• Onion Network's AV Club Posts Ponies Again

    Major websites posting ponies? Check!

    Rage and hatred in the comments? Check!

    Bronies culling it with friendship and tolerance? Check! (Kind of...)

    I don't know if I would consider this just a meme anymore... its ridiculously long lived if so.  It's still cool to see it posted up on the high traffic places of the web!

    In other news, Possible Wired.com article popping up in the near future if these emails are any indication... That will be interesting.

    AV Club Ponies
  • Drawfriend Stuff #80

    Every game should have ponies edition!

    Note: Drawfriend #80 was originally going to be an entirely different set of images, but blogger hasn't recovered any of my lost posts yet. It would be an absolute nightmare to re-track down all the sources.  Those of you who emailed me stuff (I think there were maybe 2 of you max) Probably wont see them until the restored one comes through, which will be Drawfriend #81.

    Source 1
  • Game: Magical Moments Story Book

    The Canadian MLP Website has a surprisingly..complex storybook creation game.  You can set a whole bunch of options up.

    I have no clue why it is awesome.  These ponies just have an strange effect on me!

    Pony Game Link Woops!
  • Story: Teacher and Student

    [Sad] "A wonderfully told, bittersweet little tale." -Pre-Reader #21

    Author: ZKPony
    Description: Twilight Sparkle is getting older, has taken a new apprentice, and is living a quiet life. This story is about the yourng unicorn Thunder Reign, and his bond to his teacher.
    Teacher and Student

    Additional Tags: Coming-of-age, loving, mother, time lapse
  • Celestia Radio

    Another new website has opened up! This time a radio station for pony music!

    They are currently at 40 tracks of various remixes/official songs. If you are interested in contributing your music let them know! They only add stuff they get permission for.

    The radio station can be found below, with the contact link at the bottom.

    Celestia Radio
  • PMV Marathon on Filly Synchtube

    The Filly Synchtube channel is hosting a PMV Marathon tonight, starting at 7:00 PM PST.

    If you are interested, hit them up!  It's just going to be fan made stuff, no actual episodes! 
  • Comic: All You Need is Love

    Madmax time!  This time starring angryshy. 

    She's kinda cute in the second panel actually.
  • Down Time Video Compilation #2

    And compilation #2!

    1. PMV: Ego (Hay Hay Hay)
    2. Live Reading Bloopers #1
    3. PMV: Twilight's Best Theory
    4. Season 1 in 15 Minutes
    5. PMV: P!nkie Pie - Raise Your Glass
    6. Dr. Whoof Pony Intro
    7. America F*uck Yah (Controversial?)

    All Videos after the Break!
  • Story: Spitfire (Update: Chapter 2+ 3 Side Stories!)

    [Normal] Holy side stories Rainbow Dash.

    Author: Sithicus
    Description: After the disastrous events of the Grand Galloping Gala, Rainbow Dash is met with a certain unexpected guest the following morning.
    Spitfire Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Character Based Friendship Piece Cute

    Side Stories after the Break!  (3 New!)
  • Brony Movie Night

    Do you like watching things with bronies? Especially bad things? 

    Well Brony Movie Night is the place to do just that! 

    Tonight they will be premiering with the amazing Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, which is sure to cause all sorts of hilarity.

    You can find the website for it below, as well as the ponychan thread explaining how the voting process worked!  The actual streaming begins at 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern). 

    Ponychan Thread
  • Story: Piu Allegro // The New Roommate

    [Normal] I suppose band ponies were inevitable.  Octavia *IS* kind of cute...

    Author: Jimbo

    Description: The Grand Galloping Gala is an exciting night for many ponies, especially for the distinguished student quartet selected to perform there. But the road to success is not an easy one, as Octavia will soon find out.
    Piu Allegro FF.net
    Piu Allegro Gdocs

    Piu Allegro Live Reading

    Additional Tags: Octavia, pony quartet, Opus, Snoozaphone, Locrian, music, Grand Galloping Gala, Canterlot

    [Random] Indian in the Cupboard style stuff!

    Author:  Jimbo

    Description: A typical morning in a significantly atypical household. A twist on the "human in Canterlot" idea. Starring Colgate and her new human roommate, Sky Reacher.
    The New Roommate FF.net
    The New Roommate Gdocs

    Additional Tags: Colgate/Romana/Toothpaste Butt, human OC, Sky Reacher, brushie brushie brushie
  • 300-Word Story Event: Results!

    Yes. Yes, you all did. I noticed.

    Alright, let's get this started. This will all be after the page break, obviously.

    I read every single entry. First off, I have my hand-picked favorites. There are sixteen of those. The rest of the entries will follow in the only fair way I can manage without going crazy trying to alphabetize these, which is in the order it was received. Entries received first will be displayed first, etc.

    Aaaaand... go.


  • 26 Episodes in Season 2 Instead of 24?

    Someone dug something neat out of the Daniel Ingram website.

    For a while now, the number 24 has been floating around for episodes in season two (Primarily from Wiki), but if you check out the resume on Danielingrammusic.com, you will see an interesting little passage for My Little Pony Season 2
    Looks like there are actually 26 episodes!  Rejoice!  44 extra more minutes of ponies awaiting us down the line!
  • Daniel Ingram Invades the Internet

    Daniel Ingram has invaded the internet! If you are wondering who that is, then bust out any of the amazing pony songs that have been remixed and listened to countless times over the past few months; he wrote them.

    Below, you will find links to three of his new internet hang-outs.  It would probably be a good idea to follow these if you are interested in hearing stuff about Season two from the actual source!

    Or if you aren't into the social networking thing, his website offers HD links of the music, directly from the show.

    He would also like to let everyone know that that if soundtracks/sheet music/instrumental stuff is ever announced, you will find it on these sites first.  


    A while back, he also did an interview for us, if you want a bit more information.  It provides a unique look at the industry as a whole, and is definitely worth checking out; especially for those of you looking toward a career in music.
  • Game: Rainbow Dash Attack

    Sorry Adult Swim, I'm pretty sure this is a massive improvement over your version.  Dash just...fits.

    I'm surprised it took so long to release something like this for her. 

    You can find the game below!

    (Resize the window for better performance)-GPT 
    Rainbow Dash Attack

    Also Desktop Trixie wouldn't gtfo so I just capped her with it!

    And then a 9 year old beat all of you. 

  • Story: I Still Don't Wanna Gallop Home

    [Sad] "Another "Daaaawwww" fiction... truly sweet... "-Pre Reader #21

    Author: Doctor Dapples
    Description: Time has passed. Rainbow Dash is training with the Wonderbolts, but she returns to Ponyville for Applejack's wedding. But while everyone else is celebrating, Rainbow finds her emotions are more complicated.

    I Still Don't Wanna Gallop Home

    Additional Tags: Emotional, Melancholy, Meditative, Short, Friendship
  • Desktop Ponies: Massive Update!

    These are so fun it's ridiculous, seriously.

    The creator of the desktop ponies applications has written to inform everypony that the app has gotten a massive update- lots of new characters, including a Trixie with fireworks! Go download it and try it out, you won't be disappointed.

    Their website is here, and the Ponychan thread is here.

    Specifically, the programmer in charge points us to this and this post in the thread.
  • Story: 'Pinkie Pie: Schism'

    [Normal] [Sad] Pinkie isn't crazy, her mane is just unusually sensitive!

    Author: SaddlesoapOpera
    Description: For the second time, Rainbow Dash walks in on Pinkie Pie in an unguarded moment, and learns an uncomfortable secret.
    Pinkie Pie: Schism

    Additional tags: Psychological, Emotional, Friendship, Secrets, Stress
  • Ponychan Shipping Collection #3

    Shipping time? Shipping time.

    Ponychan regularly releases massive short-story shipping compilations (mainly in the 2nd person).  This one is currently sitting at 111 pages with 9 stories total.  So just in case you are feeling a bit empty after yesterday's blogger hiatus, hopefully this makes up for it!

    Ponychan Shipping Compilation #3

    Ponychan Shipping Thread
  • Down Time Video Compilation

    Video Compilation time! Gotta catch up on all these damn uploads!

    1. Ponies are the "Perfect World" According to Escapist Magazine.
    2. PMV: ASDF Movie 2
    3. Trailer: TermiPony 2
    4. PMV: Pinkterior Crocodile Alligator
    5. Random: 2 and a half minutes of Pinkie Pie bouncing
    6. Weird Al PMV: Pony Stomping Day
    7. PMV: Flagpole Sitta

    All Below after the Break!

  • Blogger Returns!

    So two nights ago, Google decided to do a maintenance on Blogger.  They were a bit short on night crew staff though, so they hired some free-lance coders to do the work.

    Trollestia, being the stellar deity that she is, recommended Derpy Hooves, and because you guys keep writing about how much of a silent genius she is, Google brought her on board without any sort of test.

    Well needless to say, Derpy Hooves is in fact, not a genius.

    She is actually really bad at coding.

    So the maintenance was botched.

    Luckily, the Great and Powerful Trixie took time out of her EXTREMELY important and always busy schedule to fly down to the Google HQ and fix it all for them.  Unfortunately it took her a day to get to the server room, because crowds of Google employees wanted to pet her PRISTINE mane and tail.   She literally had to wade through an armada of them.  The actual fixing process took the Great and Powerful Trixie less than a few minutes.

    tl;dr)  Google done goofed and we lost ponies for a day.  15 hours worth of posts are gone, but will supposedly be brought back soonish, so I am not going to re-post them to avoid double posts.

    tl;dr #2) Ghetto Dash Banner because trollestia is HORRIBLE LUCK

    tl;dr #3) Big compilation posts incoming! 

    tl:dr #4) Please go Re-vote on story upload posts!