• Nightly Roundup #406

    I slacked and didn't draw a Trixie tonight, so have someone else's Photo Finish instead, cause it's awesome and she reminds me of a dressed up poodle in that outfit. 

    And some roundup stuff!

    Dough Walker's Brony Story

    You guys flooded us with this today! Check it out here!


    Twilight Sparkle is best edible frosting thingy.

    The Doozy

    A Little late, but it's a doozy!


    F.O.B. Equestria Podcast #1

    The pilot episode for us military bronies' own podcast! We're still looking for website banners too!


    The Brony Show Episode 63 - Brony Dance Party

    Well hello everypony! Yet another monday bring us another rendition of The Brony Show, the show written by bronies, for bronies! An hour before the show (about 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST) join Anchors once again for his fanfic reading. Then, our guest interviewee will be the amazing and talented Brony Dance Party. He’s an animator who does videos for fan music, but you probably already knew that! Here’s a link to his youtube so you can make sure you’re subscribed: http://www.youtube.com/user/BronyDanceParty

    We’ll also be playing the first episode of Mentally Advanced, the MLP parody series, as our episode for the day. Then watching some awesome PMV’s and music videos. Be sure also to stick around for CrimsontheWolf’s Oatmeal Galore Afterparty, where we will continue our crazy party long into the night with random hijinks and a Let’s Play.

    Check it out at www.thebronyshow.net or www.livestream.com/thebronyshow
    It all starts at 5:00 PCT/8:00 EST Can't wait to see you there!

    France Brony Radio

    Recently a new radio station is launched, it is Brony Radio France. This is a radio similar to Celestia Radio which broadcasts the pony-music 24/7 and regular broadcasts on My Little Pony: FIM and its community.


    Successful Meetups

    Vegas Meetup

    The Potluck BBQ was a huge triumph we had the largest turnout we have ever had at a Vegas brony meet. Our estimated turnout was about 70+ bronies I was shock about how many people stayed and stuck through the weather. The meet started about noon and went till midnight they stayed the whole time even though the 110 degree heat and a thunderstorm. Food was in high supply due to the generosity of bronies and one the rain started at 8ish we made a circle of cars and turned out meet in to a rave with pony music and glowsticks. Over all it was a great meetup. if you are a brony residing in the vegas area please join our page at. http://www.facebook.com/groups/270790472948944/?ref=ts

    Sea-Tac Meetup

    On August 4, seven intrepid members of the Seattle-Tacoma Area MLP:FiM group conquered the Tacoma Dirty Dash. With the team name "Cutie Mark Crusaders", these bronies waded, crawled, climbed, splashed, and wallowed in mud for two hours in the name of friendship. It was amazing to build strong relationships encouraging and helping each other through all the obstacles, but even more special was the positive support we received from the other runners. With the CMC emblem on our shirts and our homemade costumes, we were met with lots of brony love ("You guys just made my DAY"), shouts of joy ("omg ponies!" "look, Rainbow Dash!"), as well as curiosity ("I am going to go home and watch my little pony now that I talked to you guys"). It was an incredible experience and made us proud to spread the brony message and be received positively by our community. We all took away some amazing memories and plans to take even more members down next year!

    Northern California Meetup

    In the end, there was good news and bad news.

    The good news was the parade manager allowed us to march in the parade holding the flag in exchange for four of us to be part of the orange stegosaurus. Of course a lot of heads turned and the manager looked puzzled, but she laughed and said go ahead! I wanted to give credit to the bronies who gave up marching proudly on the outside for walking inside a dinosaur costume. We tried to make a loophole saying it was Crackle! Everypony walked and waved while I played "Cupcakes", "Winter Wrap Up", "Smile Song" and the opening theme on my Ocarina of Time! We even got a picture with Miss Teen Sonoma County when the parade was done!

    The bad news was some high school girl went Howard Stern on us after the parade by saying, "Go whack off to your ponies!" We tolerated it and went on a pony hunt in the area afterwards. I wanted to mention this part so maybe there can be a shoutout to those who were offended and to let other bronies know that we may be laughed at and judged for the wrong reasons, but the show has become a strong symbol of individualism and it gives people the courage to try something new regardless of neeiighsayers.

    NYC Meetup

    Just the video for this one!


    Groups/Meetups/Guilds Looking for More

    North Carolina/South Carolina Meetup

    Get ready to "giggle at the ghosties" at Scarowinds. On September the 22nd we will be going to Scarowinds Halloween Haunt to ride rides and walk through terrifying mazes. We will be there from 7:00pm to 12:00am. It's going to be a blast. So don't miss out on this chance to hangout with other bronies and get the living daylights scared out of you. For more information just join and ask me at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/402789539784680/ or email me at [email protected]


    Merch/Ebay Stuff
    Pony Hair Ribbons
    Pinkie Pie plushie

    Cleaves Custom Headphones