• Drawfriend stuff #110

    Way too much Celestia Edition!  Also this image is beyond epic.

    I missed 10:00 with this one.. you guys draw way too much, just sayin.  40 pages on DA, 50 pages on ponibooru, its crazy now!

    *Edit* Silly Cereal, I was just late! 
    Source 1
  • Music: Glitchypie / Friday (Polka Version) / Cupcakes in My Basement

    1.) Glitchypie - General Mumble
    2.) Friday (Polka Version)
    3.) Saltlakrits - Cupcakes in My Basement (Why do you guys keep corrupting poor Applebloom...)

  • Introducing the Speedfic Challenge

    (NOTE: Event start changed to Saturday due to popular demand.)

    What the hell does that mean, Cereal?! Keep reading! Sheesh.

    Among artists there is a concept called a speedpaint, wherein said artist will attempt to paint something in the shortest amount of time possible. This concept doesn't really exist for writing fiction, but quite frankly I'm confident enough in our writers to try out this challenge on you all. Think of this as a test run.

    Here's the gist of it: on Saturday, June 25th, at a specific time, I will post a short, one-line story summary, determined by the poll on the side. For two hours, and for only two hours, I'll be accepting your best attempt to tell that story in whatever way you wish. This will not only test your ability to write on your feet, but to actually get an idea out onto paper quickly.

    There is no word limit to these. If you think the story can be best told with five hundred words, then by all means, submit that- though, fair warning, I've tried to pick prompts that require a little more prose than that.

    Click past the page break for the concrete details.

  • Bronies United Winter Wrap Up Cover

    Remember that bronies united Winter Wrap up thing I posted months ago?  Well, I can't find the post so hopefully you do! 

    Anyway it is FINALLY completed.  50 bronies all singing Winter Wrap Up in one massive compilation.  It actually doesn't sound bad at all surprisingly. 

    You can find it embedded after the break, and all contributors on the Youtube Page
  • McDonald's Ponies Sighted in Hong Kong

    Gasp and a half! Are you, like me, somepony who foolishly squandered their chance at snatching up the McDonald's pony toys when they had the chance? Have you dismayed lo these many months about the crazy, crazy prices these things sell for on eBay? Every night I think about how I can't brush a pony's tail is soul crushing torture. If you know my pain, then I have good news for you: they're back! In Hong Kong!

    You may be saying to your computer screen, "Phoe, I know you can't hear me, but are you crazy? Those ponies are all the way over there! How am I supposed to get them?" Well, mysterious figure from across the internet, unlike me I assume you are a resourceful pony. These things are going to be making their way back over here, and when they do it should be significantly cheaper to pick them up. Perhaps soon I will get to lull myself to sleep every night with a Rainbow Dash to call my very own.

  • Story: Appleloosa (Update Part 6!)


    Author: Kraken Albatross
    Description: Ten years after the events of 'Over a Barrel', an unexpected death in the family lands Applejack and her friends in Appleloosa. However, the town has changed drastically since their first visit, and the ponies soon learn that Appleloosa is one hell of a place to start a new life.
    Appleloosa (New Part 6!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Western, Drama, Future, Swearing
  • 2D Pony MMO Concept Sketches #3

    Carousel Botique
     The 2D Pony MMO is still making steady progress over at the new DA page dedicated to it.  Urimas and the team have send a bunch of new pictures of various buildings that will be featured in the game. 

    You can find them all after the break! 
  • Lunchbags and Guitars!

    Strange art stuff time!  This guy apparently draws things on lunchbags, and really well at that.  You can find his tumblr here!

    And below, Vinyl Scratch dominates a Guitar Hero controller.  That is definitely way better than those stupid stickers they include. You can find the DA for this one here!

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  • PMV: Death Pony (Death Note) / Baking Bad (Breaking Bad) / Rolling Pinkie Boyardee

    Trailers and commercials time! Sorry, no panty and stocking here!

    I'm pretty sure Yagami Twilight would be the most bad ass characters out there. I don't watch much anime, but that was definitely one I got hooked on.

    1.) Death Pony Trailer (Death Note Parody)
    2.) Baking Bad (Breaking Bad)
    3.) Rolling Pinkie Boyardee

  • Brony College Presentation #4: Australia Edition!

    Another college presentation, and more hilarious class reactions.  This is actually from one of the guys running the bronycomms channel on Youtube. 

    Sadly he had to sneak his camera in to film it, but at least it's visible!

    You can find it embedded after the break!
  • Story: Simply Rarity

    [Sad] Rarity~

    Author: Somber
    Description: An argument between her friends has brought to question Rarity's
    generosity. Can a unicorn who's had everything and nothing truly be
    Simply Rarity

    Additional Tags: Journal, Pony Origins, Happy ending
  • Music: WWU Transcription / Surfing on a Rainbow / Pinkie Turret

    This... is pretty random. Enjoy!

    1.) Winter Wrap Up Instrumental Transcription and Sheet Music available
    2.) Pinkie Turret: Pony Pokey
    3.) Surfing on a Rainbow // 300 Subscribers

  • Story: With a Spark

    [Shipping] I do believe it's time for some shipping.

    Author: Ninestempest / Edef
    Description: Rainbow Dash finds Spitfire shortly after the Grand Galloping Gala, and is invited to spend a night at a nightclub with the Wonderbolts
    With a Spark

    Additional Tags: Nightclub, drinking, coincidence, making-out, Wonderbolts
  • MLP Fighting Game Alpha Footage

    I'm pretty sure Applejack is the best pony ever now.  I didn't think that would ever happen, but I have been proven wrong apparently!

    This is an alpha video of the 2D pony fighting game that is currently being worked on here!  The amount of progress they have made so quickly is astounding, hell the animation alone looks professional.

    You can find the embedded demo video below!

    Also GoldenRusset fully supports it now! 

    (Edit* changed progress to something else cause I was tired and didn't proofread anything last night. )
  • Comic: Hugs for Luna

    I really hope Luna is at least somewhat like her fanon in season two.  I think out of everything (aside from trixie's return), that is my most anticipated thing about the end of the year when new episodes start rolling out.

    Comic by Furboz

    Direct link should work now. Confound these scheduled updates at 4am
  • Story: Spirit of Loyalty

    [Normal][Sad] Poor dash!

    Author: milesprower06
    Description: Twilight and friends are shocked to hear that Rainbow Dash doesn't make the cut for the Wonderbolts, and are determined to help her see past the disappointment, and move on.
    Spirit of Loyalty

    Additional Tags: Short, Sonic Rainboom, Friendship
  • Nightly Roundup #12


    Inb4 Luna is creepy as hell in season two!

    On with the news!
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds: Day 25

    Our day counter is getting terrifyingly high, isn't it? We're entering the final stretch! There are signs of the sheer hugeness of this event all over and it just makes me want to dance (don't worry, you'll see plenty of that after the break). Case in point: the sidebar has for some time been totally incapable of hosting all our awesomeness on the front page. If you're interested in digging through older galleries but can't seem to find them, just hop over to the Event Archive and it'll all be there clear as crystal. We've pretty much been dominating the Events section all month! As for tonight, we've racked up a total of 142 movers on the dance floor. That brings our grant total up to 4,660 ponies. Wow!

    Gonna be a link heavy post today, I think. Here's tonight's reminder about the submission guidelines, as well as your daily reminder that you can contact me at [email protected] if there's anything you need from me. If it seems like I take a while to respond, sorry. I get swamped. Other times I fire off a response in seconds. It's like a lottery!

    The Theme of the Day

    Draw a pony... drawing. Delightfully meta, no? Tonight's theme is actually a dedication to world famous pony comic artist Madmax, who I'm told is having a rough time of things right now. There's a thread asking ponies to try and draw something to help cheer her up, and I wanted to offer you all the chance to chip in if you're interested. She's done a whole heck of a lot for this community, and this is a great opportunity to say thank you. As always you are never obligated to interpret these themes in a single way, so make the picture you want to make, but there's definitely bonus points to be had for drawing Max's pigtailed OC. Sales pitch mode, deactivated.
    Madmax Pony!