• Nightly Roundup #35

    Pinkie Pie using a jet pack edition!

    On to the news!

    Another German Forum!

    For those of you who speak German, another forum has popped up focused on you! If you are interested in joining the community, you can find it here!

    Official Episode Guides Updated to Dragonshy

    Over on the Hasbro My Little Pony website, they regularly release episode activities/guides for each part of season one. Currently they are up to Dragonshy, with a coloring sheet for Fluttershy and the Dragon and an Angel shaped maze. It's pony, it's official, it's news! I sure did pick a difficult niche...

    Facebook Profile Pony Pic Facebook Event

    I'm pretty sure most of you already have pony avatars if my facebook account is anything to base it off of, but just in case you don't, this month, and...well every month, is now declared Pony Profile Pic Month!

    So... go be a pony! If your friends ask, just tell them you were hacked!

    Public Mumble Server Live Readings

    A while ago I plugged a Mumble server, with up to 100 slots free for use.  (IP: Port: 64738).

    It looks like the admin is searching for people to do live readings of their own stories for everyone to enjoy.  If you are interested in joining in, toss an email to [email protected]!

    Custom Blind Bag Luna For Sale

    The creator of the blind bag Luna from a few days ago is having some money trouble, and decided to toss it up on ebay for everyone to fight over.  If you are interested, or just want to help out, check out the ebay sale going on here!

    San Andreas Starting Video Mod

    I'm not sure where all the GTA San Andreas bronies are coming from, but apparently they like modding the hell out of their game with all sorts of pony nonsense.  A few days ago I posted a GTA opening video.  Someone has hacked it into the game to replace the current one.  You can find the mod here!

    Ponychan Givaway Looking for Participants.  

    E Pony is giving away a whole pile of both embroidered items and pony toys (Limit 100$ per winner) to two random bronies.  The only thing you need to do is draw his character.  You can find the thread here with a bunch of extra information!

    Subreddit Pony Group Hits 3,000 Subscribers!

    The title says it all!  We are slowly taking over the internet...

    Tara Strong at Comic Con

    Twilight Sparkles Voice Actor, Tara Strong, will be appearing at the San Diego Comic Con during the 1:00 PM Cartoon Voices I panel.

    Try not to bother her too much about ponies! I'm sure everyone else probably will!

    Clay Pony Givaways, Ebay Ponies, and More!

    Eneha is setting up a forum specifically for pony givaways, raffles, and auctions of her clay ponies.  In order to be added for the free stuff, all you need to do is register and beg for one in whatever thread is currently holding the event!  You can find the forums here!

    Also check out her Wonderbolts Dash on ebay right now!

    Equestria Daily News

    Story review queue is huge, but it pretty much always is.

    Update queue is small though! Yay~

    For those of you that missed the announcement earlier, please check this thread on the Ponies Around the World event!

    Today's best pony is.....Pinkie Pie! Did you know Cereal absolutely hates her?  I don't understand it! Pinkie Pie is awesome!

    He didn't even read cupcakes.... It makes no sense.  I need a new blog minion.

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