• Nightly Roundup #765

    I couldn't find a pic without Apple Bloom's friends so have a CMC header for tonight! Time for some news and time for Cal to hit the hay. I'm beat!

  • Fallout Equestria Monthly Mass Updates

    Fallout: Equestria is a big, expansive and inclusive universe that has spawned a whole plethora of side-stories,the newest and freshly updated editions of which are listed below.
    This post only features New or Updated stories from Monday, August 12th, 2013 through Thursday, September 12th, 2013 for a total of 101 stories (29 of which are new) and 244 new chapters - but fear not,should you be searching for old favourites, you can find them:
    Check them all out after the break.

  • Music of the Day #178

    Music soothes the soul as they say so does combining pony with music double the effect? At any rate, have some music today everyone! Check it all out after the break.

  • YTPMV: Final Fantasy IV: Prelude / The Legend of Friendship - Dark World Theme

    Final Fantasy and Zelda, two classics with a stupid amount of sequels.   Head on down below for YTPMV's with music from both of them.  Fluttershy should be branded her own musical instrument.

    1.) Final Fantasy IV: Prelude [YTPMV]
    2.) The Legend of Friendship - Dark World Theme

  • Bay Area Brony Spectacular (BABSCon) Announces Andrea Libman

    Another new convention for all you Northern California area folks has popped up, complete with Andrea Libman (Pinkie Pie / Fluttershy VA) to start it off.  Their first press release can be found after the break if you are curious! 

  • More Ornaments - Pinkie Pie Candycanes, Balls with Designs

    Let the ornaments come in swarms! We have another load to go along with that Rarity one that appeared earlier.  While not glass blown, they do have some pretty interesting designs, especially Pinkie Pie.   All of them were found at Toys R' Us by Greg.  Hopefully we see them expand pretty rapidly as the holidays draw closer. 

  • Glass Blown Rarity Ornament

    With the holiday season right around the corner, more and more of these things seem to be popping up.  A full on glass-blown Rarity has appeared at a store called Carlton Cards in Ontario (Also known as American Greetings here in the USA).   If she is following the same trend as usual, it will be a bit before we see this one in the states.  For whatever reason, Canada always wins on special release ornaments.  Expect her to click in at ~$18 dollars.

    Thanks to Poppun for the heads up and image.
  • My Little Pony Micro Series #8 - Discussion, Download, And Variants

    Celestia's Micro comic released yesterday, and with new comic releases comes a load of variants.   I have the list for all you collectors, or you can pick your favorite and go track it down.  The only one I wasn't sure on was Comics World, as their pony section doesn't appear to be updated to reflect that.

    And just a heads up, the timer on the side bar is going to be used for episodes and comics in the coming months.  We are still tweaking a few things with it at the moment (time zones are screwing with it), but it should be fully functional soon. 

    Now go read some comics!


    Variants (Images in order from right to left, top to bottom)
    Cover A
    Cover B
    Comics World (They don't appear to have it online)

    Paperback Volume 2

  • French Pony Christmas Lineup - ALWAYS WATCHING

    A lineup of French pony merch has been revealed over on Toymag.  We have the usual brushables,  along with toy sets and DVDs.  Yes, that sweater is decked out in pony eyes. And I thought the Kinect was bad.  At least the other shirts are less scary!

    I wonder if the Christmas tree will be going on sale though? That would be an interesting addition.  Head on over here to check it all out.  Thanks to Valentino for the heads up. 

  • Equestria Daily Revamp - Now With Wings

    Gosh Blogger has bloody awful security. Look at me, just waltzing on in here, messing with the furniture and stuff… Anyway… so you’ve probably noticed that EQD is looking just a wee bit different now than it used to. I’ve wanted to do this job for 2 years now, and after pestering Seth enough and showing him mock ups, I’ve spent the last week wrestling with blogger’s templating system in order to churn out what you see right now. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be when I first got into it, and I feel like a total Blogger pro now. Something to put on my CV with a great big stamp ya know? Hmm.

    The main point of this revamp was to improve the look of the site, but after I got going I found a bunch of things I could improve which I’ll run you folks through. It’s certainly been an exercise in hacking blogger to pieces with javascript...

    Navigation Bar
    This is the biggest improvement to site usability. You’ll notice the navigation bar at the top now has drop downs on most of them which show the sub tags for whatever you’re hovering over. This is a massive improvement compared to the huge categories list that used to sit in the side bar.
    The bar also now sticks to the top of the screen as you scroll, letting you navigate easily when you’re further down the page. Handy! If you want to turn this feature off, click the settings button on the right of the nav bar and uncheck “Fixed Navigation Bar”.
    Finally, on a purely visual level, these navigation buttons now highlight when you’re on a relevent search page.

    Posts are not enormously changed. I’ve spruced up the images a bit and selected some better colours but nothing out of the ordinary. One useful note is share buttons next to the comment button that let you easily share content to both Facebook and Twitter.

    Now I KNOW some of you guys are gonna love this. If you click the settings button to the right of the nav bar you can choose to hide any posts about Season 4. They’ll appear as clickable spoilers if you choose to view them. This system can be extended to absolutely any tag on the site, so expect to see good use out of this feature in the future.

    Those massive headlines at the top of every page that ate up a good 200 pixels have now been moved to the top of the sidebar. This pushes the content up a lot which is fab, as well as giving the headlines a more distinctive style!

    The sidebar has been bumped up to 325px wide which lets us fit in more things and put the 2 ads on the right side by side. The countdown and counter widgets have been given a nice makeover too, including css3 placed commas, which makes those crazy big numbers easier to mentally parse.

    You’ll probably have noticed that the banner is looking pretty swanky if you’re using a decent PC with Firefox. I added a nice parallax effect to the background that moves up and down as you scroll which gives a bit of life to the site. If this feature is too much for your browser to handle, you can turn it off in the settings menu (button on the right of the navigation bar). We hope to use this for lots of funky banner designs instead of just simple old school ones.

    Other than that, the rest of the work is purely visual. I have some ideas for some other fun features that I want to make, but right now I’m quite pleased with where we are.

    So feel free to leave your feedback below, and I’ve left pitchforks over in that barrel on the right for easy access. I’ll just go back to my other million unfinished projects.


    If you're a chrome user, you should get this extension for smooth scrolling because it's great:
  • Drawfriend Stuff #923

    Battle of the Century!  And after that, get some art below. 

    [1] Source
    .:EPIC BATTLE!!:.

  • Album Compilation - September 12th

    We went almost a month with no albums, then got a load of them back to back!  Have some names and artists
    Solstice - Chords of Chaos (Multiple)
    Redemption EP - Ibeabronyrapper
    Railroaded EP - Nicolas Dominique
    And get the full albums below the break!

  • Story: How to Preen Your Chicken

    [Slice of Life]

    Author: Drakkith
    Description: After a long day spent doing flight practice, Rainbow Dash must teach Scootaloo a little about preening.
    How to Preen Your Chicken

    Additional Tags: Scootaloo preened by Rainbow Dash!
  • Pinkie Pie Toddler Costume

    Mixing the generations a bit, it looks like Halloween will be bombarded by this new costume.  The pony on the box is old gen, while the costume itself appears to use Pinkie Pie's current face.

    This particular item was found by AutumnBlow at Walmart in North Carolina.  What did they think of it in person? Just "Terrifying".  I suppose it fits the halloween theme, though they probably should have gone all the way with a mask

  • Rainbow Pony Favorites Set Collection

    I guess that explains at least most of those tattooed style ponies that have been invading Ebay lately.   On top of the blindbags posted yesterday, this group has appeared once again on Taobao.  Considering it's fully packaged ready to ship, I wouldn't doubt seeing this one soon around the world.

    Thanks to llona from MLP Arena for the heads up!
  • "Through the Mirror" Sparkly Twilight Sparkle Brushable on Taobao

    Another random toy has popped up over in the world of Taobao.  Twilight Sparkle is about to be completey bombarded in glitter and shiny things as part of this new "Through the Mirror" set piece.  At least the box is pretty cool!

    Find it over on Taobao.  Thanks to James for the heads up. 
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 28

    Pfft. What are you talking about, Dashie? Administrative duties are the most fun things in the universe! Just look at me, I'm having a blast! Of course, it helps to have such wonderful constituents helping refill my enthusiastimeter every night. And that goes a little something to the tune of 230 rulers, aristocrats, plotters, and... uh... well, plotters, pushing our grand event total to 9410 images. Only a few more days to go! Let's push hard, let's make this an event that will blow away all of our onlookers! I believe!

    Day 28. Sounds so small when you write it out like that. But wow, what a landmark we've hit. There's just another couple prompts left to go, and then we're all free to pursue whatever ends we wish. Of course, you're free now, but when we're this close, all I can do is ask that you try to find it in your hearts to reach out just a liiiiiittle bit farther. We can see the finish line! Go for it with gusto!

    To the sound of blaring trumpets (and the rhythm of a heartbeat pounding away...), I stand before you all this night as Blog Princess of Equestria Daily! With a raise of my dainty and exceptionally royal hoof, I bid you gaze upon the spectacle of the Royal Gallery! Which is not to be confused with the Gallery Royale, which is the extra copy we have over yonder with an egg and some cheese on it. Not bad, but not really what we're looking for tonight. No, tonight, we remindst thou, is all about dat... graphing and calculation!

    And now, we... hey, come back with that crown! I... awww. Oh well! It's time for our nightly theme. Things get hardest right as we reach the end of a marathon, where we dig into our reserves and realize there's not a lot left to give. But you've got the hearts of champions, so you sweat it out and surge forward! If you trip, get back up! If you can't cross that plane running, reach out with your hand. If that's not far enough, grab a stick! Do what you have to, but tonight, Draw a pony struggling/Draw a pony stretching. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Thursday, September 12. Just a little more! Finish out strong!