• Album Compilation - September 12th

    We went almost a month with no albums, then got a load of them back to back!  Have some names and artists
    Solstice - Chords of Chaos (Multiple)
    Redemption EP - Ibeabronyrapper
    Railroaded EP - Nicolas Dominique
    And get the full albums below the break!

    Artist: Chords of Chaos / Multiple
    Genre: Mixed

    Description: An album put together by Kingsley Evergreen with mainly ambient and slow songs about summer. Put together for Your Siblings. This has been a continuation of the previous Chords of Chaos albums originally proposed by Captain Fluffatun who helped prelisten as did Kyoga and Macarou.

    Redemption EP
    Artist: Ibeabronyrapper
    Genre: Hip Hop / Rap

    Railroaded EP
    Artist: Nicolas Dominique
    Genre: Chillout / Trance / Orchestral / Electronic

    Description: I didn't have luck to be a any part of Balloon Party, so I decided to make my own Rainbow&Rooted album. EP contains fast and slow tracks, chill or more progressive. Happy or sad. But still, full of ponies (and Sethisto, because why not?).