• Instrumental Music: My Little Dashie Score / Memories / Return to Frog Grotto / Pinkie's Smile / Apple Orchard

    Trixie tries to look cool, but her overly gaudy necklace gives her a sore back

    We have something for everyone in this compilation of good old fashioned instrumental tracks.  Head on down past the break to check them out, with genres listed up here in the non break zone, or whatever it's called.

    1.) My Little Dashie Score (Orchestral/Piano)
    2.) Elspongie - Memories (Chill Electronic)
    3.) Resonantwaves - Return to Frog Grotto (Ambient)
    4.) Gravey - Pinkie's Smile (Dance Electronic)
    5.) The Apple Orchard (Postrock/Alternative)

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