• Weird Al MLP:FiM Shoutout and Possible Show Appearance

    As many of you may recall, a long time ago Weird Al once tweeted a few times about ponies thanks to the highly successful videos on Youtube by FluttershyElsa. For a long while there was speculation that Al might make an appearance on the show at some point and much excitement was had. Over time that excitement faded and disappeared with the airing of season 2. Today though we have some reason to rekindle that speculation!

    In a journal entry by William Anderson, who does the background scores for the show, he reports meeting with his old friend Al and has provided us with a little video. In the video Al gives a shoutout to MLP:FiM fans and also shows some interest in appearing on the show one of these days! Check the video embed and some photos after the break.

    Will Hanging with Al

    The Accordion Itself!