• Nightly Roundup #12


    Inb4 Luna is creepy as hell in season two!

    On with the news!

    Guest Appearances at BronyCon

    The convention being held on the 25th of June in New York (Found here) will have a few of the more well known bronies attending.  Cabal from rainbowdash.net is presenting a panel, along with Eurobeat Brony who will be doing a live video Q&A for everyone.  Sounds like this event is turning out to be pretty massive!

    Merch Giveaway on Ponychan 

    Over on the /merch/ board of ponychan, another giveaway is currently under way.  The rules are pretty simple: Either Write a fic, draw a picture, or come up with a description of Star Swirl's life.  For those of you who have no clue who the hell that is, you can find the image here.   She is a toy that comes bundled with Rarity, which just so happens to be the grand prize.  Runner-ups will recieve various brushable single ponies.  If you are interested in entering, hop on over to the ponychan thread at this link!

    Rainbow Dash Takes Over a Mountain

    Or at least a sticker of her.  Some brony has pasted his super awesome custom Rainbow Dash sticker at the peak of a mountain for all the world to see.  Few places are worthy of such a mare, but I think this will work out well.  You can find the image page here!

    More Webcomics Go Brony 

    What is it with all these web comic creators!  They have ALL converted!
    1. Gingers Bread
    2. Full Time Ink (Several appearances in various comics)
    Slowly we devour the internet...one community at a time.  I'm still amazed at the lack of Penny Arcade pony!

    European World of Tanks Brony Guild

    It took a while, but the european server finally has a pony clan to call it's own. The clan is called READ (Royal Equestrian Armour Division), and for those interested in joining, you can find the page for it here!

    Twilight's Library Has a Name?

    Apparently logging into The Hub website gives you access to a customizable room, where you can spend your club bucks (collected from various things around the page) to add backgrounds and other items.  The Twilight's Library selection is called "Books and Branches Library".  Whether this is an official name, or a lazy designer, remains to be seen.   Thanks to Hoppie Love for the find!

    Beatles PMV Project

    Flashgen is starting up a massive compilation of pony clips to various beatles tracks.  You can find the page, and his intro video here!  If you are interested in helping out, you can email him at [email protected] or send him a message on Youtube.

    Ponies Pop Up in New Zealand's "The Listener"

    Another news source has thrown down the brony card, this time way over in New Zealand where the show hasn't even started airing yet!  The internet really is an amazing place.  Sadly it doesn't really cover anything new...which is why it's here in the nightly update! Hoorah! You can find the article here, along with my awesome banner that I need to change for tomorrow!

    Know Your Meme Pony Stats #2

    A few weeks ago I posted up the statistics for FiM over on Knowyourmeme.com.  Apparently we are closing in on some serious records here.  At it's current rate, it will be come the most viewed meme of all time on the site on the 24th of June.  Great job everyone!  You can find the new stats here

    EQDaily News Below!

    Fanfiction Fan Art

    You may have noticed a trend over on the Fallout Equestria post, a ton of fan art has been added.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again, these posts are your story posts!  If someone gives you fan art for it, or if the image I assign isn't something you want, feel free to let me know!  The blog format does have a few benefits that FF.net and DA generally don't give. 

    Madmax Appreciation Drawing Training Ground

    For those of you that don't follow the training ground post at all, today's bonus entry is to include Madmax's pony into the mix.  She is having a tough time right now IRL, and can really use all of your support.  Madmax has provided us with well over 250 images at this point, completely free, so she deserves it!  Now go draw her ponysona doing random things!

    Reading Rainboom Twice

    I don't get much sleep

    And that is it for tonight's Nightly Round Up! Yes, it is 4:00AM. Yes, these posts do seem to be steadily moving to earlier in the morning. Yes, I am half asleep right now and completely incapable of writing anything witty.  I'm gonna go sort that side bar now and schedule tomorrow morning.  Wish me luck!  I'll proofread this stuff later!