• Living in the Sunlight

    Living in the Sunlight is now a PMV, not even the ponies themselves are able to handle this one.  Hope you were in the mood for some random tonight after last night's Pinkamena thing. 

    Check it out below!

  • Build-A-Bear Pony Survey - Favorite Ponies and more

    Build A Bear is holding a new survey over on their Bearville site, asking questions about plushies, including an entire section devoted to new potential models they are gauging interest in.    Included in the list are:

    Princess Celestia
    Princess Luna
    Princess Cadence
    Shining Armor
    Twilight Sparkle
    The Cutie Mark Crusaders (as Smallfrys)

    I'm not saying you need to vote for anyone in particular, in fact I recommend you prove unbiased feedback in hope that only the best pony in the bunch will win.

    Head on over here to take it!

    Thanks to Floof Cat for the heads up!

    EQD does not promote the use of mind control or hypnotism for anything other than positive effects

  • Japanese Episode 2

    Episode Two of MLP from Japan has popped up on Dailymotion.  For those that missed it previously,  you can now listen to Steven Magnet in Japanese, as well as a bit of Luna at the end.

    Head on down below the break to check it out!  

    And if you are still wondering why the hell we are covering Japanese pony episodes, hit this post up!

  • Top 10 Pony Videos of March

    And just like the top 10 songs of March, we have the top 10 of videos following closely after.    March was pretty damn amazing on the animation scene, with Snowdrop and Double Rainboom both included in the standing.

    Head on down below to check it out!

  • Story: Vanilla Twilight


    Author: Quillery
    Description: Rainbow Dash is many things. Awesome, radical, amazing, and at least twenty percent cooler than any other pony in Equestria.

    She is also lost, lonely and uncertain. Not that anypony else would know.

    During the day she is everything everypony expects her to be: she is fast, daring, and adventurous, but when the sun goes down, she is left alone with her thoughts. Tired of simply yearning for something more, she sets out on a night of soul searching and stumbles onto a friend in need, and maybe, underneath the vanilla twilight, she finds something more.
    Vanilla Twilight

    Additional Tags: Dash thinks meteors are awesome
  • Wallpaper Compilation #85

    Wallpaper time!  Lets start off with a bit of Twilight Sparkle to counter the lack of Twilight Sparkle lately.  I blame the wings.

    We also have a bucketload of Snowdrops wallpapers, just in case you wanted to cool things down in this upcoming summer.  I know I'm not looking forward to 110°F.  

    And be sure to click the source for the full size wallpaper! These are only samples!

    [1] Source
    Untitled [Twilight WP]

  • Comic: Good Timber / Recollection / Stop! Thief! / Welcome Spring

    Fluttershy poetry, a multipart Past Sins/Nyx comic (Description for pages), Twilight being crazy, and more 8bit.  Click for full!

  • Bronycurious - My Little Pony Tales is the Anti-FiM

    I bugged Digibrony to find me more neat analysis videos, and a day later he sent me this one Bronycurious released yesterday.  The general jist of it is comparing "My Little Pony Tales" to Friendship is Magic, from the heavily pushed romance to the general character styles shown throughout. It has some language, and older gen fans might be a bit put off from it, but over all its a reasonably funny comparison that does a good job of actually digging into the root of the issues that the older show had.

    That and his OC pony has a cool moustache.  I suddenly have the urge to go watch Aladdin for some reason.

    Anyway find it below! And welcome our new Analysis category, because no fandom can call itself a fandom without pulling apart every single aspect of a series and digging through every single little detail!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #769

    Warhammer edition! I honestly have no clue about anything with it comes to this game, but some day I'm sure I'll end up exploring it and dropping stupid money on figures! That and I'm in the crossover mood.

    Onward to art.

    [1] Source
    New Babysitter?

  • Top Ten Pony Songs of March

    It's that time once again! The votes have been tallied, and the top 10 pony songs of March chosen by all of you have been compiled.  Head on down below the break to check them all out!

  • Story Updates - April 9th

    Story updates! We ride~

  • My Little Dashie Animation Trailer

    Sorry, I need to hit the hospital and can't type anything else.  I think my heart exploded.  Go check it out below the break.

  • Funrise Applejack Starting to Pop Up

    For those collecting the Funrise plushies, Applejack has started to invade Walmart stores around the USA.  These two in particular were found at Harvard, Illinois by Lina.  Quite a few people have sent pictures in, so the chances of finding them are good!

    I'd call beforehand though. 
  • Japanese Giggle at The Ghostly

    For those that missed the episode yesterday, have a bit of Pinkie Pie singing Giggle at the Ghostly in Japanese, just in case you were curious about what the actual music sounds like!

    And as many of you have been asking it in the Japanese post comments, I figured I'd answer it here - Why are we posting so much about these over the other international ones?  It's a mixture of things really.  The big draw is the huge amount of people that are excited about this.  Many in the community are fans of Japanese animation, and hearing Pinkie Pie talk like an "anime character" is an interesting prospect.  This is hard to replicate from dubs from other countries, considering there aren't a whole lot of followable animated series being pumped out of anywhere else.

    And on the other front, they appear to be throwing their all behind making this show awesome out there.  Quite a few of you in the international community have voiced your dislike for the way they are handling pony in your country.   One of the few we have seen a lot of positive feedback for is the Swedish version, which we have had loads of fun with via Spitfire.

    Anyway, we have another year before season four, and Japanese ponies are not only a fun distraction, but just happen to be falling into that gap of time where we are bored, so I'll probably be tossing the episode streams up each week for fun.

    Now go check out some Giggle At the Ghostly!

  • Untitled

    Honestly I like her more as a pony.