• Minecraft Ponies Compilation Post

    And then Cereal was making a Minecraft compilation post.

    I used to play Minecraft a lot- it's a great time waster, but I never imagined the capabilities of the engine to create art like this. Maybe I'm not just not very creative! To be honest, though, most of the time that I played the game I was busy trying not to get my head eaten by zombies and spiders- not to mention looking out for those lava pits. Fuck lava pits, for serious. They're all always near gold or diamonds, and as soon as you have any of those in your inventory, you fall right into the goddamn lava pit and die. I've rage-quit and deleted worlds more than once because that's happened. It's absolutely ridiculous and I'm convinced the game hates me. I will say this, though: I am really good at making houses in the game. Foolproof, zombie-proof houses. I think that skill stems from the fact that I am terrible at RTS games because I focus all my attention on making sure my base is neat and tidy instead of producing units to protect it. Supreme Commander didn't help this tic, because you are rewarded with reduced production energy use if you surround your structures with power generators. So, really, that was a good incentive to make sure everything was neat and orderly, right up until you got carpet-bombed because you were building power generators instead of triple-A cannons. It didn't really help that power generators were built like bombs in that game. If you sneeze on them, they explode.

    Oh, by the way, as long as I'm hijacking this post, I do not hate Pinkie Pie.Thank you very much.

    Anyway, this will all be after the page break, because there's a lot of cool stuff in here! The titular image there is courtesy of Sayani, but it's mostly there because that was the first email Seth sent me!

    First up we have this extremely impressive noteblock orchestra for Pinkie's Cupcakes song from... whichever episode that was. The one with Apple Bloom in it. I realize that's not very specific. I honestly do not remember the name of the episode.

    Anyway, this comes to us from a pony named Tephra. I've never actually seen a setup like this before, and it looks extremely complex. Also, it got me hooked on the damn song again. Thanks a lot.

    Next is pokeythebadger's 'Harpo Parish Nadermane'. Apparently that's what this pony is named. I still infinitely prefer Octavia. Just saying.

    Also, a nice cameo by Nyan Cat, or however you spell that.

    Next up is OrangeL's gallery of 3D ponies generated by using the models from kp-shadowsquirrel that we linked on the blog a while back. He even apologizes for the lack of Trixie, just in case I was confused as to where the original email was sent.

    I knew there was a way to automatically generate block structures in Minecraft. I was lied to this entire time. You can find the gallery here.

    Next we have rogerdodger111's Rarity. No quips here. Just some Rarity. I do love some Rarity.

    Next to last we have this massive Rainbow Dash picture and a video to go along with her.  Did I mention it's massive? It's freakin' huge. This one is by Synth-Nine.

    Last, but not least, we have Hazzat's verson of Rainbow Dash. This one comes with a bonus picture showing that, yes, indeed, these are made entirely by hoof. Some of you have way too much time on your hooves... says the guy who helps run a pony blog. What am I doing with my life? I am in college, I guess. Does that count for anything?

    We also have a late entry by Sephiroth7734, who apparently has been waiting a while. Sorry, dude! It's up now, though.

    That's all for now, ponies. Keep making awesome stuff that boggles my mind.