• EQD / Bronyville EFNW Coverage

    Greeting true believers,

    Sorry for doing my Stan Lee impression there. It is I - AppleCider of Bronyville Podcast here outlining a table of content for all of the super duper awesome content we have going at Everfree Northwest. Our podcast is working in tandem with Equestria Daily to provide some awesome and unique content for all of our wonderful fans over the next few days. We hope that we can give you a full experience of the guests, confloor, and excitement surrounding the convention.

    All of the events will be streamed on justin.tv/bronyvillepodcast and the list of confirmed events is as follows.
    • Bronyville Podcast LIVE @ Everfree - Friday, Aug 17 - 8 PM PDT- 10 PM PDT
    • EFNW Day Two Cast - Saturday, Aug 18 - 8 PM PDT - ?
    • EFNW Day Three Cast - Sunday, Aug 19 - 8 PM PDT - ?
    In addition to these livestreams, we are going to be touring the con floor with three separate teams working to cover all the action of the convention in a new way. We're very excited to offer you so much of our podcasts lighthearted banter along with EDQs awesome skilled staff.

    To stay abreast on any updates please keep an eye on EQD or subscribe to follow for updates on twitter @equestriadaily and @bronyville. And as always you should be able to hear all of audio from these events in HD audio over at bronyvillepodcast.com or on iTunes once they are released.

    Thank you very much and sleep well everypony.

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