• Simple PMV Compilation #46

    Luna looks pretty good all dressed up and stuff.  I will always prefer her wild side though.

    We have five more simple pmv's in this one.  Get them all below!

  • Story Updates - September 10th

    How sunny. Get some story updates below!

  • Monopoly Pony Board Game Popping Up Everywhere

    It looks like we can officially call the MLP Board game "released".  Quite a few of you are sending images of it in on store shelves (with a Target in Charlotte, NC being the one above from Ztiep).  Outside of a few derps in canon, the people that have picked it up seem to like it.   If you aren't in the mood to go hunting, both Amazon and Toywiz have it available online. 
  • Story: Scale


    Author: short skirts and explosions
    Description: Daring Do goes on an epic quest to cross magnificent landscapes, to scale impenetrable boundaries, and to transcend herself.

    Epic Cover art by Dream0rDie ( http://dream0rdie.deviantart.com/ )

    Additional Tags: Adventure, Mystery, Scenery Porn, Purple

  • New Mystery Book on Amazon - Firefly and Illustrated Book

    Running Press has a listing over on Amazon for a book going by the title of "Firefly and Illustrated Book".  Along with a mini brushable mane pony,  the book itself clocks in at 32 pages with a release date of April 22nd of next year.  Either the date means we wont see much more about this for a while, or they are just tossing a random one out there until they can solidify it's release. 

    And for those that aren't aware who Firefly is, shes basically the g1 version of Rainbow Dash.  (color above)

    Thanks to Whatshisgame for the heads up.
  • Hasbro Investor Day 2013 - All the Pony Stuff

    TFW2005 has compiled up slides and information on Hasbro's Investor Day 2013.   Some big points of interest for pony in particular:
    Pony Overall:

    IDW on it's way to 1 million comics sold
    A signature clothing line is coming out, debuting in Paris
    Chupa Cups on the way for Pony (Website here if you don't know what those are)
    My Little Pony at 43% on Franchise Brand Revenues .
    Littlest Pet Shop and MLP Tied for Most Watched Show on Hub in the Demo
    67% of girls in Spain watch MLP
    In Brazil, MLP is the #1 show in the girls demographic.  70% of all girls watch it.
    MLP Apparently dominating the world with Transformers
    MLP is one of the most popular shows streamed for girls

    Equestria Girls:
    360 screens sold out at launch
    21 million impressions on the trailer
    Most successful launch of it's kind by screenvision
    Triple the estimates on Amazon
    I have no clue what the numbers on this chart actually are, but I'm assuming more plus signs = good. 

    The Hub:
    A chart displays how well they are doing vs two competitive kids networks 
    And that about covers it, at least from the slides available.  Thanks to James for sending it over.

    Opinion: MLP is going to keep going long into the future if this keeps up.  Equestria Girls also did really well, which I hope won't inhibit the actual ponies continued progress as the years tick onward.  I know I'm not the only one who still is here for primarily the cartoon horses!

    Update: And get all the pony related slides below the break.

  • Story: We Had Today


    Author: Butterscotch Cream
    Description: As Hearts and Hooves day rolls around, Flintlock goes about his ritual of cleaning the attic - or at least, that's his excuse to the rest of the family. It's also a time to dig out his old uniforms and bits of nostalgia and... to look at pictures. Passion may only last a moment, but love can last a lifetime.

    Cover graciously provided by http://delusioninabox.com/
    We Had Today

    Additional Tags: Bittersweet love story.

  • Drawfriend Stuff #921

    The most epic pretty pink alicorn princess out there.  I never thought I'd actually like this character, and then I had her as a cellphone wallpaper.

    Onward to art!

    [1] Source

  • My little Pony Official Comic #11 Preview on iTunes

    With the 25th of September right around the corner, the 11th comic has released it's preview over on iTunes. What crazy chenanigans did Cadance and Shining Armor go through as kids? Head on down below to check them out in full size!

    Thanks to Masem and Kein for filling our day up with even more comic stuff.

  • Comic: Mid-Autumn Festival / First Day at the Academy / Cadence's First Report

    Luna sure does have a lot of fans! With all the love she gets I wonder if we'll have a role reversal and Celestia will go all 'Nightmare Moon' on us? Scary!

    More comics folks! Click for full. (Alt links: 1, 2, 3)

  • Comic: Games Ponies Play / Royal Mimicry / Unicorn Horn

    It's funny to be reminded that characters from the show have been around for quite awhile in the MLP universe. Wonder if they sometimes have dreams about their past lives?

    Anyhow, comic time. Click for full. (Alt Links since Blogger is messing up pics lately: 1, 2, 3)

  • More Official Comic Covers - MLP #11 A/B/Retailer Incentive and #9 A

    If Pizza was gems, I could totally relate with Spike right now.  I really need to slow down my pizza intake though...

    We have Cover A, Cover B, and the retailer incentive for the 11th comic here, followed by Spike's primary cover for his upcoming micro.  Expect that one following after Celestia.  

    Thanks to Masem for the heads up.

  • Animation: Colgate's Dentistry Ad

    How often do you brush your teeth? Have you made it a habbit yet? Luckily Colgate is here to hopefully fix you slackers that don't do it on a regular basis.  Head on down below the break an ad for Colgate's Dentistry. 

  • Newbie Artist Training Grounds III - Day 26

    Yo dawg, I... can't finish this sentence, I'm sorry. Surf's up! And goodness gracious, me oh my, will you look at the time? Why, we've only got a couple of days left in this event! How does it feel, everyone? For those of you who started back on Day 1, did you think you'd still be here now? Isn't it incredible how far we've come? Did you think we'd still be managing totals like today's 245 beach bums and surfer mares? Well, I'm proud to say that I did. Because I know what you're all capable of. And it's something to the tune of 8948 images. Actually, it's far, far beyond that. So what are you capable of? The future knows.

    We've officially hit the point where I'm starting to feel conflicted about that little end date looming just on the horizon. I'm tired, you're tired, and I definitely don't want to cause any sort of permanent burnout by pushing too far and too hard, so this is how it has to be. But man, 30 days feels so short when you're on the other side of it, you know? It's too short to be around such wonderful people. But remember, we're not done just yet. If you have a question or need an extra push to finish out this week, seek me out at [email protected]. My door is still open!

    Gallery time! Peasants, till that land! Build me more walls, fashion that armor, thresh that wheat, that I may impress the Princess and rise in station according to my glory! Hey, hey! What is that? What is that! Stop learning how to read! That is not how the system works! Now get back to work, before I... huh? Oh. Wrong kind of serf. Ah. Sorry about that. Sorry, everyone! Well, it was a pleasant thought while it lasted, right? Baroness Phoe sleeps once more, perchance to dream. How about we just grab our beach towels and hit the waves? Let's have some fun!

    End of the post already, huh? I should get you guys a theme. "It's about time." someone says. Well, you're absolutely right. It is! Let's pull back the curtain tonight and dream a little dream about what's in store for us beyond the boundaries of our little playground here. Tonight, Draw a pony in or from the future/Draw a pony out of time. Temporal themes are all the rage six years from now! Submit all entries here by 11:59 PM, Pacific time on Tuesday, September 10. Seen you then!