• Plushies and Statues!

    Source: Jackiekie
    You know.. Applejack doesn't get a lot of credit.  Sure, she's stubborn as a mule and doesn't have any cool abilities like the rest of he mane 6, but at least shes reliable! I think...

    Source+More Images: Saiyamewome
    Source: Jberg18
    Now Pinkie Pie! That's an earth pony with skills! Not only is every single aspect of her personality enough to make even the most hardened criminal smile, but she's also a renaissance mare!  Her mastery over just about everything is truly something to look up to.  The girl built a helicopter faster than Rainbow Dash can clear the sky!

    But plushies aren't the only things popping up at a crazy rate lately. This Sonic Rainboom Dash, complete with blown back lips representing the crazy speeds shes traveling, is just another example of how talented bronies everywhere are.

    Keep up the great work! Season Two will be here in no time!

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