• Music of the Day #178

    Music soothes the soul as they say so does combining pony with music double the effect? At any rate, have some music today everyone! Check it all out after the break.

    [1] Source
    Von Victova - Smile in D

    [2] Source
    Requiem of the Death

    [3] Source
    Strobe - Lights Up (Panics Remix)
    Dirty Electro

    [4] Source
    Alioro - Resonant

    [5] Source
    Mush - The Forest

    [6] Source
    Goggles - Free Skies
    Instrumental - Progressive House

    [7] Source
    Heaven's Eclipse - Nightmare Moon
    Instrumental - Metal

    [8] Source
    ThatMusicBrony - Honesty

    [9] Source
    LutariFan - We'll Make It Through(A Beautiful Heart)

    [10] Source
    L.M. - Dreaming Alone

    [11] Source
    Sky5 - Dreaming

    [12] Source
    [remix] Wooden Toaster feat Mic the Microphone - Nightmare Night (remix by Yoka the Changeling)