• "Brony Community Soapbox" Section Now Open! Posts Begin MONDAY! Submit Now!

    We've had a lot of requests for guest editorials over the years, but our foray into taking those was met with an overwhelming amount of gigantic ones we really didn't have the manpower to review and go through. I think this might be a good alternative. We are now opening a "Letters to the Editor" "Pony "Community Soapbox" Section. It's your chance to soapbox whatever you'd like, with a few requirements:

    • 500 Word Maximum, 100 Minimum (Use this to count)
    • No explicit content 
    • No gory content
    • Must be pony or fandom related 

    For now, we will be experimenting with a weekly post with a specific number in each based on how many come in. I have no Idea how successful something like this will be, so if we get a crazy amount or don't get enough, we will adjust the number of posts and letters in each as we see it.

    The first post will be tomorrow.

    So, how do you submit? Get the info below!

    • Send an email to Submit@equestriadaily.com
    • Subject Line in the email "PONY SOAPBOX"
    • Write or paste in your 100-500 words
    • Write a title for your piece
    • (optional) Include an image and credit if it's someone's art. We might not use every image. 


    Soapbox Title (Capitalized first letters, example: Derpy is a Pony and Likes Beans)
    By: You

    Body (no indenting)

    Send that and only that in the email! Thanks!

    If it is approved, you will get an email back saying when it will go up!

    The goal is Tuesdays at 3:00 PM PST. Get your letters in quick! Late letters will be kept for later posts. You can submit any time you want.