applejack voting page

    NOTE: the website appears to be down at this moment, so don't be surprised if you get a white page.

  • Story: Anno Domini

    [Sad] [Sci-fi] [Dark]

    Author: Chromosome
    Description: Humans... humans are such a bizarre race. Capable of the greatest benevolence and the worst atrocities. And yet, they're so very predictable. For you see, while societies may die, and nations may crumble, one thing will remain constant: the desire to survive.

    I should know. I was there when everything fell.

    Anno Domini

    Additional Tags: But I left, right, left
  • Nightly Roundup #406

    I slacked and didn't draw a Trixie tonight, so have someone else's Photo Finish instead, cause it's awesome and she reminds me of a dressed up poodle in that outfit. 

    And some roundup stuff!

  • Story Updates August 13th (Morning)

    Ponies! Updates! Stories! Below. 

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 12

    Trixie is worst pony because she is far too blue. I mean, really. I wrote that just now to screw with Seth's Twitter account. If I have this right he should have just announced that first sentence to the world in three... two... now. Heehee! Er... anyway. Fix it, ponies! Tonight we've got 487 healers, menders, and repairmares all lined up and ready to take care of your problems. Which reminds me with a hint of sadness that there was not a single Wreck-It Ralph references in tonight's gallery. I know the movie hasn't come out yet, but come on! Ah well. Still a fantastic night, and it boosts our grand total to... 8909! I wish I could record these posts as live video so we could do special build up music as the total rolled up toward its new number. And we'd have... I dunno, clowns or something. It's a work in progress. But with this, we're within striking distance of a five digit total for the event! Go for it, guys!

    For Day 12 submissions, this here link's your man. Link. Thing. Remember that you can also contact me at [email protected] if you need/want to for any reason. Speaking of which, one of you actually e-mailed me a kumquat last night. You know who you are, and I love you forever.

    Tonight's theme is all about a change of pace. Sometimes we just need to do something apart from drawing the same old pony over and over again (and for whatever reason all of my themes invariably spawn more Pinkie Pies than other ponies), so now I command thee: Draw a pony getting a makeover/Draw a pony using (or abusing) mousse. Who always dresses in style? You tell me!

    Welcome to the Repair Shop. It's... I warn you, it's full of Derpy. She's a helper! I actually really like how well this gallery came together. I kind of expected to be inundated with server jokes, but instead you pulled from all corners and gave us sick ponies getting better, lots of cmc, and more than a couple of ponies repairing relationships, which were incredibly heartfelt and adorable. Well done, all of you! You're really learning not just how to draw, but how to take a prompt and creatively adapt it to your own ends. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next, because I know you'll keep blowing me away.