• Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 12

    Trixie is worst pony because she is far too blue. I mean, really. I wrote that just now to screw with Seth's Twitter account. If I have this right he should have just announced that first sentence to the world in three... two... now. Heehee! Er... anyway. Fix it, ponies! Tonight we've got 487 healers, menders, and repairmares all lined up and ready to take care of your problems. Which reminds me with a hint of sadness that there was not a single Wreck-It Ralph references in tonight's gallery. I know the movie hasn't come out yet, but come on! Ah well. Still a fantastic night, and it boosts our grand total to... 8909! I wish I could record these posts as live video so we could do special build up music as the total rolled up toward its new number. And we'd have... I dunno, clowns or something. It's a work in progress. But with this, we're within striking distance of a five digit total for the event! Go for it, guys!

    For Day 12 submissions, this here link's your man. Link. Thing. Remember that you can also contact me at [email protected] if you need/want to for any reason. Speaking of which, one of you actually e-mailed me a kumquat last night. You know who you are, and I love you forever.

    Tonight's theme is all about a change of pace. Sometimes we just need to do something apart from drawing the same old pony over and over again (and for whatever reason all of my themes invariably spawn more Pinkie Pies than other ponies), so now I command thee: Draw a pony getting a makeover/Draw a pony using (or abusing) mousse. Who always dresses in style? You tell me!

    Welcome to the Repair Shop. It's... I warn you, it's full of Derpy. She's a helper! I actually really like how well this gallery came together. I kind of expected to be inundated with server jokes, but instead you pulled from all corners and gave us sick ponies getting better, lots of cmc, and more than a couple of ponies repairing relationships, which were incredibly heartfelt and adorable. Well done, all of you! You're really learning not just how to draw, but how to take a prompt and creatively adapt it to your own ends. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next, because I know you'll keep blowing me away.

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