• Brony Meetups Massive Updates

    Bronies sure are social! Just look at that map.  I honestly don't think any other niche community has really gone this far.  I bet in 10 years, psychologists everywhere will look back at our little phenomenon here and study what exactly lead to something of this caliber.  Was it the ease of technology?  The specific demographic?   The particular "shape" of the ponies?  I mean, there have been cute cartoons in the past, but what is it about this one specifically that has forum moderators everywhere up in arms and gaming websites plugging a cartoon originally for 12 year old girls in order to seem "with the times"?

    It fascinates me. 

    Anyway, Purple Tinker has asked me to drop some copy pasta off for you guys to dig through.  If you are at all interested in brony meetups, this is definitely something to read.  You can find it after the break!

    Hello again, everypony!

    Purple Tinker here with a meetup group update. Since I created the bronies meetup map and it got a writeup on Equestria Daily, group membership has EXPLODED! We now have dozens of meetup groups, many with dozens of members!

    Some groups are relatively new and relatively small, and thus need your help! If you see a group near you... JOIN! And get your local brony friends to do likewise.

    North American groups are at http://www.bronies.com/map/ and presently include:
    Canadian groups: Calvary, London (ON), Toronto, Vancouver 
    Western US groups: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma
    Central US groups: Chicago, Colorado Springs, Dallas, East Texas (regional group), Kansas City, Midwest Bronies (catch-all regional group), Green Bay, Iowa City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, North Dakota (state-level group), St. Louis, San Antonio, Tulsa
    Eastern US groups: Atlanta, Boston, Indianapolis, Michigan (Detroit/Lansing region), Massachusetts (eastern MA and southern VT), Miami, New York City, Ohio (state-level group), Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Raleigh (NC), Savannah (GA), Tampa, Virginia Beach, Washington DC

    If I forgot any groups, let Sethisto know so he can update the list. There are a LOT of groups! :)

    Another possible near-future group (not yet on the map) may be coming to College Station, TX (Texas A&M).

    European groups are at http://www.bronies.com/map/europe/ and presently include:
    • Bourgogne (Burgundy), France (regional level group)
    • Budapest, Hungary
    • Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
    • Netherlands (national level group)
    This map is updated all the time! So if there is no star (or box) on the map in your location, STAY TUNED-- one may be coming soon! So be sure to check back periodically.

    In the spirit of friendship,

    Purple Tinker

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