• Daniel Ingram Invades the Internet

    Daniel Ingram has invaded the internet! If you are wondering who that is, then bust out any of the amazing pony songs that have been remixed and listened to countless times over the past few months; he wrote them.

    Below, you will find links to three of his new internet hang-outs.  It would probably be a good idea to follow these if you are interested in hearing stuff about Season two from the actual source!

    Or if you aren't into the social networking thing, his website offers HD links of the music, directly from the show.

    He would also like to let everyone know that that if soundtracks/sheet music/instrumental stuff is ever announced, you will find it on these sites first.  


    A while back, he also did an interview for us, if you want a bit more information.  It provides a unique look at the industry as a whole, and is definitely worth checking out; especially for those of you looking toward a career in music.


    1. Also check out his vimeo page for high-quality clips featuring most of his songs:

      Daniel Ingram

      Not that Youtube doesn't already have them and more, but showing support at his actual vimeo could benefit him a bit more.

      Love his work, all of it. Looking forward to what he & Will Anderson compose for Season 2!

    2. Yes yes! Everyone go show him all your brony love! This guy more than deserves it!

    3. I am eternally astonished by the amount of involvement the creators of this show have invested in the community around the show. It's pretty unprecedented.

      I'm so glad I'm part of this community.

    4. *fangirl squeal*

      Great post Sethisto! Totally using this. <3

    5. >he doesnt have all of the songs on his site

      well aint that some shit

    6. Cartoon soundtracks get overlooked too easily. I'd love a proper soundtrack, but I fear it'd never happen.

    7. The Mona the Vampire song was really good.

    8. Thank you for this post, Sethisto. I have been writing to Hasbro, Rhino, Shout! Factory, La-La Land Records, etc., but nothing has come to fruition as of yet.

      I wonder if starting a petition to see a CD, or 2CD soundtrack release happen would help? It would at least give me an idea to see how many of us bronies are genuinely interested in purchasing a legalized release of the music - which I can then send off to contacts in the soundtrack industry whom I know.

    9. "Cheesy 80's with 3 out of tune soloists"

    10. @Senn555
      I would love to see a CD release! I agree that the petition would be a good idea to gauge how many people might be interested as long as many communities get wind of it.

      One thing I was wondering about that the whole community could do is form a letter writing campaign with a date where we would all mail our letters at once. They won't all arrive at the same time, but a sudden surge of letters asking, politely and enthusiastically, for the same thing might grab their attention.

    11. Welp, I'm following him on Twitter...

      *does a happy pony dance*

    12. Okay bronies, let's hear it for Daniel! :> Let him know how much we love his songs!

    13. Daniel Ingram, you rock! Woo hoo!
      --did my cheering do THAT?

    14. Welp, fanboying appropriately now.