• Gary's Mod Pony Pack V3

    A long time ago in a EQD post far, far away, a certain model editor going by the name of Oogaboogaman released a set of Garys Mod skins that changed the face of pony videos forever.  Fast forward to Year 2012, and we have a massive update to the entire setup.

    Not only has he revamped all of the old models with new textures, physics, and shaders, but he has also included a full on pony template creator, so all of your favorite OC's and obscure background characters can come to life with a simple swap of colors. 

    I'll leave the rest up to you guys though! Check out Garry's Mod Pony Pack V3 After the break!

    New Features
    - Completely redone ponies from previous pack - redone physics, shaders, and textures.
    - Redone physics - ponies shouldn't go crazy.
    - Optimized the base pony model - lower polycount and optimized the mane six and other ponies' default textures from KP-ShadowSquirrel. One canon pony shouldn't take up 8 gigs of memory anymore.
    - Reskins and existing OCs are able to easily transfer their skins from the older models.
    - Added season 2 Luna with an experimental mane for transparency (change with skin changer tool.) Also kept season 1 Luna.
    - Celestia and Luna have bodygrouped horn, wings, crown, collar, and shoes for potential OCs.
    - Applejack has a bodygrouped hat as well as a separate hat prop.
    - Trixie has a bodygrouped cape and hat as well as separate hat and cape models.
    - Trixie cape model is actually poseable this time and can be placed on other ponies.
    - New characters - male pony, Spike, and Gilda.
    - 57 flexes for both male and female ponies.
    - Template ponies for building your own pony OC (original character.)
    - Hooves can be posed with the finger and toe poser tools.
    - Spike and Gilda's toes can be posed with the toe poser tool.

    Thanks in advance,

    - Sources for everything will be in a separate pack with a mini tutorial on how to hex original characters via compiling brand new models, rather than editing existing ones.

    Building Your Own Pony

    - There are 11 default female base pony models based on mane.
    - There is 1 default male base pony model. (Other modders may want to add their own manes.)
    - Females have bodygrouped horn, collar, wings (open, closed, off,) 11 types of tails, and 2 types of shoes.
    - Male has bodygrouped horn, 2 types of manes, and wings (open, closed, off.)
    - Both ponies come with a default Gmod skin, ready to be reskinned.
    - Reskins and existing OCs are able to easily transfer their skins from the older models.
    - Photoshop CS5 documents are provided for every texture.
    - Should one want to use the Celestia's or Luna's models, by default they have bodygrouped horn, wings, crown, collar, and shoes.

    If you want more advanced manes and tails, that is up to you or the OC maker person. I am only
    providing a base for people to build upon should they want to.

    Download Links

    Main Download

    Pack is compressed to a whopping 32mb. Uncompressed, it is 1.90gb.



    Source files (Includes smds, qcs, 3ds Max 8 documents, some 3ds Max 11 documents, and Photoshop CS5 documents

    The source pack is 79mb compressed. Uncompressed is 1.7gb.


    Toe Poser:

    Bodygroup and Skin Changer:


    - KP-ShadowSquirrel - Base female pony models, Celestia, Luna, and trophies.
    - F1r3w4rr10r - Male pony head
    - TommoPuppy - Awesome Gilda model.
    - Benja020 - Awesome Spike model.