• McDonald's Ponies Sighted in Hong Kong

    Gasp and a half! Are you, like me, somepony who foolishly squandered their chance at snatching up the McDonald's pony toys when they had the chance? Have you dismayed lo these many months about the crazy, crazy prices these things sell for on eBay? Every night I think about how I can't brush a pony's tail is soul crushing torture. If you know my pain, then I have good news for you: they're back! In Hong Kong!

    You may be saying to your computer screen, "Phoe, I know you can't hear me, but are you crazy? Those ponies are all the way over there! How am I supposed to get them?" Well, mysterious figure from across the internet, unlike me I assume you are a resourceful pony. These things are going to be making their way back over here, and when they do it should be significantly cheaper to pick them up. Perhaps soon I will get to lull myself to sleep every night with a Rainbow Dash to call my very own.


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