• Japanese Giggle at The Ghostly

    For those that missed the episode yesterday, have a bit of Pinkie Pie singing Giggle at the Ghostly in Japanese, just in case you were curious about what the actual music sounds like!

    And as many of you have been asking it in the Japanese post comments, I figured I'd answer it here - Why are we posting so much about these over the other international ones?  It's a mixture of things really.  The big draw is the huge amount of people that are excited about this.  Many in the community are fans of Japanese animation, and hearing Pinkie Pie talk like an "anime character" is an interesting prospect.  This is hard to replicate from dubs from other countries, considering there aren't a whole lot of followable animated series being pumped out of anywhere else.

    And on the other front, they appear to be throwing their all behind making this show awesome out there.  Quite a few of you in the international community have voiced your dislike for the way they are handling pony in your country.   One of the few we have seen a lot of positive feedback for is the Swedish version, which we have had loads of fun with via Spitfire.

    Anyway, we have another year before season four, and Japanese ponies are not only a fun distraction, but just happen to be falling into that gap of time where we are bored, so I'll probably be tossing the episode streams up each week for fun.

    Now go check out some Giggle At the Ghostly!