• Hasbro Investor Day 2013 - All the Pony Stuff

    TFW2005 has compiled up slides and information on Hasbro's Investor Day 2013.   Some big points of interest for pony in particular:
    Pony Overall:

    IDW on it's way to 1 million comics sold
    A signature clothing line is coming out, debuting in Paris
    Chupa Cups on the way for Pony (Website here if you don't know what those are)
    My Little Pony at 43% on Franchise Brand Revenues .
    Littlest Pet Shop and MLP Tied for Most Watched Show on Hub in the Demo
    67% of girls in Spain watch MLP
    In Brazil, MLP is the #1 show in the girls demographic.  70% of all girls watch it.
    MLP Apparently dominating the world with Transformers
    MLP is one of the most popular shows streamed for girls

    Equestria Girls:
    360 screens sold out at launch
    21 million impressions on the trailer
    Most successful launch of it's kind by screenvision
    Triple the estimates on Amazon
    I have no clue what the numbers on this chart actually are, but I'm assuming more plus signs = good. 

    The Hub:
    A chart displays how well they are doing vs two competitive kids networks 
    And that about covers it, at least from the slides available.  Thanks to James for sending it over.

    Opinion: MLP is going to keep going long into the future if this keeps up.  Equestria Girls also did really well, which I hope won't inhibit the actual ponies continued progress as the years tick onward.  I know I'm not the only one who still is here for primarily the cartoon horses!

    Update: And get all the pony related slides below the break.