• Music Remix: Today (Valence Remix) / Gravey - Love is in Bloom / The Perfect Dream (Aria Remix)

    I don't think the final episode remixes are ever going to stop, so I made the first one a remix of something else entirely to break it up a bit! Have some remixes.

    1.) Michael Arellano Feat. Metajoker - Today (Valence Remix)
    2.) Gravey - Love is in Bloom
    3.) Mogul Dash - The Perfect Dream (Aria Remix)

  • Disney PMV's: The Nightmare Before Christmas

    It's kind of funny.  When i was pasting these links, my brain was playing each song in my head.  I've only seen the movie four times max, but they are all so memorable.  Have some pmvs!

    This Is Halloween
    Jack's Lament
    What's This
    Town Meeting Song
    Jack's Obsession
    Kidnap the Sandy Claws
    Making Christmas
    Sally's Song
    Oogie Boogie Song
    Poor Jack
  • Netflix Pony Shoutout

    Looks like Netflix has noticed the complete domination of Friendship is Magic in their popular section.  They recently dropped this subtle little shoutout on their facebook page.  I guess the show is suprising everyone these days isn't it?
  • Gary's Mod Pony Pack V3

    A long time ago in a EQD post far, far away, a certain model editor going by the name of Oogaboogaman released a set of Garys Mod skins that changed the face of pony videos forever.  Fast forward to Year 2012, and we have a massive update to the entire setup.

    Not only has he revamped all of the old models with new textures, physics, and shaders, but he has also included a full on pony template creator, so all of your favorite OC's and obscure background characters can come to life with a simple swap of colors. 

    I'll leave the rest up to you guys though! Check out Garry's Mod Pony Pack V3 After the break!
  • Huge Updates from the Brony Thank You Fund

    It looks like the Brony Thank You Fund is moving along at a phenomenal pace.  Coder Brony has released a huge update over on his blog for the commercial.  Even Margaret Leosch, the CEO of The Hub, is excited.  He has also recruited Toys for Tots as the designated charity.

    There are also a few neat tweaks being added to the setup.  One in particular I'm rather fond of:
    The first tweak they suggested was to make the ad more representative of all MLP fans by opening with "Hi, We’re fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and we’d like to say thanks.", rather than "Hi, we're bronies." We're not throwing out bronies, though. It's now at the end of the ad: "And to the creators and writers for bringing a little more honesty, loyalty, laughter, generosity, kindness and magic into the world, for kids and bronies alike."
    Pony is for everyone, and this opens up the commercial to a much broader audience than originally intended.  Sounds good to me!

    Along with that, the project hopes to thank all of DHX and the awesome people working on the show, as opposed to the oringinally intended Lauren Faust focus. 

    For more information, hit up the Brony Thank You Fund page. 

    We will keep you all updated on further additions as they come in.  I can only imagine how far it will go from here!
  • Everfree Northwest Announces: Cathy Weseluck

    Hey there pony fans, got some more news that might excite any of you planning on or thinking about attending Everfree Northwest, that big ol' pony convention in Seattle this August. As of now, they've announced the presence of Cathy Weseluck, voice of Spike and generally awesome person. As always there's a press release that does a much better job of telling the story - here you go!

    Everfree Northwest happily welcomes none other than Cathy Weseluck to the Emerald City! We're pleased to announce that Cathy will be joining us for the entire weekend and helping us celebrate the pony fun. As you all know, Cathy gives voice to the plucky young dragon, Spike. In addition to our favorite purple reptile, she also voices the Ponyville's very own Mayor Mare.

    Friendship is Magic isn't her first foray into the magical world of ponies, as Cathy played Rarity in her previous, G3 incarnation in The Runaway Rainbow. She also served as the musical director for My Little Pony Tales. But her vocal talents are far from limited to My Little Pony, as you'll surely recognize her from dubs of your favorite anime, such as Ranma 1/2, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, and InuYasha!

    So come on up to the great, green Northwest and reserve your badge now for a chance to meet and greet the voice behind the dragon. Badges are going quickly, and we still have so much more in store for everybody these coming weeks, so stay tuned!

    Don't forget to check us out around the net!
  • Editorial: Our Little Empire - Friendship is Everywhere

    I'm going to be covering something that a good amount of you have probably noticed about our fandom.  Something all of you are effected by pretty much daily.  This massive collection of pony fans has created something new on the internet, something we should all be proud to be a part of.

    We have grown exponentially over the past year and a half.  Many aspects of the pony craze have gained a life of their own.  We have become a virtual world, filled with enough facets to qualify as what is essentially an online pony empire.  It doesn't just stop there! With hundreds of meetup groups littered across the globe and conventions spawning from the minds that initially ran those, Friendship is Magic has become large enough to actually gain the attention of our pony producing overlords at Hasbro, The Hub, and DHX.

    What was initially a silly demographic of adults and teenagers watching pony  has evolved into an actual market for a billion dollar corporation. We have watched as Welovefine's best seller list became 90% pony for the past 7 months.  We have completely emptied out Toys R' Us, Hasbro's toy shop, and several other online retailers in less than an hour when something catches our interest.   There is a reason they are rolling the dice on the upcoming toy pack focused on us, and why Blind Bags/miniatures have become the norm.  You can still hit up ebay and see customs and plushies selling for hundreds of dollars on a regular basis.

    This isn't the main aspect that sets us apart from other fandoms.  Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and several others have had stuff like this going on for years. We have a hurdle, a huge stigma for Friendship is Magic that a good majority of you probably had trouble initially overcoming, and something your friends won't even bother with. I can't tell you how many times I've shown someone the show, and watched as they immediatly backed off the second the "My Little Pony" jingle started. So why is it still so huge even with the outsider perspective of a bunch of adults obsessing over a children's cartoon?  How do we survive  and grow even with the hundreds of newspaper articles that always start with a picture of a pony that is completely unrelated to the majority of the current fandom?   It's all about the community!

    Lauren Faust and the rest of the DHX crew created something amazing, and we ran with it!  Several websites have adopted full on pony sections, right next to other major players on the internet.  Way back in the day, when a Drawfriend post was 12 images and 50% one artist, we were still producing image macros and taking over the internet at a phenomenal pace. From there, we expanded into pretty much every aspect of online entertainment, from videos, art, and music, to fanfics that rival some of the longest novels in history. 

    It didn't stop there though.  With a surge of fan created content comes the part that actually makes us look like a mini empire.  We have news organizations, radio stations, and hundreds of talk shows.  When a fanfic is submitted to EQD, it goes through what is essentially a publishing company via the pre-readers.  There are conventions and more groups across Facebook, Deviant Art, and Twitter than any other fandom.  Artists are being signed with real record labels, and collaborations between the community and show runners has become a norm.   The music in general sounds like it would fit perfectly on actual radio stations. And of course, we can't forget the charity organizations helping save lives and improve conditions for people all around the world.

    Two years ago, most of us wouldn't have been caught dead watching a show about colorful pastel horses, and the summer after the first season ended, a good amount of us thought the fandom would die off completely.  However, here we are, bigger than ever and still expanding!  I'd say that is pretty remarkable!  I remember back in the day when it was a big deal for a web comic or blog to pump out a pony article.   Now it happens almost daily.  Friendship really is everywhere!

    tl;dr Ponies are cool

    (I tried coffee for the 3rd time ever, and this is what happened)
  • Comic: Future Fashion Tips / Sedimental Value / All-Star

    Oh Rarity, only you would have the problem seen in the above comic. But that's probably one of the reasons we love you so much.

    Comic time once again everyone! Click for full.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #429

    >That feeling when you aren't even halfway through act one and your blog has a Diablo header.

    I swear I'm going to get some motivation to play it eventually!

    Have some art.

    Source 1
  • Story Updates May 17th (Afternoon)

    Updating stories every day of the week. 

  • Story: The Grey Factor (Update Sequel!)

    [Normal] [Adventure]

    Author: Japko
    Description: Mystery and adventure, now with books!

    Twilight Sparkle's weekly book shipment arrives one book too big. Among the others, there's a handbook about pony genetics. Curiosity leads her to an interesting discovery.
    The Grey Factor
    A Call To Vespers (Sequel Part 1!)

    Additional Tags: Medium, Mystery, Books, Genetics, Science
  • Music: PrinceWhatever - The Guardians of Equestria

    Hey! It's time for some rock music. You guys are looking a little sleepy, and as you can see from above, Twilight Sparkle is not happy about that.  Ponies should never put you to sleep.

    Anyway, check out PrinceWhatever's new track, The Guardians of Equestria, below! 

  • Pony Trailers: My Lorax Pony / MLP EQUUS revisioning / My Little Lyoko

    Gotta say, that Lyoko one is pretty badass, if a bit short! Have some trailers and openings.

    1.) My Lorax Pony (The Lorax Ponified)
    2.) MLP EQUUS revisioning
    3.) My Little Lyoko

  • Story: Two Mares in a (Banana) Boat

    [Normal][Comedy] BANANAS

    Author: TheBandBrony
    Description: The simple affair of Twilight's breakfast takes a turn for the crazy as she and Pinkie Pie find out just how hard it is to open a banana.
    Two Mares in a (Banana) Boat

    Additional Tags: Written after an epic battle with a particularly stubborn banana.
  • Instrumental Music: Big City Underground / Flying with Rainbow Dash

    Instrumental music is so dashing~ Have some non-electronic stuff for once!

    2.) Big City Underground (Rarity Battle Theme)
    3.) Flying with Rainbow Dash- Rainbowdashyy Ft. Danielpony

  • Story: My Sister Fluttershy


    Author: brokenimage321
    Description: My name is April Showers, and I’m six years old. I live with my Mommy, and my Daddy, and my little sister Skittle in Cloudsdale. Today, Mommy went to the hospital to have our new baby—my sister Fluttershy. 
    Life won’t always be easy—in fact, it’s going to be really hard and really sad sometimes—but together, we’re a family.
    And that makes it all worth it.
    My Sister Fluttershy

    Additional Tags: Fluttershy's story, told by her older sister.
  • Vocal Music: It's Good To Be Queen / Remain / Into the Stratosphere

    I heard you guys liked vocal stuff, even ones with way too much autotune.  Have some of those!

    1.) It's Good To Be Queen - Masonalcat
    2.) Remain
    3.) Into the Stratosphere - A Song for Rainbow Dash

  • Diablo 3 Secret Pony Level

    I wasn't sure if this could really be completely FiM related, but enough people sent ti that I figured you guys would want a post! This is the Diablo 3 secret level, filled with ponies, rainbows, and bright colors.

    Back in early closed beta, the assets for this actually had Friendship is Magic names, though I am not sure what their final release names actually are.

    Anyway, check it out after the break!

  • Story Updates May 17th (Midnight)

    Four story updates tonight! Find them below.

  • Short Lauren Faust Interview in L.A. Weekly

    Lauren Faust recently landed an interview over in L.A. Weekly.   It primarily covers her roll in creating these awesome cartoons that completely shred gender boundaries, with a side dish of pony to keep you all glued. 

    Check it out here!