• AntonyC Tackles Fair Use

    AntonyC who has been a part of projects with KP and runs an analysis/review channel on Youtube has released a video talking about Fair Use, especially concerning the use of the leaked DHX MLP assets that dropped quite some time ago.

    While using the KP drama from this summer as his starting point and returning to it throughout his video, he does bring up some points that can apply generally to the fandom about what Fair Use means and argues how the term has been misused. We at EqD are in no way experts at copyright law, but I thought his views were worth a look and I wanted to share his video with you all and hear your thoughts on the matter.

    Do you agree with Antony or did he miss something? Leave your thoughts in the comments and check out the video after the break!

    Thanks to everyone who sent it in!

    Twitter: Calpain