• Huge Updates from the Brony Thank You Fund

    It looks like the Brony Thank You Fund is moving along at a phenomenal pace.  Coder Brony has released a huge update over on his blog for the commercial.  Even Margaret Leosch, the CEO of The Hub, is excited.  He has also recruited Toys for Tots as the designated charity.

    There are also a few neat tweaks being added to the setup.  One in particular I'm rather fond of:
    The first tweak they suggested was to make the ad more representative of all MLP fans by opening with "Hi, We’re fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and we’d like to say thanks.", rather than "Hi, we're bronies." We're not throwing out bronies, though. It's now at the end of the ad: "And to the creators and writers for bringing a little more honesty, loyalty, laughter, generosity, kindness and magic into the world, for kids and bronies alike."
    Pony is for everyone, and this opens up the commercial to a much broader audience than originally intended.  Sounds good to me!

    Along with that, the project hopes to thank all of DHX and the awesome people working on the show, as opposed to the oringinally intended Lauren Faust focus. 

    For more information, hit up the Brony Thank You Fund page. 

    We will keep you all updated on further additions as they come in.  I can only imagine how far it will go from here!