• Story Archive Ratings

    I haven't gotten any coding ideas for the archive, so I'm just going to use the tools available to me to structure it a bit further.

    My idea original was to give every story with 10 star rating votes a (x/x) next to their link, showing what they are rated, then sort them from highest to lowest in their current pony->/ship/grim/normal/crossover categories.

    Then I realized how few of the stories actually have 10 ratings right now.  So Maybe I'll bump it down to 7 or so.

    What do you guys think of this? It should help organize it a bit better. A lot of stories will still remain unlabeled, and they will be the ones i pull out for archeology events.  Voting on /co/ last time didn't work out so well.


    I am going to start giving author tags out after 2 stories. The categories on the side are getting a little bit overly-cluttered with all the author tags, many of which write one and never do another. 

    This means you guys need to let me know when you hit the 2 story marks o I can tag all your stuff.  Some don't even have your author tags as is. 
  • Story: The Three Notes

    [Shipping][Sad] Sorry about the shipping flood tonight, apparently CMC episodes spark this or something.  Here is some Light Twilight/Big Mac shipping.

    Author: Ebonmane
    Description: Friendships don't always last, time isn't always well-spent, and not everyone gets a happy ending.
    The Three Notes

    Also a slight continuation of The Ships That Pass in the Night but not Directly. 
  • Story: Flight Lesson

    [Shipping] Dash shipping on the other hand is all good up in here!
    Description: Rainbow Dash asks Fluttershy to help her clear the cloud buildup around Ponyville, and ends up giving her a quick lesson on how to fly like a pro. As the two take flight together, they find that they have feelings for each-other
    Flight Lesson
  • No More Tripcode Shipping Stories.

    Alright, you all got it out of your systems.  3 tripcode stories is good enough.  Just thought I'd get that out there...so I don't have to respond to the 5 of them in my mailbox 0_o. I'm flattered but come on guys!
  • Story: Squeak and Madmax

    [Random][Shipping] It would be different if these weren't well written, but they all are...  What am I to do? 
    Description: Taking Tripfag circlejerks to a whole new level, with 3rd wheel style romance.  Yah, you read that right.
    Squeak and Madmax

    I'm gonna go pray for forgiveness now. 

    This is the final Trip shipping fic.  Hopefully you enjoyed our little venture into the abyss of fandoms.
  • 1600 Post Non-Sticky Pony Thread!

     Is this the largest non sticky post in 4chan history?  Holy crap! Nice job guys. When I got home and checked the archive, I honestly thought a mod had sucked it up and stickied a pony thread to shut us up for the day or something. 

    You can find it in the archive HERE as always. 

    Sadly this post is going to ruin all the mustaches/cupcakes pinky on the goggle page, but I thought it was worthy news for such a slow news day.  
  • Sortable Archive Thingy Test

    Your browser needs to support JavaScript and stuff for this to work. Also it does not work in the mobile theme. Yet!

  • Scootaloo is Not Rainbow Dash's Sister

    In fact.. they have no relation at all. She was just chillin with her friends at the end.  Mere coincidence right there!
    This may be a good thing though. Maybe Dash really is THE DIVINE DAUGHTER OF CELESTIA.
  • Poll Results: Were You Into Ponies Before FiM?

    Yah I figured it would look something like that. 

    I hope old ponylovers don't hate us too much.  We can be pretty rambunctious with our anti-G1-G3.5 hate.
  • Episode 23: Cutie Mark Chronicles Announced

    Yep... Episode 23 is more Cutie Mark Crusaders.
    As revealed by the comments though, this episode has a lot of potential!
    If it is in fact a flashback for the normal characters in their childhood, expect the most discussable episode to date!

    Spoilers below and stuff

    Original Airdate: 2011-04-15

    Synopsis: The crusaders look for Twilight and the other ponies to learn how they got their cutie marks. 

    AOL TV guide thingy
  • Goggles- Draw ponies in pony threads


    You need firefox/chrome (inb4 the 10 people that don't have adblockers suddenly have them)

    Follow the steps

    Visit /co/ thread


    Holy shit you guys completely decimated my page rofl.