• EQD / Bronyville EFNW Coverage

    Greeting true believers,

    Sorry for doing my Stan Lee impression there. It is I - AppleCider of Bronyville Podcast here outlining a table of content for all of the super duper awesome content we have going at Everfree Northwest. Our podcast is working in tandem with Equestria Daily to provide some awesome and unique content for all of our wonderful fans over the next few days. We hope that we can give you a full experience of the guests, confloor, and excitement surrounding the convention.

    All of the events will be streamed on justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast and the list of confirmed events is as follows.
    • Bronyville Podcast LIVE @ Everfree - Friday, Aug 17 - 8 PM PDT- 10 PM PDT
    • EFNW Day Two Cast - Saturday, Aug 18 - 8 PM PDT - ?
    • EFNW Day Three Cast - Sunday, Aug 19 - 8 PM PDT - ?
    In addition to these livestreams, we are going to be touring the con floor with three separate teams working to cover all the action of the convention in a new way. We're very excited to offer you so much of our podcasts lighthearted banter along with EDQs awesome skilled staff.

    To stay abreast on any updates please keep an eye on EQD or subscribe to follow for updates on twitter @equestriadaily and @bronyville. And as always you should be able to hear all of audio from these events in HD audio over at bronyvillepodcast.com or on iTunes once they are released.

    Thank you very much and sleep well everypony.
  • Story: Smooth Sailing

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Pascoite
    Description: Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash treat their friends to a day cruise that they won. Everything goes swimmingly, ship-shape, or whatever other nautical pun you prefer. Of course, everything in Equestria always does.
    Smooth Sailing

    Additional Tags: Twilight writes fanfiction, Pinkie Pie-rate!

  • YTPMV: a / Filly Story - The Neigh Back Home / Lunar Clock ~ Luna's Dial

    YTPMV's seem less common lately, but we still get a few! Have them!

    1.) Super pony land 2:Overworld theme
    2.) Filly Story - The Neigh Back Home
    3.) Lunar Clock ~ Luna's Dial

  • Story: What We Leave Behind

    [Sad][Slice of Life]

    Author: Golden Vision
    Description: After dreaming for all his life of becoming a Royal Guard, Shining Armor has finally received the letter of acceptance that will mark his way into the ranks. On his last day at home, as he readies himself to say farewell to the only life he's ever known, Shining will realize why he's taken this path for himself, and who he's walking it for.
    What We Leave Behind

    Additional Tags: Leaving the Nest; BBBFF; Family

  • Instrumental Music: My Little Dashie Score / Memories / Return to Frog Grotto / Pinkie's Smile / Apple Orchard

    Trixie tries to look cool, but her overly gaudy necklace gives her a sore back

    We have something for everyone in this compilation of good old fashioned instrumental tracks.  Head on down past the break to check them out, with genres listed up here in the non break zone, or whatever it's called.

    1.) My Little Dashie Score (Orchestral/Piano)
    2.) Elspongie - Memories (Chill Electronic)
    3.) Resonantwaves - Return to Frog Grotto (Ambient)
    4.) Gravey - Pinkie's Smile (Dance Electronic)
    5.) The Apple Orchard (Postrock/Alternative)

  • Legends of Equestria Pre-Alpha Update

    Legends of Equestria has released a short one minute fifty second video showcasing some of the features they are including for the game. Included in the mix is a bit of an overview of Ponyville, minigames, and unicorn magic. They also have a neat little surprise at the end!

    Check the video out after the break!

  • Plushie Compilation #77

    Cheerilee seems appropriate considering that school seems to be just around the corner. Man, where did the summer go? Oh well, at least it means ponies will return soon so it's not all bad.

    Check out our plush pony pals after the break!

    Source 1

  • Drawfriend Stuff #535

    Rainbow  Dash wielding weaponry? Can you get more badass?   Maybe.

    Have some art!

    Source 1
  • Canterlot SIEGE!

    Futzi01 has released yet another completed pony game, this time focusing on single player tower defense as opposed to online battle.  Each character has abilities similar to their Pony Tactics style, with Twilight bombarding with AoE artillery, and Rarity sniping.   As is the norm for Tower Defense these days, each one can be upgraded for extra range, faster attacks, or higher damage. 

    Head on over to this page to play it! With three maps, it should give you something to do for the afternoon while sitting in Mann vs Machine queues.
  • Comic: Whoooosh / Green Thumb / This Day Aria... What? / The Book

    I wouldn't expect clouds to be the safest beds on the planet.  I'm surprised Dash's house doesn't succumb to a similiar fate!

    We also have more Lyra, because you guys won't give the poor girl a break, along with some Cadance. Click for full!

  • Comic: Memory

    Uh oh, it's one of these comics! Thirty pages of it to be exact!   How does Spike deal with him ridiculously long dragon life span? Start here and follow the page links in the description to find out!
  • Vocal Music: The Best Darn Mare (I've Ever Seen!) / Rhyme Flow - Ascension

    For some reason, love songs about specific mares seem way too natural. I barely even notice it these days! That or I listened to way too much Trixie.

    Anyway, have one of those dedicated to Pinkie Pie, and a bit of rap in the second slot!

    1.) The Best Darn Mare (I've Ever Seen!) - Original Song
    2.) Colortwelve ft. Rhyme Flow - Ascension

  • Story: Long Live the Queen


    Author: Tactical!Rainboom
    Description: The magical land of Equestria is full of secrets. Scattered across the land are ancient things, forgotten things, any one of which may open the door to an earth-shattering revelation.

    This is the story of one such ancient and forgotten thing.
    Long Live the Queen

    Additional Tags: The Twilight Of An Age

  • Untitled

  • Nightly Roundup #409

    If we ever do get to see the land where Zecora comes from I hope we see some more exotic folk like the giraffe up above. Should make for a cool episode!

    News time guys! Check it after the break.

  • Story Update August 16th (Morning)


    And story updates. 

    After the break.
  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds II: Day 15

    A world like Myst would certainly test Twilight's skills I believe. Makes me feel so old that I used to play that game when I was in Kindergarden. So old! Anyhow, while Twilight tries to find a way home we have 463 other ponies to share with you tonight. This brings our run to 10325 images, an absolutely amazing sum! We could not be more proud of you all for generating so much new pony.

    Images for the new day can be sent here! As always, you can contact our lovely hostess Phoe if you have any questions, comments, or concerns at [email protected]. Today also marks the start of our makeup gallery for all of you who couldn't make a particular deadline but still have something to share. You can find the submitter for that gallery here and view the gallery as things come in here.

    Now for today's theme! Trying out something new often requires a curious mind, one that is willing to get stumped every so often in the pursuit of a goal. So today I want you to Draw a Pony Being Inquisitive / Draw a Pony Puzzled. In a world as magical and crazy as Equestria I'm sure our little ponies get confused quite often by all sorts of oddities!

    Finally, we have our gallery of traveling and exotic quadrupeds here. You all did a marvelous job of depicting ponies on the move and sending them to exotic places or meeting exotic ponies/creatures. Your imagination is simply boundless and we eagerly look forward to what you all come up with as we enter the second half of the ATG. Keep up the great work you guys!