• Story: Derpy Goes Crazy

    [Grimdark] Another one by Pacce, part of the Friend-Off thing I think?  Correct me if I'm wrong.  Anyway enjoy it.
    Description: Needed
    Derpy Goes Crazy
  • Art: Drawfriend Stuff #1

    /co/ Drawfags are way cooler than /tg/ ones! You heard it here first.  Here are a few from various Artists, some are old, most are new (within the last week), hopefully I can nab most of these for compilations.  I'm not gonna hit the Deviant Art stuff though due to just the sheer amount of it.  

  • Comic: Madmax comics

    This dude should just open a webcomic already.  All comics by Madmax . She is supposedly missing lately so hopefully we get more in the future.

    Check out her deviant art Here

  • Ponies as cars

    Yah...slow news day
  • Brony Census

    Someone over on /co/ started this crazy census thing of people watching ponies.  I'll keep this post updated with the numbers. Check it out after the break. ^Update^  This is the final one on the archive, unfortunately the last post with census running was deleted without the general image, and never archived.  If anyone has it, let me know. 

  • Writefriend/Drawfriend Friend-off

    I'm copying this word for word from /co/ for those that miss it.


    WHAT? Writefriends take somebody else's drawing, and they write a story about it. Drawfriends take a story, and make a drawing of it. Conceivably you could redraw a drawing, or retell a story, but it should be very creative.

    WHY? Friendship is magic. Anybody who contributes to this community knows how good it feels to get a positive reaction. And there's no higher form of flattery then when your contribution inspires another contribution. Also, it strengthens the community, encourages new contributions, provides recognition to lesser known contributors, fleshes out fanon, etc. Also, helps kill the lull between episodes, and it should just be fun.

    HOW? Pick something and do your thing. Could be a rough sketch in paint or a single paragraph or two. Or you could really pull your heart into it. It's a big tent, and all inclusive. You can do fluff, shipping, grimdark, retard Derpy, misunderstood Derpy, etc. etc. Please give a title when you post it. Tripcodes not necessary, although it helps to give credit. Mention that it's for the "Friend-off" so we know what to do with it. Better names for this are welcome, if you have one.

    WHEN? Post your stuff on Monday. Or at least repost it on Monday if you got impatient and posted it early.

    WHO? Known interested contributors include:
    High Fructose Porn Syrup
    discotecnica ottenta
    A Fistful of Apples
    Pacce of the Many Mustaches
    Choppers Top Hat
    Anon (3-4)
    All are welcome, the more the merrier

    Please consider reposting this message in later generals. Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Overseas bronies should all get a chance to participate. Update the interested contributor list as they come in.
  • Story: Where do Ponies come from?

    [Normal] The future sounds awesome...and pony.