• Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 28

    Pfft. What are you talking about, Dashie? Administrative duties are the most fun things in the universe! Just look at me, I'm having a blast! Of course, it helps to have such wonderful constituents helping refill my enthusiastimeter every night. And that goes a little something to the tune of 230 rulers, aristocrats, plotters, and... uh... well, plotters, pushing our grand event total to 9410 images. Only a few more days to go! Let's push hard, let's make this an event that will blow away all of our onlookers! I believe!

    Day 28. Sounds so small when you write it out like that. But wow, what a landmark we've hit. There's just another couple prompts left to go, and then we're all free to pursue whatever ends we wish. Of course, you're free now, but when we're this close, all I can do is ask that you try to find it in your hearts to reach out just a liiiiiittle bit farther. We can see the finish line! Go for it with gusto!

    To the sound of blaring trumpets (and the rhythm of a heartbeat pounding away...), I stand before you all this night as Blog Princess of Equestria Daily! With a raise of my dainty and exceptionally royal hoof, I bid you gaze upon the spectacle of the Royal Gallery! Which is not to be confused with the Gallery Royale, which is the extra copy we have over yonder with an egg and some cheese on it. Not bad, but not really what we're looking for tonight. No, tonight, we remindst thou, is all about dat... graphing and calculation!

    And now, we... hey, come back with that crown! I... awww. Oh well! It's time for our nightly theme. Things get hardest right as we reach the end of a marathon, where we dig into our reserves and realize there's not a lot left to give. But you've got the hearts of champions, so you sweat it out and surge forward! If you trip, get back up! If you can't cross that plane running, reach out with your hand. If that's not far enough, grab a stick! Do what you have to, but tonight, Draw a pony struggling/Draw a pony stretching. Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Thursday, September 12. Just a little more! Finish out strong!