• Nightly Roundup #1100

    Derpy here with all the news that has been accumulating over the past couple days! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!

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  • BABSCon Gets Twilightlicious With Tara

    First de Lancie and now Tara Strong? The lineup for BABSCon is looking pretty impressive and we've still got almost half a year left till the event itself! Who knows what they will announce next!

    Check on after the break for the full press release!

  • Music of the Day #414

    Too bad she's a bug!

    We have Music of the Day for you all tonight.  Head on down below the break to check out some tracks!

    And reminder: Add a genre with your submission!

  • MLP: CCG - Lightning-fast Blue and Slow, steady Purple!

    Hey there, everyone, Cups here with another article from a member of the MLP: CCG dev team! This time it's Victor, a big proponent of competitive play and one of our rules gurus, and he's going to share some words about two major archetypes of play: aggressive, using Blue, and control, using Purple.

    And, of course his examples are going to be from The Crystal Games! Theme Decks are out now, and booster packs will be in the wild December 5th. Until then, take a look below the break for Victor's article!
  • Convention Compilation - November 26th

    Boatloads of convention news for all of you looking forward to the awesome 2015 season.  If there is one thing that will never die out, it's our love of meeting up with our best buddies that we have gained over the years and partying at a convention for a weekend! Now go get some headlines:

    Everfree Northwest Badge Early Bird Special Ends Dec. 1st, Art Contest Ends November 30th!
    BABSCon Art Show Announcement
    Cloudsdale Splash Promo Video and Twitter
    Grand Brony Gala III Trailer Parodies Super Smash Bros 4
    German Convention Report for Brony Fair!
    Party Like a Brony with the Bronytones and Grand Brony Gala

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  • Nightly Discussion #182

    Celestia as a breezie looks pretty badass! Just look at that wingspan!

    Evening guys, hope you all are ready for Turkey Day! Eat lots of food and have fun with family you all.
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  • Comic: Of Kings and Changelings 4 / PreCMC 14 / Argument / Timey Wimey 7

    Man, I remember when Pink Fluffy Unicorns was all the rage. Couldn't go anywhere Brony 2013 without hearing it.

    More comics guys! Click for full!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Drawfriend Stuff #1361

    I've run into a paradox. at 3:00 AM I fight the need to sleep all the way until 7:00 AM sometimes, but when I wake up in the morning, It's impossible to get out of bed.  Why is this? Why can't it be the opposite so I can have a non-insomniac sleep schedule?

    Anyway, have a cute Fluttershy header, and get some art below!

    [10] Source

    And a new banner from Pixelkitties! Sunset Shimmer style!

  • Disney's New Minnie Mouse Pony Knockoff Is a Thing

    It looks like Disney is moving into the pony market.  These new figures have popped up in a commercial for a Minnie Mouse Jump n' Style Pony Stable. They are going all out on the little girls market with these, with brushable manes, sparkles, accessories, and the usual mega pinks and purples.

    If you are curious, hit the video below the break. 

    Thanks to Christopher for the heads up! 

  • Fanfiction Rules Updated and explained!

     Hey everyone! Ferret here to let you all know the fanfiction rules page has been updated and improved!

     The new rules page will be going up shortly (page is up) but in the meantime we've been hearing that some folks are still a bit confused about how the rules work and what's changed so that's what this post is for! I'm going to try and help explain what's changed and what the current rules are like, so head down below the break for all the info.

  • Unity PMV Now at 60 FPS!

    Something quick for the sub slot! We haven't posted any motion graphic PMV'S at 60 FPS yet have we? It's pretty aweosme looking to say the least.

    Head on down below to check it out! And remember, you need to set it to 60 FPS in the settings at the bottom, only available on Chrome and some versions of IE at the moment.

  • Comic: Frankenstein's Discord / End of a Generation 6 / Spirit Animal / The Secret Life of Fleur Dis Lee 9 / Conflict

    Twilight has been around Discord long enough to not take his guff anymore. He's got to step up his game!

    Comics my friends, click for full!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Humble Pony Bundle Hits the Net!

    The Humble Pony Bundle has hit the net and it's quite the deal! Just look at all the comics you can get and all while giving money to charity. It's a win-win! Looks like for $15 you can get almost the whole collection which is pretty impressive for those of you out there looking to catch up on the series.

    You can find the bundle here. Thanks to everyone for letting us know!

    Twitter: Calpain
  • Discussion: What do you NOT want to see in Season 5?

    I can think of a lot of things that would drive me nuts if they happened in season 5.  Evolution of the characters we become so attached to over the years can always be a bit rocky. 

    So, good citizens of the brony fandom, what do you absolute dread seeing happen in season 5? Everypony is alicorns? Or Twilight Sparkle finally hooks up with pony Flash Sentry?! It's up to you! Describe your horror story!

  • Making Ponies Out of Chocolate! Dashie Bar Looks Delicious!

    Here's something new if you find yourself growing bored of the normal stuff that has been popping up these last few months. ArtNinja101 over on Deviant Art has crafted up a chocolate candy bar emblazoned with glorious Rainbow Dash and Cloudsdale in the background.  I for one think we need an official version of this.  Of all the random pony merch over the years, chocolate bar is still missing.

    You can check out his DA page over here!

    And some Applejack below the break!

  • New Avatar Gear on Xbox Live - Starswirl, Spike, and More

    The Avatar store over on Xbox Live has been updated with a few more pony costumes.  Included in this one, expect the suit Spike wears in Luna Eclipsed, a Spike pet, and a Star Swirl costume.   Now go deck out those avatars! Search pony in the store to find it all.

    Thanks to SUP3R Toastr for the heads up.  

    More images below!

  • Spirit Hoods Expanding into Ponies, Asking for Suggestions on Which Ponies to Make

    I remember seeing these guys on Shark Tank a while back. Anyway, hoot maker Spirit Hoods is looking to expand into ponies if a new poll they released is any indication.  Right now pretty much all the fan favorites are available, including Derpy and Doctor Whooves.  If you want to toss your two cents into the mix, head on over here to do it!

    Their Facebook page can be found over here if you are curious about what they make.

    Thanks to Gaby and Christina for sending it! 
  • "u f0ckin w0t m8?" Fluttershy Shirt, and some Dash at Tee Public

    So... that is apparently a thing. Two more 72 hour shirts have popped up over at Tee Public.  We have Fluttershy going full on European, and a bit of Dashie.  Have some links:

    u F0ckin w0t m8? Shirt
    20% Dashie Shirt

    Thanks to Noteworthy and Natsuhiboshi for the heads up.
  • Story Submission Guidelines

    UPDATE 5/27/2022: The submission form is currently down.  Please send your fanfiction to submit@equestriadaily.com with FANFICTION as the subject and a link to it in the body with title and description. 
    Thank you for considering Equestria Daily as the future home of your hard work. We’re honored that you want to showcase your story with us. In order to maximize your chances of getting published here, take the following rules to heart (really, they’re not as horrid as you’d think!):

    1) Only submit your own works.

    You cannot submit works by other authors even if you're not taking credit for the work. We will reject  the submission if this is the case.

    2) Edit your submission before sending it in.

    Please do not rely on the pre-readers for editing services or in-depth feedback. As we are uncompensated volunteers, we simply do not have the time or capacity to help every author improve their work. Try The Omnibus or one of the many editing groups.

    3) Ensure your story meets our length requirements.

    • We do not accept short story collections. If the short story is over the word limit, submit it as a standalone.
    • — Multi-parters: 3,000+ words overall at submission time.
    • — One-shots (complete, one-part stories): 2,500+ words.
    • — Sequels get an autopost under the original fic but they will not get a solo post.  

    4) We will not accept the following:
    • — X-rated content, including sexually transgressive or gory stories
    • — Incest, foalshipping beyond a schoolyard crush, and other broad cultural taboos
    • — Humanized/anthro stories will be taken on a case by case basis (EQG is fine)
    • — Copy-paste stories (e.g. The text of Harry Potter with character names swapped out)
    • — Stories written in a language other than English
    •  —Drug references are not permitted, alcohol references will be taken on a case by case basis
    • — No stories involving bronies.  (Human in Equestria is fine)
    • — We do not accept stories involving real people (from the fandom or otherwise).
    • — Script format stories

    5) We have an automatic three-strike rule.


    Strikes are no longer automatic with rejections. They will be given on a case-by-case basis if we feel you haven't been putting any effort in between submissions. Pay attention to your rejection e-mail so you know whether or not you received a strike, and mark the appropriate box when you resubmit. All strikes prior to March 12, 2014 have been forgiven, but stories rejected for content issues should not be resubmitted, as they likely will still not be accepted.

    6) Take a look at our Editor’s Omnibus.

    The first four points above are non-negotiable; we just highly recommend this last one. The Omnibus is a continuously updated guide that covers the common pitfalls and oversights of many novice authors, and even some more experienced writers might find some use from it. Give it a once-over and see if its words might help yours before you send us that email.

    7) If you submit a story, make sure we can see it on the internet! 

    Google Docs and Fimfiction both allow you to "lock" a page.  Be sure it is unlocked! Google Docs is locked by default. You can unlock them via the share settings (small chain symbol at the top). We strongly recommend you use either Google Docs or Fimfic as they don't require us to download any files. (No Dropbox or Pastebin please!)

    Have a question that isn't answered above? Email fanfiction@equestriadaily.com with any question or concerns and we'll do our best to quickly reply.

    Does your fic meet all the requirements? Now go submit it!