• Luna With Socks, The Wallpaper

    Hey late night/non north and south american people.

    I hope your daww is on empty, because this wallpaper right here will most likely overload it if it is anywhere above 25% charge.  You don't want to buy a new daww.  Those things are expensive.

    From MilesPrower024
  • Drawfriend Stuff: OC Ponies Edition #4

    Oc ponies?! That's a downright travesty! 

    But seriously, some of these are pretty cool.  As long as we don't end up with a bunch of Sonichu's, we should be good right?


    Have some nonsense! If OC ponies aren't your thing, I'll have another draw friend up tomorrow for you! People seemed to enjoy the first "real" oc pony compilation though. 


    Anyway, enjoy!

    Source 1
  • Story: Kindling Hope


    Author: The Mechanic
    Description: Looking past the cover of a book isn't easy for ponies at the best of times. It's even harder when two different cultures encounter each-other, even though they both want the same thing.
    Kindling Hope

    Additional Tags: Zecora, Hope, Books-and-covers, spirits
  • Brony Meetups Massive Updates

    Bronies sure are social! Just look at that map.  I honestly don't think any other niche community has really gone this far.  I bet in 10 years, psychologists everywhere will look back at our little phenomenon here and study what exactly lead to something of this caliber.  Was it the ease of technology?  The specific demographic?   The particular "shape" of the ponies?  I mean, there have been cute cartoons in the past, but what is it about this one specifically that has forum moderators everywhere up in arms and gaming websites plugging a cartoon originally for 12 year old girls in order to seem "with the times"?

    It fascinates me. 

    Anyway, Purple Tinker has asked me to drop some copy pasta off for you guys to dig through.  If you are at all interested in brony meetups, this is definitely something to read.  You can find it after the break!
  • Clay Ponies and a Raffle Site For Them!

    Eneha over on Deviant Art has been busting out tons of clay ponies all over the place for a few months now.  I have featured a few of them on EQD before, but she sent me a pile of new ones to show off!

    Aside from these four new clay pony figures though, she is working on getting a raffle/giveaway/request site up externally from her Deviant Art page.  Luckily, I have been gifted with a copy pastable version. After the break, you can find all information about how the system will work, as well as a brony meetup she is planning for July 29 at Anime Iowa. 

    You can find all of the information after the break!
  • My Little Pony LiveEvent: Video

    You may be familiar with the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic live show. We reported on it being toured around a while a go, at least. One brony got curious, and brought a camera to the proceedings. The results are... interesting. It involves a lot of quoting the show and some singing. If you're curious, check it out after the break! Thanks to the brony with the confusing number of account names for bravely venturing forth into the world to capture this for our amusement.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #128


    Please don't kill me.

    Also I literally haven't had time to schedule anything, so expect somewhat staggered updates.  This email is madness!

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  • Ponies Around the World Round 1!

    Looking at all of these amazing locations, you start to realize how awesome Earth actually is. We may not have Manticores, controllable weather, and anime eyed ponies running around, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring!  I admit, my idea of exploration has always been caves filled with goblins, and planar bastions of various elemental gods (Rallos Zek being the coolest), but this has sort of broadened my horizons a bit.  I have to admit...I jelly! 

    Instead of dumping all of these into one massive post, I'm going to be doing it in sets of ~50. The deadline is still tonight at 11:59 PM PST.

    Images that are pre-labeled are first to go up.  I'll do the unlabeled ones separate.  It just makes it easier to organize.  If you want to get yours in sooner, go back to the email thread you sent me, label them, then re-send them.

    With that being said, I'm going to go backpack across Europe after this event is over! See you all when season 2 comes out!

    (I wish... confound that money thing)

    Also please note: There will be another 6 or so rounds coming up.  If you read nothing else, read this! Your image isn't forgotten, it's just in line! 
  • Brony Day Festivities

    July 15th is brony day!

    I know a lot of you have stuff planned for it, and I want to create a compilation post for tomorrow night that lets everyone know what is available for the event.  The nightly roundup is cool, and it's where I have been filing most of this, but I think a separate thing would be a bit more spotlighty (even if the roundups do tend to be the most read sections of the blog.)

    Send an email with BRONY DAY in caps to [email protected] with all information about your particular event. (note: I'm at about an email a minute right now, so I might not respond to it)

    If you want to be Trixie level great and powerful, make it copypastable!  Just sayin.
  • Brony vs Brony Remix War Round III - Collaboration is Magic

    Round III for the Remix War is now open! The last round had a massive turnout with over 40 entries total. Their results can be downloaded here: part1 part2

    If you'd like to participate, you can find all of the info you need in the gdoc here or in the forum post here.This round things are a little different. We are featuring a collaboration challenge track, giving you an opportunity to work with another brony composer to create an original theme or remix. Put your love and tolerance to the test as you share vision and inspiration.

    Additionally for this round, we have an automated system for registering and submitting your entries! You can find the webform for that here. But be sure to read all the rules and FAQ first!

    (Copypaste courtesy of Ben! Saving my sanity one easy to use email at a time)
  • Half Price at Hasbro Toy Shop

    For those of you looking to buy ponies in the near future, or if you just want a coupon for the inevitable blu-ray release, Hasbo Toy Shop currently has a Groupon up for a 50% discount up to 30 bucks.

    I've never used Groupon before, so feel free to yell at me if there is some kind of catch.

    You can find the link here!

    Thanks to Eskara1862 for the heads up!
  • Word Disaponyation / Pinkie's Lie PMV / Revenge of the Ponies

    Heeey, someone made a PMV out of Pinkie's Lie. I love that song. Also some other stuff!

    1.) Word Disaponyation
    2.) Pinkie's Lie PMV
    3.) Revenge of the Ponies - Talent Show Song

  • Another Ponies Around the World Update!

    Sorry about the update spam.

    As expected, everyone is submitting last minute.

    I usually respond to every email just to confirm I got it, but I don't really have time now.

    So if you don't receive a response, just assume it's in.  You can yell at me later if it's not.

    I'm going to be doing these posts in waves too, 50 at a time. 

    Anyway I need to get through this email, so, yah!
  • Minecraft Ponies Compilation Post

    And then Cereal was making a Minecraft compilation post.

    I used to play Minecraft a lot- it's a great time waster, but I never imagined the capabilities of the engine to create art like this. Maybe I'm not just not very creative! To be honest, though, most of the time that I played the game I was busy trying not to get my head eaten by zombies and spiders- not to mention looking out for those lava pits. Fuck lava pits, for serious. They're all always near gold or diamonds, and as soon as you have any of those in your inventory, you fall right into the goddamn lava pit and die. I've rage-quit and deleted worlds more than once because that's happened. It's absolutely ridiculous and I'm convinced the game hates me. I will say this, though: I am really good at making houses in the game. Foolproof, zombie-proof houses. I think that skill stems from the fact that I am terrible at RTS games because I focus all my attention on making sure my base is neat and tidy instead of producing units to protect it. Supreme Commander didn't help this tic, because you are rewarded with reduced production energy use if you surround your structures with power generators. So, really, that was a good incentive to make sure everything was neat and orderly, right up until you got carpet-bombed because you were building power generators instead of triple-A cannons. It didn't really help that power generators were built like bombs in that game. If you sneeze on them, they explode.

    Oh, by the way, as long as I'm hijacking this post, I do not hate Pinkie Pie.Thank you very much.

    Anyway, this will all be after the page break, because there's a lot of cool stuff in here! The titular image there is courtesy of Sayani, but it's mostly there because that was the first email Seth sent me!

  • Pony Pasta!

    Source: Miss
    These were found in a store called "Morrisons" in the UK.  I'm pretty sure the FiM brand name has invaded pretty much every aspect of life at this point.  

    But does it taste like apples?!  Hurrr.

    Anyway, you can find the forum post for it here
  • Plushies and Statues!

    Source: Jackiekie
    You know.. Applejack doesn't get a lot of credit.  Sure, she's stubborn as a mule and doesn't have any cool abilities like the rest of he mane 6, but at least shes reliable! I think...

    Source+More Images: Saiyamewome
    Source: Jberg18
    Now Pinkie Pie! That's an earth pony with skills! Not only is every single aspect of her personality enough to make even the most hardened criminal smile, but she's also a renaissance mare!  Her mastery over just about everything is truly something to look up to.  The girl built a helicopter faster than Rainbow Dash can clear the sky!

    But plushies aren't the only things popping up at a crazy rate lately. This Sonic Rainboom Dash, complete with blown back lips representing the crazy speeds shes traveling, is just another example of how talented bronies everywhere are.

    Keep up the great work! Season Two will be here in no time!
  • Ain't No Stoppin' These Ponies

    Now this is effort right here! Not only did he re-write all of "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked", Sing it, and play the instrumentals, but he also semi-animated a video to go along with it.  Impressive!

    You can find the after the break!

  • Nightly Roundup #35

    Pinkie Pie using a jet pack edition!

    On to the news!

  • Story: Everypony Loves Dash (Updated Chapter 15 + 16!)

    [Shipping][Comedy] Remember when Dash shipping was new?  Neither do I.  I'm pretty sure she was shipped with everything from day 1.  But this was one of the first fics about it!

    Author: Ben. X
    Description: Something's up with every pony in Ponyville, and Rainbow Dash is caught having to choose who she loves.
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 1
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 2 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 3 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 4 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 5 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 6 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 7 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 8 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 9
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 10
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 11
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 12
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 13
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 14 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 15 (New!) 
    Everypony Loves Dash Chapter 16 (New!) 

    Additional Tags: Dash ships with EVERYPONY
  • My Little Pony - Sprinkles of Friendship / MLP PMV - I'm Awesome / Pony Pink Dragon trailer

    A movie trailer! About the actual cartoon! It's a shame they don't have a FiM movie in progress. I'm kind of disappointed. I'm sure its inevitable though considering their past generations all had one.

    Also some other stuff!

    1.) My Little Pony - Sprinkles of Friendship
    2.) MLP PMV - I'm Awesome
    3.) My Little Pony Pink Dragon trailer