• Nightly Roundup #599

    I was told I needed to post this picture of Rainbow Dash with her supposed brothers. You know, I can see them all being a bunch of muscleheads really, though their colors make me want to go and eat some candy.

    Time for a quick Roundup you guys! Check it out after the break.

  • Story: Pieces of a Grey Cloud


    Author: Darf

    Description: A series of moments from Derpy's life, most of them less than cheerful.
    Pieces of a Grey Cloud

    Additional Tags: Derpy thinks about some things
  • Comic: Kingdom Not Included / Flying School / PranksterShy Rarity

    With so many princesses I wonder if we're going to run out of things to actually rule over? Next thing you know we'll have unemployed princesses bumming the streets for spare bits!

    Comic time everyone! Click for full.

  • Discussion: Pony Accessories - What do You Want to See Next?

    Over the years, we have seen mini-trends pop up in the pony world.  For a good amount of time, and to a lesser degree lately, socks were huge.   Fluttershy was the main culprit here, wearing everything from sweaters to goggles, and eventually dropping the dangerous mission outfit in the actual show. 

    I'm sure you have some less popular favorites though! Maybe ponies in full platemail or wizard hats are your ideas of a well dressed pony? 

    What would you like to see become a trend in the future? 

    Drop your ideas in the comments or discuss your favorite pony accessory meme we have seen so far!
  • Derpy Day Poll: What Are Your Views on Derpy?

    The results are in? Is Derpy the ultimate in pony badassery that seems to be the case via fan art and insane amounts of content dedicated to her?! I'd say "kind of"!  It seems a good amount of you include her in your favorites, with a pretty large faction rolling with straight up best.  About 1/4th of you appear to not really care much about the wall-eyed mare though. 

    Onward to the next poll: Where do you watch the show when a new episode airs?
  • Nahka's Pony Overhaul Mod for Gmod and SFM

    We have seen them used in countless videos on Youtube throughout the last few years ever since they first popped up with beyond simple skeletons in Gmod.  Throughout this time, more have been added, but not a whole lot of actual additions have been added to their overall structure.

    With the release of SFM, giving modders and artists an even more powerful tool for their source movies, we saw a huge ramp up of quality.

    This is an overhaul mod for the full set, complete with all sorts of additions.   

    Head on down past the break for a full list of changes from the creator, or head over to the deviant art page to learn more. 

    And a bonemerger update here

  • Story Updates - March 04

    Can we just take this time to discuss how amazing Fluttershy is in goggles?  Actually, Fluttershy is awesome in anything.  Sweaters, bunny ears, socks, santa hat, rear-mounted rocket launcher, shes cute no matter what you put on her.

    Update: See? I was so excited about Fluttershy's undeniable level of win, that I forgot to add the rest of the updated stories and delete that peskly "a". 

  • Stay Brony My Friends: Episode 40, Starring Lee Tockar, Tonight @ 8PM EST

    Here we go again!

    At 5pm PST/8pm EST, Lee Tockar, Voices of Snips, Stephen Magnet, The Beaver Foreman and the Alicorn Amulet shop keeper will once again join the crew of "Stay Brony My Friends"!

    We'll have a nice chat about all his work on My Little Pony, how the Fanbuilt project is coming along, and a little Johnny Test thrown in for good measure

    Maybe even some Sushi Pack questions!

    We may even talk about a certain pony convention that happened last weekend, you never know!

    Keep an eye on www.everfree.net for the show, in two hours from this post!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #734

    Art time!  We haven't headed with a Celestia in a while, so have some of that!

    [1] Source
    Princess Celestia and dragon

  • Editorial: Currency in Equestria - An Extrapolation

    Equestria is hardly the utopian society that many would like to paint it as. In just three short seasons spanning maybe a year or two in the life of Twilight Sparkle after her exodus to Ponyville, we’ve seen the land come under attack from demigods made of six different animals possessing powers beyond mortal comprehension, demon creatures from the gates of hell itself, and a mad, fallen alicorn princess determined to shroud the entire world in eternal night. Just to name a few.

    If Equestria were, in fact, the happy perfect world that we’d all like it to be, then perhaps the denizens within would have found a way to barter goods and services without making use of an intermediary substance to mediate value- currency. There are indeed some science fiction universes that postulate the death and irrelevancy of such a device (most notably Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe, but such a thing is so un-Googleable that I couldn’t tell you if any others exist; I suspect they do), but for now the necessity of such a mediator is apparent to anyone: it just makes life easier for everyone if everyone agrees as to what things are worth.

    As a result, Equestria has money, and it takes the form of bits and gems. How much is a bit worth? How much is a gem worth?

    I’ve done my best to find out.

  • Comic: On the Topic of Books / Lunch Letter / Library Pass

    Maybe you have a point about all this AJ. Don't want the CMC getting any more funny ideas now do we?

    Comic time! Click for full.

  • Random Merch: Paint Ponies, Felt Ponies, Stickers, and More!

    We have a whole bunch of random merch this time around, from the paint and style ponies and Fuzzy Felt sets above, to the piles of other stuff below! Head on down past the break to check it all out!

    Currently there aren't any stores stocking these, but expect to see them in the future!

  • Issue #4 Comic Creeping into Hot Topic

    The fourth installment of the MLP  comic series, following the mane six and their journey into Chrysalis's Empire is slowly making it's way into various Hot Topic stores.  While the official release date is the 6th of March, you might be able to pick it up early if you are lucky.

    iTunes also has it listed, head on down below the break for preview pages from their page.

     Thanks to eraygoza for the image.

    (Update: Larger previews here!) 

  • Nightly Roundup #598

    This image represents me every time I discover a new TV series. The "One more episode" syndrome is killer with those. I've spent many the night glued to the TV until 7AM.

    Onward to roundup stuff! Assuming you aren't suffering from the same ailment.